Laptop quiz: the solution

I'm happy so many people tried to solve the little quiz I put online! Read all about it here, and find the answer.

The first photo is the original photo of my "what part of the laptop is missing" quiz. To make things a bit difficult, I had turned over the case parts of the laptop, so you saw the insides of them on the photo. On the left you see the two halves of the top shell. Mounted in the bottom one you see the floppy drive and the touchpad. The strange bracket in front of the shell parts is the speaker system. On the right you see the empty bottom shell. Beneath it are the hard drive and the battery.

Click the photos to see bigger versions.

A Compaq Evo n1020v after I got bored

Picture 1: Original quiz photo

In the second photo you see the same components, but this time I have turned over the case components, to make them easy recognizable. Now the missing part should be more obvious.

A Compaq Evo n1020v after I got bored, updated

Picture 2: Modified quiz photo

And herewith I present you the solution: the disassembled laptop with the missing part! The missing part was
the system board! :)

The n1020v with missing part added

Picture 3: The missing part added

I guess most people thought the copper plate above the keyboard was the systemboard. But alas, it is only the heat sink of the processor. This laptop is an old Pentium IV laptop. It has a standard P4 processor, not the mobile version, so there is an enormous amount of heat to get rid of, and that's why there is a massive copper plate on the processor with a very strong fan. On the fourth photo you see the heatsink in its proper spot on the system board.

The missing n1020v system board with heat sink

Picture 4: system board and heat sink