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Welcome to my personal/professional pages. The information here is mostly related to the programming language Forth (iForth, tForth, eForth, mxForth). You will find benchmarks to measure Forth's performance on sometimes obsolete but mostly modern operating systems. See this general computing-intensive Forth FP bench.

Of historical value is the in-depth information on writing a parallel Forth compiler for the INMOS transputer. This chip went out of production in 1998, but the ideas of tForth are being used in iForth, my own Forth language implementation.

There is some stone-age material here for the NOVIX Forth chip. Unfortunately, this is from the time of 5.25" floppy disks, 10MB hard-disks, and non-existent CD-writers -- in other words, the material is woefully incomplete. I still have the NOVIX and Wiesel hardware (The Wiesel was an improved NOVIX with a real F83 meta compiler.)

Another esoteric subject not discussed in too many other places is metacompilation. Check out the information on the free mxForth meta compiler.

Still another interest of mine is circuit simulation. See this AC circuit simulator package with built-in (i)Forth.

For the curious, because Forth is a much too complicated language for the pyjama people, the iForth documentation and glossary are online. (Do not read if you are easily offended.)

Last but not least, my algorithmically generated (by Forth programs) MIDI files are offered here for simultaneous aural stimulation purposes.

iForth 6.0, the second 64-bit release, can be ordered on line. Delivery will be by download from a secure web-site.


Links to all iForth pages on this server

Leo Brodie's Starting Forth (online book, the original, unabridged, conventional HTMLized, but officially approved version!).
Jack W. Crenshaw's Let's Build a Compiler series (code and text translated to Forth).

Charles H. Moore and Elizabeth D. Rather: The FORTH Program for Spectral Line Observing (Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 61, No. 9, September 1973).
Edvin Hjrtland and Li Chen: EP32 - a 32-bit Forth Microprocessor. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2007, CCECE 2007. Canadian Conference on, 22-26 April 2007 Page(s):518 - 521
William Majurski, Alden Dima and Mary Laamanen: Flits: Pervasive Computing for Processor and Memory Constrained Systems. Parallel Processing, 2000. Proceedings. 2000 International Workshops on, 21-24 Aug. 2000 Page(s):31 - 38
P. H. W. Leong, P. K. Tsang and T. K. Lee: A FPGA based Forth microprocessor. FPGAs for Custom Computing Machines, 1998. Proceedings. IEEE Symposium on, 15-17 April 1998 Page(s):254 - 255
Andrew J. Harris and John R. Hayes: Functional Programming on a Stack-Based Embedded Processor. Space Mission Challenges for Information Technology, 2006. SMC-IT 2006. Second IEEE International Conference on, 17-20 July 2006 Page(s):7 pp.
Yoshinao Aoki, Ricardo Mitsumori, Jincan Li and Alexander Burger: Sign Language Communication Between Japanese-Korean And Japanese-Portuguese Using CG Animation. Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 1998. Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE International Conference on, Volume 6, 12-15 May 1998 Page(s):3765 - 3768 vol.6
Peter M. Kogge: An Architectural Trail to Threaded-Code Systems, Computer, Volume 15, Issue 3, Mar 1982 Page(s):22 - 32
James R. Bell: Threaded Code, Communications of the ACM, Volume 16, Number 6, June 1973 Page(s):370 - 372
Paul Frenger: Parallel Forth, SIGPLAN Notices 34(4): 28-32 (1999).

NEW: the GNUPLOT library, with screenshots.

The iForth CHAOS page
The MANX MIDI general manual
The MANX MIDI help file
The NSPICE circuit simulator page
iForth FAQ
bourke.png 708kB
Forth Programs and Games
Performance of iForth under Windows 95
Performance of iForth under DOS
Performance of iForth under NT and Linux
Forth access to OS pipes and sockets.
iTools rel 1.0 and NEW: rel 2.0
32-bit eForth
mxForth; a fast Forth written in iForth
The meta compiler used to generate mxForth
The Forth MIDI page
tForth for the transputer, an overview article
the tForth FAQ
Transputer-like threads as implemented in iForth
iForth user manual in PDF form
Calling Visual Basic 6.0 from iForth.

iForth support page.
Forth Programs for Electrical Engineering; iir.frt
Access the Athlon Performance Counter Registers from Forth
Neural network code
Computing extremely large Perfect Numbers with iForth
Two very fast bignumber packages, with number-theoretical additions: gint.dll
A Classic BASIC interpreter in Forth. Not a toy...

L. C. Benschop's 64bit self-contained stack engine, running Forth, metacompiles itself. Try SOD64!

Matrix multiplication benchmark
the FLOPS benchmark page
Standard NSIEVE benchmark
Standard SHUFFLE benchmark
The Forth LINPACK benchmark
Standard FFT benchmark
Standard QUEENS benchmark
Standard FIB benchmark
A Monster Forth Benchmark Suite (105 tests)

Go Forth
iForth uses Winboard for FCP (Forth Chess Program).
Comments appreciated: c/o Marcel Hendrix - mhx@iae.nl

An iForth mailinglist has been set up.

To subscribe, send an (empty) mail to: the iForth developers list. When you receive the confirmation, just hit reply and send it back. You should receive a welcome message. The list is to communicate iForth specific material, Q & A, tips and tricks, release info etc., etc.

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