Here you can download some PSION freeware programs I wrote for portable operation.
They have only been tested on a type 3a
(512 and 256 k)

All 3 programs look for a directory M:\LOG\ to store files and parameters !!

PSION Greyline Clock v. 1.0 is a UTC/Local clock showing sunlight/darkness area on the world map. For HAMS using the HF bands the greyline edge shows the areas where the chances of propagation are enhanced... This is a MUST for all DXers, a nice gadget for everyone else.
Qsolog v. 1.2 is a ham radio station logging/notebook program for portable and stationary operation. Although it was written with contest dupe checking and portable operation in mind, it has turned out to be the ideal electronic logbook for the home station as well.


Download PSION QSO LOGBOOK (9k zipped)
Tired of lugging a heavy laptop around? Put it into your shirt pocket! The Hamkey1.opa program turns your PSION into a full-fledged cw contest/dxpedition keyer/logger, provided you have a 3-LINK RS232 cable.
With a simple hardware interface (1 npn transistor and 1 resistor) it will key your transceiver with up to 40 wpm. Of course not only for working the WPX, but also for casual portable qrp operating...


(As all my tranceivers have a built-in keyer, I did not (yet) include a iambic keyer. If there are enough requests for it I could think of incorporating one in a future release, but I'd like to keep the code as small as possble.) For casual operation this keyer + PSION QSO LOG form an ideal combination.


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Rein Couperus, PA0RCT, Genderweg 15, 5521NX Eersel, The Netherlands ( or PA0RCT@PI8ZAA (packet radio)