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A friend suddenly showed up at my front door with a large truck full of computers.


First out of the truck were these two DEC racks. The left one is a TU80 tape drive, with two RL02 drives on top.


The rack on the right has another RL02 drive and the RA80 that was in the TU80 rack on it. In it is something which might be a PDP11 bus extender chassis, and a cabinet with an ESDI drive for a Micro-PDP. (I am of course going to mount the drives back in the racks later. New pictures on this page when that is done.)


The TU80 drive is the tape drive for this PDP11/84. One of the RL02s was in the opening above the PDP. The TU80 you see in this picture is the tape drive of my VAX11/750 the PDP has been parked next to.


It really is an 84 as you can see. I never had a PDP this fast.


Second out of the truck was this PDP8/e.


It only has a high speed reader/puncher as a periphal. There already were disks in those days, the RK03 and RK05 drives with removable 2.5mb 14 inch cartridges, but they were very expensive and not very reliable.


It was made in 1974. (The picture doesn't look too good, because it was hard to find a spot to prevent the flash reflecting off the front panel.)


Now to find the time to find out what all the cards do...


This was at the bottom of the 8/e. It is a 230-115 step down transformer for the periphals and cabinet fans. The PDP-8/e itself can operate on 230v. The step down transformer seems to have valves! Actually they are high current switches.


But the piece de resistance was this original PDP8, made in 1967.


My friend said I could keep all other stuff he brought in, but this PDP8 he was going to take home with him as soon as he could find a spot for it. I can't blame him for that.


The back side of the PDP8. At the bottom in the middle a voltmeter to check the power supply, and on the left a counter which shows the machine was used for more than 30.000 hours.


It has lots of small cards with transistor logic on them.


I had to take the cover off to look for the warranty sticker. It was not on the left...


...but it was on the right. The machine was checked out at Reading on XII.67.

I don't think I am going to get my PDP8 to work soon, first I'm going to read up on its history at Doug Jones' PDP8 page. My friend will have his working sooner I guess, since he was already writing programs for it a long time ago.


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