Mystery machine

Recently a friend gave me this machine. It is a cabinet made out of unetched PCD soldered together, and in it is what seems to be a single board S100 computer. The keyboard is connected to it with 8 wires.


The cabinet


The processor board. The coax cable you can see is not connected to the spot where it touches the board, it just dropped there :) I don't know where it is supposed to go.
The board looks like a S-100 board. It has a voltage regulator. Along the bottom there is a row of 7 2102's.


Closeup of top right corner. I guess SCT-100 should mean something.


Closeup of processor. It seems to be made by Mostek. I think the text is 3870 and MK14004.

Mystery solved

Originally I asked on this page to send me an email if you knew what computer this was. I found out it is a kit made around 1975, an 80 column video terminal that was powered off the S-100 bus. It could run standalone, the bus was only used for the supply voltages. Imagine, this was built by computer hobbyists around 25 years ago. I feel old :)

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