Some of my Forth projects are documented below.
  1. iForth and tForth
  2. Using iForth to benchmark Pentium versus i486
  3. Is the Win95 iForth slower than its DOS 7.0 cousin?
  4. Is the WinNT iForth slower than its Linux 2.0 cousin?
  5. eForth for Linux and FreeBSD
  6. Sockets and Named pipes: IPC in iForth.
  7. META: a Forth metacompiler written in iForth and its output: mxForth for Linux.
  8. MANX algorithmic MIDI composing program, (manual), (glossary).
  9. NSPICE circuit simulation program (overview).
  10. The tForth parallel extensions ported to iForth.
Links to get anywhere with Forth
  1. New! A truly original Forth site...
  2. The best way to start exploring Forth through the WWW
  3. BigFORTH, Big Science
  4. Michael Somos
  5. Bolo's page
  6. Performance of Forth
  7. Eric Marsden's links
  8. Repository at source forge
  9. Boring

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