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Model Suppliers

Archangel Locomotive Works
Site containing information and pictures on the Archangel 16mm scale steam locos

Argyle Locomotive Works
Argyle Locomotive Works are specialist builders of live steam locomotives for the gauges 1 and 0 in the narrow gauge scales of 1:20.3 and 1:19 and standard gauge scales of 1:32 and 10mm / ft.  The current range consists of four different locomotives in ready to to run form, one of which is also available in kit form.

Atelier Vaporiste
Atelier Vaporiste vous propose des locomotives à vapeur vive, mais aussi du matériel roulant et des accessoires pour les trains de jardin.

Atelier Vaporiste
Atelier Vaporiste (Steam Workshop) offers live-steam locomotives, but also rolling stock and accessories for garden railways.

Atelier Vaporiste
Atelier Vaporiste (die Dampfwerkstatt) bietet Ihnen Echtdampf-Lokomotiven, sowie dazu passende Waggons und Zubehör für Gartenbahnen.

Atlas O
This US based firm may be of interest to the 16mm fraternity as a source of sectionalised 32mm track. The track is intended for three rail electric running and is of extremely high quality. Sleepers are made of a UV resistant wood-grained engineering plastic and are sturdy and certified for outdoor use. The rail is heavy section nickel silver, and the centre rail is blackened  (tho' it may not be too difficult to remove) The curved sections are 12 to circle, and come in several different radiuses.  There are points, also with at least two different frog angles, crossings and straight track of different lengths.

Probably the most comprehensive supplier of models and materials for the 16mm Narrow Gauge modeller. As they themselves say: "All you require to recreate in your garden, the nostalgia and charm of steam railways".

Civil Engineering in Miniature
Peter Howarth formerly supplied bridges and other structures for 16mm Narrow Gauge Railways, G-Scale and Gauge 1.
Although production has now stopped the website continues to be maintained
as a design source for modellers.
Photographs are included of all the Bridge Types, Turntables and Other Structures which were produced from 2001 to 2005.
Photographs of the firm's Garden Railways, Perthshire Light Railway and Hallhill Light Railway are included in the site.
Details are also given on the many different scales used in Garden Railways.

Cooper Craft
Suppliers of kits modelling narrow gauge prototypes at 16mm to the foot scale. Our rolling stock kits and track is only suitable for SM32, however the lineside range and accessories are suitable for use on SM45. All our 16mm range is now designed for use on garden railways, however we have managed to retain the high level of detail which is to be found throughout the Cooper Craft range in other scales. Our wagon kits provide a cheap and easy starter for the budget modeller...

D.J.B. Engineering
Suppliers of 16mm scale locomotives, rolling stock, miscellaneous accessories and "Tawney Graphics" transfers. Also supplied are drawings and castings to build your own locos.

Doubleheader Productions
Ken Matticks' "Doubleheader Productions" has lots of products and information for SM32, his scale/gauge of choice. He represents, in the USA, JD Models, Roundhouse, Wrightscale, LightLines and others catering to SM32.

Essel Engineering
16mm battery operated chassis and models with long-standing reputation for sturdy quality and now an 0-4-0 steam loco too.

Garden Railway Centres
LGB oriented but the Accucraft Loco's are available. Online ordering.

Garden Railway Specialists
The comprehensive garden railway service for G scale and 16mm enthusiasts. Worldwide mail order. Personally I find the site rather brash and the constantly appearing pop-ups advertising free web space very irritating.

I. P. Engineering
Mainly known for being the suppliers of "Jane" a high quality entry level live steamer for 32mm or 45mm gauge of which thousands have been sold. They have more to offer though, also for the home builder. Don't miss this interesting site.

Locolines design and print custom waterslide transfers for 16mm and G scale model railways at affordable prices. They claim a turn round time of days rather than weeks and also produce an extensive range of ready-made 'stock' lining and other transfers

Perhaps best known for their steam-powered railbus, which is available in several versions, Locomotion also supply a Quarry Hunslet. Battery powered products are also available as well as coach kits ands goods wagon kits.

Mamod Steam Models
Manufacturers of the tablet fired 0-4-0 many of us started with, though unfortunately (in my opinion) no longer in kit form. Rolling stock also available and presumably track too! THough that is not mentioned on the site. 

Mike Beeson Models
Loco's, Steam Motor, Track, Calendar of shows to be attended by MBM.

Newdigate Models
Newdigate Models produces a range of 16mm scale vehicles comprising mineral wagons, goods vans, guards vans, a cattle wagon and 4 wheel passenger coaches. All products are supplied ready assembled and primed ready for the purchaser to apply the livery of their own railway. The models are freelance but their design inspiration has come from prototypes found on the preserved narrow gauge railways in the UK.

Pritchard Patent Products & Publicity, understandably know as PECO, have always been to me the people to go to for flexible track in any of the popular model gauges and scales. Their website tells us they've been at it for 50 years.
The site contains a list of latest products and the full catalogue can be ordered online via a secure link.
There are also links to their magazines Railway Modeller and Continental Modeller with facilities for secure online subscription and ordering of backnumbers for both magazines.

Perfect World
Perfect World is a small UK company manufacturing and supplying, directly to the public, 16mm/ft narrow gauge garden railway products. The site includes two catalogues of products (one with pictures the other quick) and an order form which can be printed. Sales are only via mail order and at exhibitions.

Pottery Models
Hand crafted pottery models by Brian Chenery.

PPS Steam Models
PPS Steam Models (in association with I.P. Engineering and D.J. Engineering). The PPS site is mainly an illustrated  price list for the products they sell. They have a good range of quality products from MSS, PPS, Accucraft, I.P. Engineering, Roundhouse, Pearse, Cheddar, PECO, Tenmille etc. They also do overhauls, modifications and repairs to all makes of steam engines. They also deal in previously owned products and part exchange is welcome. They offer world-wide mail order.

Prescott Engineering, John
John Prescott Engineering, suppliers of the well known "Robin", "Wagtail" and "Falcon" steam loco's also supply accessories and components for the home-builder. Their catalogue can be downloaded from the site in various formats.

The official Online Information Centre for Roundhouse 16mm scale live-steam locomotives.

Stour Valley Steam (SVS)
Link to the website of Tony Green Steam Models who now (as of Sept 2006) handles the range of products formerly marketed by SVS.

Sulphur Springs Steam Models
Well known American Model Engineering Supplier. "Operated by Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts". Deals in: Locos, Loco parts and accessories, Machine and Hand Tools, Rolling Stock, Fasteners, Materials and Supplies, Road and Staionary Engines, Books, Drawings Videos, Boats.

Tootle Engineering
Tootle Engineering is dedicated to the production of accurate, high quality, 16mm scale models of locomotives and rolling stock from Australia and nearby countries. The models are produced in ready to run or kit form as appropriate.

This American firm claims to be the World's Largest International Mail Order Discount Store - "Wholesale to the Public" - "We're friendly & knowledgeable" - etc. etc. Mentioned in the group as supplier of the sturdy Aristocraft track and points.

Worsley Works NG
This firm supplying brass kits, opened it's doors at Narrow Gauge North 2001.This was as a direct result of the requests from builders for accurate parts to assist them in building quality models of' real' coaches in 15mm and 16mm scale. They intend to introduce more kits and seem very ready to listen to what the modeller wants.