Hi. This is about the unofficial eForth distribution package eforthl.zip in my FTP directory.
The supplied code can only be used together with Linux on 386/486/Pentium ... machines.

Tested for Linux vsn 2.0.0 and FreeBSD 2.0.5.

Please note that this eForth is not in line with the original author's (Bill Muench) philosophy:

To (re)build eForth.img

You need TASM (Borland) and a Forth that can run relocate.frt for you. The batch file makeel.bat assumes you have iForth installed and callable under the name MITH. You must relocate the image if the load address the server program (eforth.c) uses does not work with either of the two already supplied *.img files.

- Run makeel.bat under MS-DOS.


Normally there is no need to regenerate eforth.img.

Installing eForth

That's all. Have fun. eForth is not supported by me, but I will answer questions on code I added.

If enough people ask for it I will port the code to Windows NT.

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