Steam-up at Smalspoormuseum, Valkenburg, NL in May 2000.

In the same weekend as the Merstham show in England we had our own little steam-up (by way of consolation) in the Nationaal Smalspoormuseum in Valkenburg (near the Hague). On the Sunday, when these pictures were taken, the weather was attrocious with continuous heavy rain, which meant there were not a lot of visitors. Nevertheless those of us who were there had an enjoyable day, despite the weather.

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1. Geldersche Tramweg Maatschappij N°. 13 "Silvolde"
Unfortunately this loco and the preserved rolling stock cannot run on the museum's 700mm system being of 750mm gauge. 

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2. N°. 13 side view.
Skirts obliterated by log load of wagon in foreground. The "banner" under the number says: "Machinefabriek Breda N°. 182 voorheen Backer & Rueb 1900".

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3. Brick wagon.

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4. Coal wagon
From the mining district in Limburg.

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5. Model of a Backer & Rueb tram loco.
The bodywork, built by Huub Brech, slips over the mechanism of a Finescale Glyn Valley tram loco.

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6. Yours truly messing about with "Lady Anne"
Huub takes a lunch break. The young lad "helped" us all day and was terribly disappointed that we weren't coming back the next week.

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6a. Passing a trembling hand over the perspiring brow...
as our young helper gets the train coupled on.

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7. My first attempt at some soldered bodywork.
Still in works grey and mounted on a chassis built by Excelsior Lokey Works of Sparks, Nevada, USA (#19). This little lokey will run all day - and more - on one charge.

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8. Leo Oostenbrug tends his "Jane"
In the foreground is Huub Brech's Darjeeling Himalaya "B-class" and matching train.

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9. Huub shelters in coach 42 while the engine runs round.

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10. "Cabbing"

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11. N°. 1 "Marijnke", built in 1928 by Orenstein & Koppel

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12. Running round at the other end.
Note lightness of track! It is Décauville in 7 metre sections with metal sleepers (not that you can see them) and gives a somewhat undulating ride.

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13. Topping up at the end of the journey.

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13a. Atmospheric picture of the train.

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14. Loco under restoration.
It is perched on raised track to facilitate working under the loco. The hoist which gets it up there is home -built.

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15. Two other loco's in the shops for maintenance

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16. "Group" shot
Left to right: Leo Oostenbrug, Floor van Galen (Leo's SWMBO :-)), Huub Brech, Kees Capel and only just in the picture, Bernt Paul Wentink.

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17. One of the other layouts.
45mm with scratch built trams from the Hague. This is a so-called "Buitenlijner" or interurban car used on the Delft, Voorburg and Wassenaar-Leiden lines until their scrapping in the sixties and the much lamented closure of the Wassenaar line. (Thanks go to Bernt Wentink for this information)!

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18. Kees Capel gasses up his "Talyllyn".
Unfortunately the trailing wheels of this 0-4-2 did not have the necessary side play to get round Leo's rather severe curves!

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19. Bernt Paul Wentink peruses Huub's photos
while Huub discusses little steamers with the driver of our 12" to the foot one.