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Pile of blue Intel boxes

This stack is not at my house, but was in the storage room of a friend. It is an Intel MDS development system. It has processor cards for a lot of Intel processors, and it can do In Circuit Emulation, where you hook it up to a processor card you developed and it will emulate the processor for you, making all kinds of sophisiticated debugging possible. It ran CP/M when we collected it, but it won't boot anymore now :( I posted a message on usenet that asked for more information on the system and that stated that the system was free to take away for anyone who could give it a good home.

Then, jrp wrote on alt.floklore.computers: I believe that is a pile of Intellec Series II systems. These were multibus based, and could run with a variety of Intel processors, including 8085, and 8086. The native OS was ISIS-II. While CP/M -could- run on these, it probably didn't support much of the fancier hardware... Certainly, any Intel ICE support was under ISIS-II.

Later, a gentleman from England expressed interest in the machine and said he would mount an expedition to the Netherlands to collect it! He is now using an ISIS-II emulator for his work but could use the original hardware very well. A cause we support fully of course. He must be very brave, because all he will bring with him is a small Fiat... Let's hope it really is true that you can fit more in a Fiat than seems possible from the outside :)

Update: The gentleman from England did indeed appear, and the Intel system did indeed fit in the Fiat! It is safe in Birmingham by now...


My friend also has Heath computers. Here the H89 CP/M system and the dual-processor 8080/8085 CP/M-DOS machine H100

H89, H100

The old H8 S100 system and another H89

H8, H89

These computers are not supposed to be hauled away...

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