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Books & Periodicals

Camden Miniature Steam Services
Camden sell new (though many are reprints of old books), mainly technical, books as listed in their 72 page booklist which they send free of charge worldwide. They also have a large selection of videos on engineering, transportation and of classic films.
The website does not have the contents of this booklist but you can order the list at the click of a button. It is also possible to order books via the website (once you've got the booklist) but this is not a secure site.

Garden Rail Magazine
The only British magazine covering all aspects of outdoor model railways, and publishing monthly.

Motor Books
In spite of the name this bookseller also specializes in railway books with a sub-section on "Narrow Gauge and Industrial". Secure On-line ordering.

Light Iron Digest
Bi-monthly American magazine for narrow-gauge modellers. Scales mentioned on the site are HOn3, On3, On30 (30" gauge), 7/8n2, 1:20.3. A regular feature is: "The Narrow Gauge Machinist - Machining techniques and ideas for all modelers and hobbyists".

Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette
Bi-monthly American magazine for narrow-gauge modellers. Scales regularly mentioned on the site are HOn3, On3, Sn3 (whatever that means).  An index of contents of current issue and backnumbers is available on this site as is Secure On-line subscription with payment by credit card.

Oakwood Press  & Video Library
Books & Video's on Railways, Canals, Trams & Buses for the Connoisseur. Books & video's  can be ordered from the site but only by printing and faxing/mailing the form.

Bob Pearman Books
One of Bob's specialisms is transportation. Thousands of books currently in stock.Videos and magazines too!
Bob is also a member of the 16mmngm mailing list.

Railway Modeller
Homepage of Great Britain's leading, largest circulation model railway magazine. Apparently RM now has at least one article on garden railways in every issue! Secure On-line subscription and ordering of backnumbers.

Steam In The Garden Online!
Online version of the US magazine Steam in the Garden edited by Richard Finlayson.

TEE Publishing
New and used books and periodicals on model and general engineering, railways and more. No secure ordering.