Kid Congo Powers Discography

by Maurice Maes and Andy Sztehlo

Latest update: 11-3-2001

Congo Norvell - Kid Congo Powers Solo - Knoxville Girls
The Cramps - Fur Bible - The Gun Club - Die Haut - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -
Other Collaborations

Many thanks to: Kid Congo Powers, Leo Meijer, Henk Vaessen, London May, Evert Nijkamp, Matt Fredrick, Dana Wachs, Heini Gustafsson

Congo Norvell

1992 - now

10"   1992 "Lullabies" 
CDs             Lullabies
                Angel (Crime and the City Solution cover)
                    Fuiasco, FSCO 106

CD    1994 "Music To Remember Him By"
                Golden Gates
                Drift Away
                The Chosen One
                Mercy Mine
                Rock My Child
                My Midnight
                Long Time Woman (Nancy Sinatra cover)
                Dried Flowers
                Lonesome Valley 
                    BASURA!/PRIORITY 53934/2 (USA)
                    Virgin/Priority 7243 8 40124 2 7 CDPTY105 

7"    1995 "Live In The Mission", recorded live at the Noe Valley Ministry,
           San Francisco 01/04/95. Clear yellow vinyl plus insert.
                Wailing Woman
                Lonesome Valley
                Lullabye        [sic - same song as Lullabies]
                    TRIPLE X, 51208/7 (USA)

CD    1995 "It Came From Beneath L.A.", various artists. Includes two
           songs from the Live In The Mission single:
                Wailing Woman
                    TRIPLE X, 51213/2 (USA)

CD    1996 "The Dope, The Lies, The Vaseline", PROMO ONLY; WITHDRAWN
                You Can Lay With Dogs
                Wailing Woman
                The Girl Who Would Be King
                Summer Nights
                November (The Ballad Of Mark And Travis)
                Goodbye Song
                    BASURA!/PRIORITY RECORDS 50550 (USA)

CD     1998 "Abnormals Anonymous", includes Mark Eitzel.
                She's Like Heroin To Me (The Gun Club cover)
                Brother Jack
                The Blue Sky
                Dark Eyes
                Johnny In The Boudoir
                Body And Soul (JLP Tribute)
                Warm Tonight
                The Last Word
                Jacks Back
                Good/Zhivago's Lament.
                    JETSET RECORDS TWA08CD 1997 (USA)

Kid Congo Powers

2LP   1984 "Neighborhood Rhythms", spoken word album also featuring Jeffrey Lee Pierce

12"   1989 "In The Heat Of The Night", features Barry Adamson and others.
                In The Heat Of The Night
                La Historia De Un Amour
                Cat Tabu (Cat House)
                    Nightshift NISHI 208T (UK)

video 1991 "Snub TV Vol 2", includes promo video to
                La Historia De Un Amour
                    Virgin Music Video VVD837 (UK)

CD    2000 "New Coat Of Paint: The Songs Of Tom Waits" tribute album
           expected in May with one Kid Congo Powers contribution:
                Virgina Avenue
                    Manifesto Records

Knoxville Girls


Kid - Bob Bert - Jerry Teel - Jack Martin - Barry London

LP/CD 1999 "Knoxville Girls"
                Sixty-Five Days Ago 
                I Feel Better All Over
                Soda Pop Girl 
                Have You Ever  
                Two Time Girl 
                Kung Pow Chicken Scratch 
                NYC Briefcase Blues 
                Warm And Tender Love 
                I Had A Dream 
                He Stopped Loving Her Today
                One Sided Love 
                Armadillo Roadkill Blues 
                ruck Drivin' Man 
                Low Cut Apron/Sugar Fix 
                    In The Red Records ITR 062

LP/CD 2000 "In The Woodshed", live album
                Armadillo Roadkill Blues 
                I Feel Better All Over
                Warm And Tender Love 
                Sixty-Five Days Ago
                Soda Pop Girl 
                Drop Dead Gorgeous
                My New Dinner
                I Had A Dream 
                Have You Ever 
                NYC Briefcase Blues 
                Sophisticated Boom Boom 
                Counting Song (One More Thing)
                Kung Pow Chicken Scratch 
                Truck Drivin' Man 
                Low Cut Apron/Sugar Fix 
                    In The Red Records ITR 070    

CD    2000 "New Coat Of Paint - Songs Of Tom Waits", various artists,
           has Knoxville Girls doing "Virgina Avenue", and has
           Botanica thanking Kid in the liner notes.
                    Manifesto Records (MFO 42101-2)

Kid Congo Powers with The Cramps

winter 1980 - early fall 1983

This info comes from Ian Johnston's book "The Wild Wild World Of The Cramps" from 1990. Leo Meijer typed it all in. What I'd like to have is a good pointer to an online complete Cramps discography, including for instance also bootlegs (we do not intend to go into that detail here).
LP/CD 1981 "Psychedelic Jungle"
CA              Green Fuz
                Goo Goo Muck
                Rockin' Bones
                Voodoo Idol
                The Crusher
                Don't Eat The Stuff Off The Sidewalk
                Can't Find My Mind
                Jungle Hop
                The Natives Are Restless
                Under The Wires
                Beautiful Gardens
                Green Door
                    IRS SP 70016 (LP)
                    IRS CD 70058 (CD)
                    A&M 70016
                    IRS 44797-0016-4

7"    1981 "Goo Goo Muck/She Said", (yellow vinyl)
                    IRS PFP 1003 (UK)

12"   1981 "The Crusher/Save It/New Kind Of Kick"
                    IRS PFSX 1008 (UK)

LP/CD 1983 "Off The Bone", Kid Congo Powers on the songs marked *.
CA              Human Fly
                The Way I Walk
                Lonesome Town
                Drug Train
                Love Me
                I Can't Hardly Stand It
                Goo Goo Muck *
                She Said *
                The Crusher *
                Save It *
                New Kind Of Kick *
                Uranium Rock (bonus track on CD and picture disc)
                You Got Good Taste * (live bonus track on CD)
                    Illegal ILP 012
                    ILPIC 012 (picture disc)
                    ILPC 012 (CA)
                    ILPCD (CD)

EP/CD 1983 "Smell Of Female", live at the Peppermint Lounge 25&26/2/83.
CA              The Most Exalted Potentate Of Love
                You Got Good Taste
                Call Of The Wighat
                Faster Pussycat
                I Ain't Nuthin' But A Gorehound
                Psychotic Reaction
                Weekend On Mars (bonus track on Enigma cassette)
                    Big Beat NED 6 (limited UK release in red vinyl)
                    Big Beat NEDP 6 (picture disc)
                    Enigma EC 0021 (CA) (USA)
                    New Rose NEW 25 (EP/CD) (France)

7"    1984 "Faster Pussycat/You Got Good Taste"
                    New Rose NEW 28 (France)
                    New Rose NEW 28P (France, picture disc)

7"    1984 "I Ain't Nuthin' But A Gorehound/Weekend On Mars", available on
           black,clear,brown,green,orange,blue or maroon vinyl.
                    New Rose NEW 33 (France)

 4x7" 1984 "Smell Of Female Special Limited Edition Spring Tour '84"
             1. Faster Pussycat/You Got Good Taste (IVY 1, white vinyl)
             2. Call Of The Wighat/The Most Exalted Potentate Of Love (LUX 1, black vinyl)
             3. I Ain't Nuthin' But A Gorehound/Weekend On Mars (NICK 1, blue vinyl)
             4. Psychotic Reaction (CONGO 1, orange or green vinyl)
                    New Rose CRAMPS 1

LP/CD 1984 "Bad Music For Bad People", Kid Congo on *. 
CA              Garbageman
                New Kind Of Kick *
                Love Me
                I Can't Hardly Stand It
                She Said *
                Goo Goo Muck (single mix) *
                Save It *
                Human Fly
                Drug Train
                TV Set
                Uranium Rock
                    IRS SP 44797-0042 (Canada)
                    A&M 70042 (Canada)

CD    1990 "Smell Of Female" all songs listed above plus:
                Beautiful Gardens (from P. Lounge with Kid)
                She Said          (from P. Lounge with Kid)
                Surfin' Dead      (from Return of Living Dead soundtrack, minus Kid).
                    Enigma 7 73578/2 (USA)

The Fur Bible

Kid Congo Powers, Patricia Morrison, Murray Mitchell, Desperate
12"   1985 "Plunder The Tombs/Headbolt/Fumble Fist"
                    NEW ROSE NEW61 France 

7"    1985 "Plunder The Tombs/Fumble Fist", clear vinyl.
                    NEW ROSE NEW63 France 

Kid Congo Powers with The Gun Club

Kid Congo Powers with Die Haut

LP/CD 1988 "Headless Body In Topless Bar", Kid Congo Powers sings on:  
                You Seen Angel Jesus?  
                My Gift To You      
                    WSFA, SF 83 (Germany)

LP/CD 1992 "Head On", Kid Congo Powers sings on:
CA              Excited             
                Parts Unknown 
                    WSFA, SF 122 (Germany)
                    Triple X, 51148 (USA, only CD)

LP/CD 1993 "Sweat", live album, 
           Berlin, Metropol, 24/08/92, and Apeldoorn 8/92. Kid Congo Powers sings on
                In The Heat Of The Night  
                Angel Jesus               
                Golden Gate             
                Parts Unknown           
                    WSFA, SF 140 (Germany)
                    Triple X, 51184-2 (USA CD)

video 1993 "Sweat", live video directed by Rolf S. Wolkenstein.
           Filmed at Tempodrom, Berlin, August 1992, 66 minutes. Kid Congo Powers sings on
                (You Seen) Angel Jesus?        
                In The Heat Of The Night       
                Little Doll              
                    WSFA, 140 V (Germany)
                    Triple X, 51184-3 (USA)

Kid Congo Powers with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

fall 1986 - spring 1990

This is just a compact listing of the releases that Kid has been involved with. For a detailed discography, go to the complete Bad Seeds discography.
LP/CD 1988 "Tender Prey", 
CA              Up Jumped The Devil
                City Of Refuge
                Sugar Sugar Sugar
                    Mute Records, STUMM 52 (UK)

12"   1988 "Deanna", b-side: "Girl At The Bottom Of My Glass"
CDs        First copies with poster and postcard. A German 3" CD exists.
                    Mute Records, 12 MUTE 86 (UK)

LP/CD 1988 "Wings Of Desire", soundtrack to the film by Wim Wenders
CA         in which "From Her To Eternity" and "The Carny" are performed
film       live. (German title of the film: "Der Himmel Uber Berlin"). 
                From Her To Eternity (live version)
                    Mute Records, IONIC 2 (UK)

video 1989 "Kings Of Independence", contains also songs from Crime and
           the City Solution, and The Swans. Hamburg, 15 August 87.
                Saint Huck
                Stranger Than Kindness
                    STUD!O K7-001 (Germany)

LP/CD 1989 "The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young", various artists.
           Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds do
                    Caroline, Carol CD 1347
                    Caroline, Carlp 5

LP/CD 1990 "The Good Son", Japanese version has "The Train Song" as 
CA         extra track. 
                Foi Na Cruz
                The Good Son
                Sorrow's Child
                The Weeping Song
                The Ship Song
                The Hammer Song 
                The Witness Song
                    Mute Records, STUMM 76 (UK)

7"12" 1990 "The Ship Song"/"The Train Song". A promo exists as well.
CDs                 Mute Records, 7 Mute 108 and 12 Mute 108
                    P 12 Mute 108 (promo 12") (UK)

CDs   1990 "The Weeping Song", b-side: "Helpless", "Cocks'n'Asses",
                    Mute Records, Mute 118 (UK)

video 1991 "The Road To God Knows Where".  Moments from the US tour,
           Feb. and March 1989. Scenes from on the road, backstage,
           interviews and such. 
                    Mutefilm, 790475 (UK)
                    Atavistic, ATV33 (USA)

Kid Congo Powers - Other Collaborations

LP/CD 1984 "Time Stands Still", by Chris D. And The Divine Horseman, Kid plays guitar on
CA              Hell's Belle
                   Enigma E1130 LP/Cass (USA)
                    New Rose Rose 46 LP (France)
                    Dogmeat Dog 045CD (Australia) 1993 

7"/   1985 "Indian Wallpaper", by the Dutch band Claw Boys Claw
12"        Kid Congo produced:
                Dirty Dog
                Foul Play
                   Hipcat records HIP 6789

12"   1988 "Hard For You", by The Butcher Shop (Tex Perkins et al), with Kid playing guitar on
                Hard For You
                Control Yourself
                    Black Eye EP1, Australia (also on red vinyl)

LP/CD 1989 "Moss Side Story", by Barry Adamson, Kid does backing vocals on 
                Suck On The Honey Of Love
                Free At Last
                    Mute STUMM 53
                    Mute 71420

LP/CD 1994 "Blossom, Bone And Still Alone" by Sheppard Pratt. Produced by Kid Congo Powers,
           who also plays lead guitar on:
                My Sad Friend
                    TIM/KERR RECORDS, TKR 86 (USA)

7"    1996 "Jupiter Now!" by Danny Frankel, Kid plays on
                This Is What They Wore
                The Black Mimi
                Jupiter Now!
                Voodoo Shuffle 
                    W.I.N. Records, USA (amber vinyl)

CD    1997 "Lucky Pierre" by Travis John Alford Band
                Glory Hole
                It May Be Evil But It's True
                Make It Last
                The Devil Kings Of Sodom
                Warm Tonight
                Lucky Pierre
                Weep Below The Waist
                Dry Heave Lover
                    WORLD DOMINATION ????? USA 1997

CD    1997 "Wolf Songs For Lambs" by Jonathan Fire Eater features
           Kid playing percussion.
                When The Curtain Calls For You
                The Shape Of Things That Never Came
                This Is My Room
                No Love Like That
                Bipolar Summer
                I've Changed Hotels
                Everybody Plays The Mime
                These Little Monkeys
                Station Coffee
                A Night In The Nursery
                Inpatient Talent Show
                    Uni/Dream Works Records; ASIN: B000005AMA 

LP/CD 1998 "Caught In A Trap And I Can't Back Out 'Cause I Love You Too Much, Baby"
           by Mark Eitzel, Kid plays guitar on
                If I Had A Gun     
                Cold Light Of Day 
                    MATADOR OLE 179/2 USA/UK

LP/CD 1998 "Smoky Ends Of A Burnt Out Day" by The Factory Press
           is produced by Kid. Guests include Liz Corcoran and Sally Norvell.
                    ND records NoD CD01 

CD/   1998 "We're Gonna Stomp Mr. Henry Lee" by Speedball Baby has
10"        Kid Congo Powers on the cover.
                    Sympathy for the Record Industry

video 1998 "Blue Is Beautiful" by Make-Up is a 30 minute
           film by James Schneider featuring Kid on maracas.
                    Dischord 114

7"    1999 "Hot For Preacher"/"(I'm Gonna Waste) Your Train" by 
           The Starlight Desperation is produced by Kid.
                    Gold Standard Labratories numbered GSL20

CD    1999 "Malediction" by Botanica, which is the new group
           with Congo Norvell member Paul Wallfisch. Kid plays on:
                     Checkered Past Records CPR 106

CD    1999 "Tonic Benefit" by Angels Of Light
           limited (web-site release) live album with Kid on guitar and vocals.
                Low Life Form
                God Damn The Sun 
                My Dead Son
                My True Body
                Untitled Love Song
                All Lined Up
                Beautiful One
                New City In The Future
                My Suicide
                Waiting Beside Viragio
                Forever Yours

CD    2000 "The Vanity Set" by Jim Sclavunos' The Vanity Set features Kid on guitar
           on two tracks (and Sally Norvell on two others)
                Don't Be Afraid
                     Naked Spur Productions, nsp00CD

CD    2001 New album by Khan, released in May, will have Kid
           singing on two tracks. 

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