Nick Cave Songs - 1993

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Faraway, So Close!
Written by: Nick Cave
Officially released on: Faraway, So Close! soundtrack
Comments: What Can I Give You? is musically an early version of this song.

Cassiel's Song
Written by: Nick Cave
Officially released on: Faraway, So Close soundtrack, and as b-side to the "Do You Love Me?" single.

Plain Gold Ring
Written by: Stone or Earl S. Burroughs?
Officially released on: Live Seeds
First known live performance: 24/01/93, Melbourne
Live performance history: Played in 1993, and in a different arrangement with Warren Ellis excelling on violin in many shows in 1997 and 1998.
Other artists' versions: Nina Simone

I Wanna Be Your Dog
Written by: The Stooges
Known live performance: ??/1-2/93, Australia, Big Day Out, Nick guest at Sonic Youth concert during this song.
Other artists' versions: The Stooges
Comments: As far as I know, no recording circulates.

Goodbye Marylou
Written by: Michel Polnareff, J.R. Mariani
Officially released on: Au Royaume De Tricatel and other Polnareff tribute albums.
Other artists' versions: Michel Polnareff on his 1989 LP "Kama Sutra".
Comments: Nick sings this song in French. It was only released in 1998.

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