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Digital logo Kees and his VAX 11/750

This is a picture of my VAX 11/750 and me. The VAX consists of two cabinets. In the left one are the TU80 1600bpi tape drive and the RA81 450M disc drive. The right one is the 11/750 itself. Click here to read more about my 11/750 machine.

Other DEC machines at my place

Take a look at my Computer Home page to see other old DEC (and other) machines that have gathered themselves here at the place I call home...


I have been collecting information on the VS2000 miniature VAX system. Click here to read what I have discovered so far.

The VS2000 sometimes has the RX50 floppy disk drive, which is a miracle of technology all in itself.

I also made a VS3100 page about the VaxStation 3100.

Related Sites

Take a look at VAXarchive, a site on which I try to collect a lot of VAX-related information!

VAXarchive now has the Visual Field Guide, pictures of many DEC VAX and PDP boards, to help you identify mystery boards.

This is a list of VAX hobbyist related links I have stumbled upon during my long journeys through the search engines.

My small PDP-11 site

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