A tribute to this great book by Leo Brodie...

SF tribute started in week 170

Starting Forth First Edition, Introductions.
Chapter 1 Fundamental Forth
Chapter 2 How to Get Results
Chapter 3 The Editor (and Staff)
Chapter 4 Decision, Decisions, ...
Chapter 5 The Philosophy of Fixed Point
Chapter 6 Throw it for a Loop
Chapter 7 A Number of Kinds of Numbers
Chapter 8 Variables, Constants, and Arrays
Chapter 9 Under the Hood
Chapter 10 I/O and You
Chapter 11 Extending the Compiler
Chapter 12 Three Examples
Chapter 13 Easter Egg
Thinking Forth?

Comments on the Web Edition

Starting Forth, First Edition is from 1981. These web pages were designed in 2003, when it became apparent that SF would never be re-issued by the copyright holder. A small supply of about 500 books was all that was left.

When you can get hold of the original, do so.

In this transcript Forth code has been ANSified. The samples should run on, at least, iForth and SwiftForth. Where necessary, statements that were valid in 1981 have been exchanged with statements more appropriate for 2003 (when this tribute was written).

Starting Forth is full of very difficult to reproduce graphics. These enormously enhance the text's mnemonic value, and are invaluable for a first-time Forth user. I have therefore added "substitute" graphic elements, roughly at the same spot where they are in the original. The original graphics are, of course, much better.

In this transcript I have assumed a 32-bit, byte-addressing Forth, with 8-bit characters. The address returned by WORD is assumed to be HERE. This allows the common trick of ALLOTing length of str CHARS after using WORD in order to compile string str to memory. Multitasking issues are ignored (e.g. no >TYPE, just TYPE). Division is symmetric, not floored, and two's complement is assumed throughout. Most Forths should not have problems with this. Chapter 7 exploits extended uses of number conversion. Some Forths are broken in this respect, but iForth and SwiftForth do support these neat features.

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