TRS-80 Model II Error Messages

There are three kinds of error messages you might get while
using your computer:

     .    Boot errors, such as BOOT ERROR DC. See the
          Boot Errors Table for more information.

     .    Operating system errors, such as ERROR 24 or
          FILE NOT FOUND. To get a brief description of a
          numbered error, type ERROR followed by the error
          number displayed. For example, type:

                      ERROR 31 (ENTER)

          and your screen shows:

                      PROGRAM NOT FOUND

          For more information see the System Errors Table.

     .    Application program errors -- see your application
          program manual.

When an error message is displayed:

     .    Try the operation several times.

     .    Look up boot errors and operating system errors in
          the following tables and take the recommended
          actions. See your application program manual for
          explanations of application program errors.

     .    Try using other diskettes.

     .    Reset the computer and try the operation again.

     .    Check all the power connections.

     .    Check all interconnections.

     .    Remove all diskettes from drives, turn off the
          computer, wait 15 seconds, and turn it on again.

     .   If you tried all these remedies and continue to get
         an error message, contact a Radio Shack Service

Note: If more than one thing is wrong, the computer might
wait until you correct the first error before displaying the
second error message.

Model II Boot Errors Table

Error            Message                Explanation/Action
---------------- ----------------------- -------------------
BOOT ERROR CK    Checksum error --       Contact RSSC.
                 possibly a defective

BOOT ERROR CT    Defective CTC           Contact RSSC.

BOOT ERROR DC    Floppy disk
                 controller error.
                 a. Defective            a. Try a different
                    diskette.               diskette.
                 b. Floppy disk          b. Turn on the
                    expansion unit.         floppy disk
                    not on.                 expansion unit.
                 c. Defective FDC        c. Contact RSSC.
                    Chip or Drive.

BOOT ERROR DM    DMA chip failure.       Contact RSSC.

BOOT ERROR D0    Drive not ready.
                 a. Improperly           a. Insert the
                    inserted                diskette again
                    diskette.               and press .
                 b. Defective            b. Try a different
                    diskette.               diskette.
                 c. Defective            c. Contact RSSC.

BOOT ERROR HA    Controller error.       Re-initialize the
                 Aborted command:        hard disk or contact
                 Problem during          RSSC.
                 boot-up of hard

BOOT ERROR HC    CRC error.              Re-initialize the
                 Invalid data in         hard disk or contact
                 data field.             RSSC.

BOOT ERROR HD    Controller error.       a. Re-initialize the
                 Busy not reset.            hard disk.
                                         b. Power down, wait
                                            10 seconds, and
                                            power up.
                                         If the error occurs
                                         again, contact RSSC.

BOOT ERROR HI    CRC error.              Re-initialize the
                 Invalid data in         hard disk.
                 ID field.

BOOT ERROR HM    Data address            Re-initialize the
                 mark not found.         hard disk.

BOOT ERROR HN    ID not found.           Re-initialize the
                 No Boot Track.          hard disk.

BOOT ERROR H0    Track 0 error
                 on hard disk.
                 a. Didn't find          a. Press RESET.
                    Track 0 before
                 b. Secondary hard       b. Turn on your
                    disk drives             secondary hard
                    not turned on.          disk drives.

BOOT ERROR HT    Time-out while
                 waiting for Ready.
                 a. Hard disk drive      a. Follow correct
                    not powered up.         procedure:
                                            Turn on the
                                            hard disk first.
                 b. Hard disk drive      b. Press RESET.
                    isn't turned on
                    and ready within
                    10 seconds after
                    the computer.
                 c. Hard disk drive      c. Connect the
                    is disconnected.        hard disk drive
                                            or operate
                                            under floppy
                                            disk control.

BOOT ERROR LD    Lost data during        Try another
                 read -- FDC (floppy     TRSDOS-II diskette
                 disk controller) or     or contact RSSC.
                 drive fault.

BOOT ERROR MF    Memory failure in       Contact RSSC.
                 address range

BOOT ERROR MH    Memory failure in       Contact RSSC.
                 address range

BOOT ERROR ML    Memory failure in       Contact RSSC.
                 address range

BOOT ERROR PI    Defective PIO Chip.     Turn on the
                                         expansion bay if it
                                         is off. If the
                                         error occurs again,
                                         contact RSSC.

BOOT ERROR RS    The diskette            Insert a TRSDOS-II
                 in Drive 0 is not       formatted diskette
                 Radio Shack operating   into Drive 0 and
                 system format.          press RESET.

BOOT ERROR SC    CRC Error.              Try a different
                 Invalid data on         diskette.
                 diskette or defective

BOOT ERROR TK    Record not found        Re-format your
                 bootstrap track.        diskette or try a
                 Improperly formatted    different diskette.
                 or defective diskette.

BOOT ERROR Z8    Defective CPU.          Contact RSSC.

NOT A SYSTEM     Diskette in Drive       Insert a TRSDOS-II
DISK             0 isn't a TRSDOS-II     operating system
                 operating system        diskette into
                 diskette.               Drive 0.

RSSC = Radio Shack Service Center.

TRSDOS-II System Errors Table

Code   Message                  Explanation/Action
------ ------------------------ -------------------------
0      No Error Found.          No error occurred.

1      Bad Function Code        Check the function code
       On SVC Call Or No        number used on the SVC
       Function Exists.         call.

2      Character Not            No record or character
       Available.               was available when you
                                you called the SVC.

3      Parameter Error On       Parameter is incorrect or
       Call.                    a required parameter
                                is missing.

4      CRC Error During Disk    Try the operation again,
       I/O.                     using a different
                                diskette. If the problem
                                occurs often, contact

5      Disk Sector Not Found.   Try a different diskette.

6      Attempt To Open A        Close the file before
       File Which Has Not       re-opening.
       Been Closed.

7      Illegal Disk Change.     TRSDOS-II detected an
                                illegal disk swap.

8      Disk Drive Not Ready.    Drive door is open or the
                                diskette is not in the
                                drive. On Thinline
                                drives, check the DRIVE
                                command settings.

9      Invalid Data Provided    Data stream to be
       By Caller.               processed has illegal

10     Maximum Of 16 Files      Too many files are open
       May Be Open At Once.     at once.

11     File Already In          Filename already exists
       Directory.               as a directory entry.
                                Kill the existing file,
                                choose another filename,
                                or specify a drive

12     No Drive Available       No on-line drive
       For An Open.             a. is write enabled
                                b. has enough space to
                                   create a new file, or
                                c. has a system

13     Write Attempt To A       File was opened for read
       Read Only File.          only, not for read/write.

14     Write Fault On Disk      Error occurred during a
       I/O.                     write operation. Try a
                                different diskette. If
                                the problem continues,
                                contact RSSC.

15     Disk Is Write            Write enable the disk.

16     DCB Is Modified And      DCB (used in machine-
       Is Unusable.             language programming) has
                                been modified since the
                                last disk access (while
                                the file was open).

17     Directory Read Error.    Error occurred during an
                                attempt to read the
                                directory. Use a
                                different diskette.

18     Directory Write Error.   Error occurred during an
                                attempt to write to the
                                directory. Use a
                                different diskette.

19     Improper File Name       Filespec you gave does
       (Filespec).              not meet TRSDOS-II
                                standard file

20     ** Unknown Error Code **

21     ** Unknown Error Code **

22     ** Unknown Error Code **

23     ** Unknown Error Code **

24     File Not Found.          Filename you gave was not
                                found on the available
                                disks or the file is the
                                incorrect type for the
                                desired operation.

25     File Access Denied       You gave an incorrect
       Due To Password          password. See
       Protection.              the ATTRIB command.

26     Directory Space Full.    Number of filenames
                                has reached the amount
                                set when you formatted
                                the disk.

27     Disk Space Full.         No space is available on
                                the disk.

28     Attempt To Read          Specified record number
       Past EOF.                is past the EOF.

29     Read Attempt Outside     Use valid record numbers.
       Of File Limits.

30     No More Extents          Use the COPY command to
       Available (16            copy the files and
       Maximum).                reduce fragmentation.
                                See also SAVE/RESTORE and

31     Program Not Found.       Specified program is not
                                found on the available

32     Unknown Drive Number     Specified drive number
       (Filespec).              is not valid.

33     Disk Space Allocation    Use the COPY command to
       Cannot Be Made Due To    copy the files and reduce
       Fragmentation Of Space.  fragmentation.

34     Attempt To Use A         File specified for
       NON Program File As      execution is not a
       A Program.               program file or the load
                                address given is illegal.
                                Make sure you have a
                                system diskette in
                                Drive 0.

35     Memory Fault During      Program is loaded
       Program Load.            incorrectly, possibly
                                because of faulty memory
                                or a "bad" load address.

36     Parameter For Open       Check the OPEN statements
       Is Incorrect.            or the DCB for errors.

37     Open Attempt For A       File specified for open
       File Already Open.       is already open.

38     I/O Attempt To An        Open the file before
       Unopen File.             access.

39     Illegal I/0              a. I command not given
       Attempt.                    after a diskette swap.
                                b. Can be caused by an
                                   I/O attempt to a
                                   differently formatted
                                   disk. Format the disk
                                   under the current
                                   version of TRSDOS-II
                                   or use FCOPY.

40     Seek Error.              a. Data cannot be read
                                   from the disk --
                                   faulty disk.
                                b. When re-initializing a
                                   hard disk, you must
                                   also reformat the
                                   secondary drives.

41     Data Lost During Disk    Contact RSSC.
       I/O (Hardware Fault).

42     Printer Not Ready.       Check the connections,
                                power, ribbon, on-line
                                status, and so on.

43     Printer Out Of Paper.    Check the printer's paper

44     Printer Fault (May Be    Check the connections,
       Turned Off).             power, ribbon, on-line
                                status, and so on.

45     Printer Not Available.   Check the connections,
                                power, ribbon, on-line
                                status, and so on.

46     Not Applicable To        Operation performed is
       VLR Type Files.          not valid for VLR files.

47     Required Command         Required parameter or
       Parameter Not Found.     argument is missing from
                                the command.

48     Incorrect Command        Option or argument
       Parameter.               given in the command is

49     Hardware Fault           Contact RSSC.
       During Disk I/O.

50     Invalid Space            The space descriptor that
       Descriptor.              tells TRSDOS-II which
                                extent to read next is
                                invalid. Try a different

51-255 ** Unknown error code **

These codes are also returned to machine code routines
that call a SVC (System Service Call) of TRSDOS-II.
Register A usually has a return code after any function
call. The Z flag is set when no error occurs. Exceptions
are certain computational routines, which use Registers A
and F to pass back data and status information.

RSSC = Radio Shack Service Center.

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