IBM PS/2 MCA systems


This is just a list of links I put here for easy browsing. I have not checked them all yet, so it is possible that some do not work.

Other PS/2 Links

  • IBM Canada PS/2 support
  • IBM Canada PS/2 parts catalogue
  • Hardware Maintenance Manual
  • The Linux/MCA page
  • Replacement motherboards for PS/2 systems
  • PC Upgrade and Repair information
  • Dallas clock chip data sheets
  • The PS/2 SCSI cable from IBM
  • The PS/2 SCSI cable from Dalco
  • SCSI docs
  • Removing the boot-up password
  • External sound card for PS/2
  • hard disk type table
  • A strange brew of fact and fantasy on the 9595 (and 8595)
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