Nick Cave Drawings - Self Portraits

I welcome any others!

Self portrait, created at Werchter 2009, for charity purpose
(to be auctioned on Oct 22, with the revenues going to a house for handicapped people).
More info at
Thanks Koen Dries!

Peter Milne
This one appeared in Q magazine, 1997. Thanks Jon Summerfield!

Nick Cave
This one appeared in the Japanese "Rock Show" magazine around 1986(?). Thanks Claudia!

This one was drawn in the Thirsty Dog in Prague, back in 1993.
Sent to Leo Meijer by Filip Humplík - many thanks for that!

Help Again
The (in)famous Hotel Damage T-shirt.
This picture copied from the August 1993 Tender Prey Newsletter.

From Fish In A Barrel
Snapshot from a photograph from Peter Milne's Fish In A Barrel.

Nick Meijer
Self portrait of Nick with Leo Meijer's hair, Brussels, 21/2/95.
Thanks Gerard Kouwenhoven for processing the image.

Taken from "Family Circle" Vol 9, May 1997.

Loverman postcard, 1994.

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