a console mode (ip-) networked
-logging and -contest program
for hamradio under LINUX

Copyright 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 - Rein Couperus, PA0R

This program is published under GPL

  • Network based CW Keyer 6-60 wpm

  • ttyS0, ttyS1, USB and parallel port interfaces

  • 24 CW messages

  • DXCC database

  • CQWW (SO, M/S and M/M)

  • WPX (SO, M/S and M/M)

  • ARRL Sweepstakes (SO, M/S )



  • ARRL-DX (both sides)


  • Region1 field day

  • SP DX contest

  • PACC (both sides)

  • NRAU - scandinavian

  • Wysiwyg mults mode

  • DX-pedition mode

  • General qso mode

  • Integrated voice keyer (14 messages)


  • TRLog output compatible

  • Cabrillo compatible

  • Intelligent dupe checking

  • MUF calculator

  • Radio control for many TRX via Hamlib-1.2.0

  • IP networking for M/S or M/M operation (8 nodes)

  • Built-in telnet client and TNC terminal

  • Built-in cw practising simulator to learn tlf (cqww)

  • On-line log file sync over the network

  • Band info output on parallel port (top ten decoder compatible)

  • NEW: Live CD version

  • RTTY contesting and CW keying with MFJ1278B multi-mode controller

  • RTTY contesting with gMFSK (soundcard program)

  • Sound recorder facility to record voice keyer messages and complete contest.

  • Native support for the TenTec ORION

Latest upload:

30/May/2006, tlf-0.9.30 (bug fixes)+ RTTY with gMFSK



TLF-0.9.30 + support files


389 kb

cwdaemon networked keyer


167 kb

TLF online documentation


Personal help file (example)

Personal help file (Portuguese by CT1DRB)

ARRL sections file for sweepstakes




0.3 kb

NRAU sections file for scandinavian test

nrau sections

0.3 kb

Debian Dxpedition Disk web page

Debian-Dxpedition-Disk page

Debian Dxpedition Disk (based on tlf-0.9.12)

Debian-Dxpedition-Disk v. 0.20


Debian-Dxpedition-Disk USB Stick archive

Debian-Dxpedition-USB Memory content

1.44 Mb

How to program your own contest with tlf


2 kb

http project site

tlf project page

http download site

tlf download

http download USA mirror

tlf download mirror

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