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New single and new album

The new Ten Sharp single One Love is available now, as well as the album Stay. And even the Ten Sharp web site works again.


No record store nearby? Quickly order it online at:

The Dutch Sony music site now has new info! See it at: Ten Sharp One Love / Stay page

Listen to "Unfair"

A review of the new album, and a track to listen to! http://www.rnw.nl/nederpop/html/tensharp030206.html

Another review: http://www.djim.nl/detail.php?txt=5952

Radio 2 CD of the week

Stay is the Radio 2 CD of the week of 17 februari! That means a lot of airplay. A short radio interview with Marcel Kapteijn was transmitted on the first day. Listen to it here.

Story in De Telegraaf

In de weekend magazine of 15 februari was a interview with Marcel and Niels.

blad 1

blad 2

blad 3

A new tour?

For a moment it seemed that a new tour would be started, but nothing is certain yet.

You can check the status of the gigs at the Sony concert agenda: http://www.sonymusic.nl/nl/agenda.php

Mailing list

A new mailing list for Ten Sharp fans has been created! It is in the Dutch language, but English language messages will be answered in English of course. Join the list at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/missingchapter

The web page of the mailing list also has interesting links and pictures, added by the members.

Everything and more album

Marcel Kapteijn sings on new CD by Hans van Lier

In september 2001 the new CD by Hans van Lier will be released. He recorded a number of songs with Double Trouble, the old band for Stevie Ray Vaughan. Marcel sings on a few tracks of this album. On the website http://www.hansvanlier.nl/ a part of one of these songs, "I got lazy" can be downloaded. It is an uptempo blues track.

Nice new find

Because of this site I often get messages from other Ten Sharp fans all over the world. A fan from France (Hi Christopher!) told me he found a very unique version of the 12 inch single of 'You', the versin used in the Rochas ad campaign!

Rochas 12 inch You

A list of all Ten Sharp records can be found here

Ten Sharp Guestbook

At this moment a lively discussion about Ten Sharp is going on in the guest book of the tensharp.com site. But this site is only reachable with fast computers and advanced browsers that support flash. Fortunately the guestbook itself can be read with an ordinary browser. Click this link to jump direct to the Dutch language guest book, or Click this link to jump direct to the English language guest book.

Everything second single

The new single Everything will be released. Two different sleeves have been seen, collect them all :)

everything oude hoes everything nieuwe hoes

Ten Sharp at the Vrienden van Amstel

On 18 december in cafe qwibus in De Bilt a recording of the RTL4 tv show Vrienden van Amstel was made featuring Ten Sharp. Tickets were been sold out a long time before the recording, so the fans couldn't attend. You could see the show on RTL4 at 5 january 2001 and hear it on Radio Noordzee FM at 6 january. On the Vrienden van Amstel web site you can see pictures and some short video clips of the show.


The site www.vriendenvanamstel.nl has more information about this TV show, which each week has live performances of important Dutch artists. It has pictures, chat, and more information about the artists who appeared.

De Melkweg 5 november

Ten Sharp appeared live, together with Kayak, in De Melkweg in Amsterdam at 5 november.

Click here to see some pictures

The concert was broadcast via the Internet on the AVRO public broadcaster site, and it was possible to chat with the other viewers, but because of ISDN communication problems the Ten Sharp concert was not shown. The problems were only solved when Kayak appeared.

avro site aankondiging avro site aankondiging

Maybe the concert will be repeated on the internet site. Check their website. It also has a few nice pictures of the concert.

TMF cafe 29 october

On 29 october was the first broadcast of a new live music programme, TMF cafe. You saw Skik, Flemming, Jane Doe, K's Choice and Ten Sharp. On the TMF site there are a few pictures. Choose Fun I Stuff, Photogallery, TMF cafe, Ten Sharp.

The new album

The new Ten Sharp album was released on 1 may 2000. Its name is Everything and more and it has a number of remastered Greatest Hits and five new songs:

A single was released at the same time, the song 'Beautiful' was chosen. The single has been chosen as the 'paradeplaat' by Radio 2 for the week starting with may 29. You can order the album via BOL

The fans outside The Netherlands can order Ten Sharp albums from www.proxis.nl because this site can be switched to the English language, and still show the Dutch album collection.

More on the news page of the www.tensharp.com site, the site of the fanclub About Ten, and the Sony Music site

See Ten Sharp: The Complete Discography for a listing of the other Ten Sharp albums and singles.

Fantastic new web site!

The www.tensharp.com web site has been completely reworked and has a lot of new information! Go look at it quickly...

Ten Sharp in Paradiso 29-12-1999

Marlboro Flashback 29 december in Amsterdam

On 29 december 1999 there was a special event in Paradiso Amsterdam to end the Marlboro Flashbacks tours of this year. A number of bands played their favorites (Blof - Counting Crows, Postmen - Bob Marley, Lois Lane - Supremes, The Nits - Leonard Cohen) and Ten Sharp was there too, with a really great interpretation of the best songs of R.E.M.

Click here to see the pictures!

Marcel Kapteijn De Vrienden van Amstel interview

Thursday 9/12 Marcel was interviewed on Noordzee FM radio, and friday 10/12 on RTL4 at De Vrienden van Amstel live. I recorded these interviews and you can listen to them in MP3 format. (The interview files are in the Dutch language and contain spoken word only, so if you don't speak Dutch I don't think you will miss much if you don't download them.)

If you want to try anyway, check this page.

Ten Sharp cartoon

The Ten Sharp cartoon from the latest fanclub magazine

Single 'Ze ziet me niet staan'

On the 22nd of march the new movie Asterix and Obelix against Caesar started playing in The Netherlands. It has been re-recorded in the Dutch language and has a new Dutch title song Ze ziet me niet staan (She doesn't notice me), which is sung by... Marcel Kapteijn from Ten Sharp! The single has been chosen as the 'paradeplaat' by Radio 2 for the week march 29-april 4.

See the Marcel Kapteijn Artist Browser page.

Home page

Ten Sharp has its own home page! Look at www.tensharp.com. The Ten Sharp Fanclub, About Ten, has its own home page too. The record company has the Ten Sharp Artist Browser page.

Fan club day 1998

The third fan club day was held by About Ten on sunday november 1 1998, at the Anna's Hoeve in Hilversum, The Netherlands. It was a wonderful event with the usual sale of About Ten articles, Internet, a karaoke contest and a great acoustic appearance of Marcel, Niels and Ton! here you can see the pictures.

The fourth fan club day has been postponed to the middle of 2000, when the date is known you will read it here.

Theatre tour 1998

Ten Sharp did a tour in The Netherlands. They appeared in a number of theatres, starting january 30 in Hoofddorp to april 5 in Paradiso in Amsterdam. Apart from a selection of their own material and a few Crowded House songs there were a number of new songs on the playlist. Especially the song "Everything" is fantastic!

Ten Sharp, Zoetermeer 5 feb

This picture was taken during the show in Zoetermeer at february 5. Click here to see the other pictures! They look best in HiColor or TrueColor.

I hope that you will be able to see that the arrangement of props and the atmosphere created on the stage very much look like a living room, with two huge book cabinets and nice lamps on the ceiling. During the tour before this one, at the end of a gig Marcel always said "Next time at my place", and his place turned out to be the theatre.

www.tensharp.com tour in Paradiso

Click here to see pictures from the last show in Paradiso.

Complete discography

What cannot be found on the official Ten Sharp pages is a list of all the recordings Ten Sharp ever made on CD or vinyl. The official site has a discography, but it only lists the four well known albums.

But apart from these albums a lot of singles have been released, and on a lot of these singles appeared bonus tracks that are not available on any album! It is worth your while to go look for these singles. There are so many bonus tracks that they could fill two whole albums! I have been looking for Ten Sharp singles at a great many record fairs for some time now, and I hereby proudly present my list of collected recordings: Ten Sharp: The Complete Discography.

MB Flashback 1998

Click here to see a number of pictures of the band I took during their Marlboro Flashback Tour gig at cafe "De Bolle" in Tilburg.


Here are a number of Ten Sharp links I found.

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