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General Information about the Mailing List

If you are interested to learn more about 16mm scale Narrow Gauge modelling, why not join the 16mmngm mailing list? This is a group of 16mm NG enthusiasts who share their experiences and knowledge of the hobby by e-mail.

To join simply send an empty e-mail (no subject, no text) to:

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Using Plain Text To top of page
One of the rules of the 16mmngm mailing list is that messages should be sent in plain text.

The basic reason for this is that advertising is added to the messages distributed via the mailing list and by using plain text the advertising is kept as unobtrusive as possible.

the alternative to plain text (HTML or styled text) is not only more obtrusive in its advertising but actively seeks connection with the web to complete its message and this is extremely irritating for group members who retrieve messages with the intention of reading them off-line. Every message from 16mmngm causes their system to attempt a re-connection to the Internet, which has to be cancelled, usually several times, per message.

Advertising has to be accepted since we pay nothing for the facilities we use but it is far less obtrusive when plain text is used by us and, more importantly, it is then passive.

When the day arrives that the vast majority of us have permanent connections to the Internet, this may no longer be an issue but this is how it is at present.

Users of MS Outlook Express can easily set it to send plain text as can those using Eudora, another popular e-mail client. This is more difficult for people using AOL (America OnLine).

Instructions for sending in plain text with these mailers* are given below.

(* The information given is compiled from actual running systems and so is to be taken as examples only. Mailers and Operating Systems vary according to release and so you may not be able to set plain text exactly as indicated below.)  

AOL (Thanks go to Eddie Bellass for supplying the text and graphics of this example) To top of page
The biggest problem arose with AOL version 6. (AOL6). All the previous versions, 1-5, had an easy option to post in Plain Text but AOL6 made HTML virtually compulsory. AOL Version 7 reintroduced a Plain Text option (which AOL call 'Normal Text') but it needs 3 or 4 positive actions on the part of the AOL user for every message before pressing the 'Send' button to despatch the post to 16mmngm, etc.

First of all, go to AOL's 'Customise' box at the top of the screen, as shown in Fig-1, below. Then select the Font, Text & Graphics settings as shown in Fig-2. You only need to do these once, which AOL will remember.

Fig-1. Fig-2.
AOL Plain Text.jpg (40399 bytes) AOL 7 Plain Text Settings.jpg (38239 bytes)

The next three stages need to be done for every message which you send  Compose your message, then follow the illustrations below in the order shown. Your message should go out in Plain Text, but only if you omit all web site or e-mail addresses from you message. These usually appear underlined, in blue, so just refer to them by a name rather than the full URL which more than likely will convert everything to HTML, styled text, accompanied by flashing adverts.

Stage 1

AOL Plain Text Stage 1 OPT.jpg (126749 bytes)

Stage 2

AOL Plain Text Stage 2 OPT.jpg (145967 bytes)

Stage 3

AOL Plain Text Stage 3 OPT.jpg (151769 bytes)

Eudora To top of page

In Eudora, click on Tools then on Options. Go to the Styled Text entry in the Category list. Select the radio button which says: "Send plain text only".  You could, of course, tick the box which says: "Ask me each time" but the the former method is to be preferred if you are on the 16mmngm mailing list.

Click OK to set the Options

Eudora1.png (14276 bytes)

Outlook Express To top of page

In Outlook Express, click on Tools then on Options. Select the Send tab and make sure the last tick-box, the one which says: "Reply to messages using the format in which they were sent is not selected. (This prevents you inadvertently sending HTML when replying to a message which was received in HTML format).

In the section "Mail Sending Format" select the radio-button "Plain Text".

Click OK to set the Options

OE1.png (32389 bytes)

List_Commands To top of page
The table below lists special e-mail addresses with which can be used to control your interaction with the 16mmngm mailing list.
For instance, if you normally receive individual e-mails from the list and you don't want your mailbox to overflow while you are holiday use command 3 to put the mailing list on hold. When you get back home use command
5 start receiving individual e-mails again.
If you just want to try one of these commands to see how they work, just use command 8 to receive an e-mail message with general help infomation.


1 join the group, send a blank message to:
2 unsubscribe from the group, send a blank message to:
3 put your email message delivery on hold for the group, send a blank message to:
4 change your subscription to daily digest mode, send a blank message to:
5 change your subscription to individual emails, send a blank message to:
6 post a message to the group, send your message to:
7 post a message to the group's owners & moderators, send a message to:
8 receive general help information, send a blank message to:

Viruses To top of page
Computer viruses can be spread via a mailing list. To minimise the risk of infection, do not EVER execute any executable-file attachment (EXE, SHS, MS Word or MS Excel file) that comes with an email unexpectedly, even if it is (or appears to be) from a known source.

If you do not already have an Anti-Virus Scanner. Install one before joining the list. A perfectly adequate free one, used by many list subscribers, can be downloaded from AVG Anti Virus

Don't let all this put you off. It hardly ever happens but forewarned is forearmed!