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Latest update: 29-12-2001

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Band Members

  1. 1991 - James Johnston - Mike Delanian - Nick Coombes - Joe Byfield
  2. 1992 - James Johnston - Mike Delanian - Max Decharne - Joe Byfield - Terry Edwards
  3. 1993 - James Johnston- Mike Delanian - Max Decharne - Joe Byfield
  4. 1995 - James Johnston - Mike Delanian - Ian White - Terry Edwards - Andy Dewar - Ian Watson
  5. 1996 - James Johnston - Mike Delanian - Ian White - Terry Edwards - Andy Dewar - Ian Watson - Joe Byfield
  6. 1997 - James Johnston - Mike Delanian - Ian White - Terry Edwards - Ian Watson - Joe Byfield
  7. 1999 - James Johnston - Ian White - Terry Edwards - Jeremy Cottingham - Joe Byfield (when available)


7"    1988 "Snakepit/Please Give Me Something, released November 1988. 
                    Gallon Drunk Records GAL 003.

7"    1990 "Ruby/Us And Cousin Emmy". The song "Ruby" contains some 
           quotes (lyrics and melody) from Lee Hazlewood's "Pour' Man".
                    Clawfist, HUNKA LURVE 1

7"    1991 "Snakepit/Please Give Me Something", 400 copies.

7"    1991 "Gallon Drunk/Ruby", Recorded Live At The Tartu Club, Sept. 1990. 
           1000 copies.

7"    1991 "Draggin’ Along/Miserlou", 1500 copies.
                    Clawfist, Hunka 002

7"    1991 "The Last Gasp/The Wirlpool", 2000 copies.
                    Clawfist, Hunka 003

CDs   1991 "Some Fool’s Mess/May The Earth Open Here/Rolling Home"
7"/12"              Clawfist, Hunka 006

LP/CD 1992 "Tonite... The Singles Bar", released in May 1992.
CA              Last Gasp (Safty)
                Rolling Home 
                Miserlou [Dick Dale]
                Draggin' Along
                May the Earth Open Here 
                Please Give Me Something
                Gallon Drunk
                    Rykodisc, RCD-10257 (CD), RCS-10257 (CA)
                    Clawfist, HUNKACD 002

video 1992 "One For The Ladies" recorded live at Happy Jax club,
           London on 21/12/91 and was released in May 1992.
                Drag 91
                Draggin' Along
                Just One More
                Some Fool's Mess
                The Last Gasp
                Two Wings Mambo
                Gallon Drunk
                    Jettisoundz JE226

video 1992 "Dragtime" features the band playing live and in the studio. 
           It was made for a Clawfist fan club release in 1992 and lasts 
           about 30 minutes, produced by EJR Communications.
                The Last Gasp
                Gallon Drunk
                Draggin` Along
                Some Fools Mess
                Two Wings Mambo

CD    1991 "Volume 2", the book with CD contains "Ruby".
LP/CD 1992 "You, The Night And The Music"
CA              Rev Up-TPA 
                Some Fool's Mess
                Just One More
                Two Wings Mambo
                You, The Night... And The Music
                Gallon Drunk
                Night Tide
                Eye Of The Storm
                    Rykodisc, RCD-10258 (CD), RCS-10258 (CA)
                    Clawfist, HUNKACD 001

7"/EP 1992 "Bedlam/Look At That Woman/Solitaire", 
CDs        "Look At That Woman" is a Lee Hazlewood cover.
           "Solitaire" is a Neil Sedaka cover.
                    Clawfist, Hunka 011T

CDs   1992 "The Peel Sessions", The Dutch East India CD release also contains
CD         four songs by the band Breed.
                Some Fool's Mess
                Drag '91
                Two Wings Mambo 
                    Strange Fruit SFMCD 213
                    Clawfist De18414-2
                    Dutch East India 8414

CD    1993 "Volume 6", the book with CD contains an alternate version
           of "Keep Moving On" (with James' wife Geraldine on vocals 
           instead of Latita Sadier (Stereolab). 
LP/CD 1993 "From The Heart Of Town", initial copies came with a bonus
           3-track live CD/12".
                Jake On The Make
                Arlington Road
                Not Before Time
                Keep Moving On
                Silver Wings (*)  [Merle Haggard]
                The Amsterdam Run (*)
                You Should Be Ashamed
                End Of The Line
                Loving Alone
                Push The Boat Out
                Paying For Pleasure
                    Clawfist, HUNKACD 005
                    Warner Brothers 45269
                    Sire 25269
                    Sire 45269-2 (CD - misses (*)'s),  45269-4 (CA)    

12"   1993 Bonus CD/12" with initial copies of"From The Heart Of Town", live songs
CD         from a gig at Madison Square Gardens, 18 Sept 1992, supporting Morrissey.
                Just One More
                Some Fools Mess
                Two Wings Mambo
                    GLOBAL CD 1

EP/CD 1993 "You Should Be Ashamed/Silver Wings/The Amsterdam Run"
           "Silver Wings" is a Merle Haggard cover.
                    Clawfist, Hunka CD18

2CD   1993 "Viva Eight" NME compilation CD with one live track 
CA         from 1 September 92, London, Town & Country club.
                Two Wings Mambo
                    Viva 8 CD

LP/CD 1993 "Dora Suarez", Derek Raymond (Robin Cook) reads from his
           novel with background music by James Johnston and Terry Edwards.

10"   1993 "Savage Soundtracks For Swinging Lover", Limited edition of 
           1,000 released by Blueyedog's 10" Singles Club, which came
           with a copy of Purr Issue #1. Includes one track each by 
           Barry Adamson, Gallon Drunk, Gretschen Hofner and Jake Vegas.  
           The Gallon Drunk song is "Loser's Theme", later to appear
           on the "Camden Crawl" compilation.

7"    1993 "Known Not Wanted", on a split single with Tindersticks: 
           "We Have All The Time In The World/James Bond Theme (uncredited)" 
           Fall 1993, UK, 1400 copies.
                    Clawfist Singels Club No.21, [XPIG 21]  

CD         "Ontogeny - No Fish Is Too Wierd For Her Aquarium (Vol. II)", by
           Terry Edwards contains
                Edge Of Heaven (demo version from 1994 Traitor's Gate session)

EP/CD 1995 "The Traitor's Gate EP"
                Traitor's Gate
                Some Cast Fire
                Chain of Gold
                Bear Me Away

CD    1995 "Camden Crawl", compilation gig given away free at London's 
           Camden Crawl festival in November 1995. It contains the
           instrumental "Loser's Theme".
                    Love Train PUBE07

7"    1996 "Two Clear Eyes"

CDs   1996 "Two Clear Eyes"
                Two Clear Eyes
                My Spent Love
                Mr. Slinky's
                Fade Away
                    CitySlang/EFA 04985-2

LP/CD 1996 "In The Long Still Night"
                Two Clear Eyes
                Up On Fine
                It's All Mine
                Eternal Tide
                The Road Ahead
                The Big Payoff
                Take This Poison
                Some Cast Fire
                Get Ready...
                To Love Somebody [The Bee Gees]
                In The Long Still Night
                    City Slang 04982

CD    1996 "Volume 17", the book with CD contains "All This And More",
           a slightly different version of the song "Come Unto Me".

CD    1997 "Abus Dangereux", free CD with this French magazine contains
           a different version of the Bee Gees cover "To Love Somebody".

CDs   1997 "To Love Somebody/Come Unto Me/Heaven Holds All My Treasures/The Shakedown"
EP         "Heaven Holds All My Treasures" is a Hank Williams cover.
                    City Slang/EFA 049862-2

CD    1997 "Soho" Italian release of the "Mojo" soundtrack, contains
           "The Big Hurt" (w. Nick Cave). Released as "Mojo" elsewhere in 1998.
                    EMI 7243 8 23530 2 7 ("Soho" 1997)
                    EMI 7243 8 21718 2 9 ("Mojo" 1998)               
                    TOCP 65026 (Japan)

CD    2000 "Black Milk", O.S.T. to Nikos Triantafillidis' new movie.
           The female singer on the album is Pavlina Michailidou.  
                Theme From Black Milk
                Hurricane (new version)
                Every Second Of Time
                Blood Is Red
                The Funeral
                Can You Feel It
                Now And Forever
                At My Side
                Every Second Of Time (Instrumental)
                One More Time
                    FM Records FM 1134

EP    2000 "Blood Is Red" 
                Blood Is Red (Radio Edit) 
                Hurricane (New Version)
                Theme From Black Milk (Instrumental Version)
                Hurricane (Radio-Video Version)
                    FM Records FM 2300

EP    2001 "Things Will Change"
                Things Will Change
                Out Of Sight
                The Greasy Ceasar
                I've Been Waiting
                Up On Fire [Live in Dublin]
                    Sweet Nothing

CD    2002 "Fire Music", expected in January.

Other James Johnston projects

can someone make a start with a more complete overview?

J.J. Stone

CDs   1998 "Hurricane"
                PK radio edit
                Original vocal mix
                PsychedeliaSmith mix
                PK Salty goodness mix
                    Itchy Teeth

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