VS3100 startup example

>I have connected up my Vax 3100 M38 that has no disk drives to a 486 running
>windows 3.1 via a MMJ six conductor cable to the serial ports. When I power
>up the 3100 I recieve the following on the 486 terminal emulator:
>KA42-B  V1.3

3_ and 2_ may be ignored, the _ indicates that the device isn't
installed, which is normal for 3 and 2.

1? means there is a problem with the Ethernet connection, see below...

> ?  C  0080  0000.4001

This means the serial line controller test failed.  I believe this is
because you have no mouse and keyboard attached.

> ?  7  80A0  0000.4001

You have no disk attached to the SCSI-A bus.

> ?  6  80A1  0000.4001

You have no disk attached to the SCSI-B bus.

>??  1  00C0  0011.700E

You have the AUI Ethernet port selected, and nothing attached to it.

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