Wadden island hopping (1998)

With the family we spent the holiday by 'Island Hopping' along the dutch Wadden islands in the north of our country. We visited five islands, moving from west to east, and stayed 2 or three days on each island. We biked a lot, walked through the sand and in the sea, admired nice places in the villages, and liked the dinners each evening at some restaurant. Usually we finished the day with playing May-jong. Each crossing between the islands meant a nice boattrip, because our 12 days in the first two weeks of August were the only nice sunny weeks this sommer. Of course we did see some seals.
Our trip was booked via SNP Natuurreizen.

Floating through nature, and time

Wadden Island Hopping is possible from west-to-east and in the reversed direction. We had chosen for the first option and also for the long version: i.e. all major islands were visited (a shorter trip is also possible, in which only the three most western islands are dealt with). Our direction was the busy direction, but that caused no problems. Nobody had to wait, and even bicycles could be stored on the boats too.
We were traveling with backpackings and we hired bicycles on the islands. Only on Ameland there appeared to be a shortage of cycles - due to the many reservations made in advance by "day-trip-visitors" from the mainland. We stayed at hotels/pensions that were of a quite different quality (but it is also possible to use campings). The trips to or from the ferries were done by taxi or by public bus.

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