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Not on this list are those public reading performances which also contained songs. See the public sessions list for more info on these. Also not included here are brief readings in TV documentaries. Most readings are from the And The Ass Saw The Angel (ATASTA). Nick has only read selected parts of his novel. The pages refer to the pages in the Black Spring Press hardcover edition. I don't know if they are different in other editions. The titles are as given by Nick Cave. Five parts have been officially released: Mah Sanctum, Lamentation, One Autumn, Animal Static, The Atra Virago. Those parts that are read at a certain reading are not necessarily in the same order as they appear in the book. Most ATASTA readings are about 45 minutes long.
Book  	Chapter Pages	Title		Opening line
~~~~	~~~~~~~	~~~~~	~~~~~ 		~~~~~~~~~~~~
Prol.	I	6-7	The Birth	It was his brother
Prol.	I	9-10			Well then the day
Prol.   I       14-15                   Ah never once cried
1	IX	59      A Lesson	Listen, Ah don't wanna
1	XV	83-86	Cosey Mo	Cosey Mo lay slumped
2	V	115-116 Mah Sanctum 	Mah Sanctum, mah cave
2	VI	122-123 Lamentation 	O God Ah petition thee
2	VII	125	The Moon 	Ah lay upon mah back
2	X	136-137 One Autumn 	Pa beat mule to death
2	XI	138-139 The Peephole	Most of the peepholes
2 	XV	151-153 Pa Kills Ma	Ah visited the graveyard
2	XVI 	162-164 Pa's Death	Then Euchrid was hurtlin
2	XVII	165-166 Burying Pa 	Euchrid buries all the
2	XVII	166-167 The Atra Virago	Ah was barely ten years
3	-	193-194 Animal Static	Windowless, the shack was
3	-	235-236	Ghost of Cosey	Flanked by two logowood
(Readings from "The Ass Saw The Angel" unless indicated otherwise)
   06/84   New York City, Pyramid club, first ever reading
31/08/84   Los Angeles, Lhasa Club 
           Blind Lemon Jefferson + early ATASTA
09/11/84   Amsterdam, Meervaart, One World Poetry 
           Blind Lemon Jefferson

19/02/87   Hamburg, Deutsches Schauspielhaus (ATASTA premiere)
28/05/87   Amsterdam, Paradiso, Tegentonen Festival

23/03/88 - Sydney, Mandolin Cinema
24/03/88 - Sydney, Mandolin Cinema
  /04/88   Melbourne, Id's
24/04/88   Melbourne, University
26/05/88 - Manchester, Waterstones Bookshop
02/06/88 - Brighton, Zap Club

21/05/89 - Wien, Messepalast
27/08/89 - Edinburgh, Studio Theatre, Book Festival
30/08/89   Brighton, Duke of York's Cinema
31/08/89 - Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Jesmond Cinema
02/09/89 - Manchester, University
07/09/89   London, Scala Cinema
02/12/89   Kopenhagen, Saga

22/05/90   Oberhausen, Mulheim a/d Ruhr, Alte Post
13/08/90 - London, Waterstones Bookshop
16/08/90 - Preston, Waterstones Bookshop
16/08/90 - Liverpool, Waterstones Bookshop
??/10/90 - New York City, Shakespeare & Co Bookshop
18/10/90   Hamburg, Docks
19/10/90   Berlin, Sputnik Cinema (2 readings)
21/10/90   Frankfurt, Theater Am Turm
22/10/90   Munchen, Ba-ba-lu-live club
23/10/90   Zurich, Rote Fabrik

01/09/91 - Rotterdam, De Doelen, Ein Abend In Wien Festival

22/07/93   New York City, Central Park, Summer Stage Open Air

07/10/93 - Amsterdam, Odeon

20/02/95   Brussels, Beursschouwburg 
           ATASTA and Where Do We Go Now, But Nowhere

21/02/95   Brussels, Beursschouwburg
           ATASTA and Where Do We Go Now, But Nowhere

03/03/97 - Paris, Virgin Megastore, reading (and signing)
           Dead Joe - The Mercy Seat - Black Hair   

04/09/97 - Skibbereen, Ireland, Liss Ard festival, reading
	   The Carny - Your Cheating Heart (Hank Williams)

25/09/98   Vienna, Akademietheater   
           The love song and how to write one

30/09/98 - London, St James's Church
           Introduction to the Gospel According To Mark 

fall  99 * Oslo, BLÅ, planned reading was cancelled, but Nick sent
           a video tape reading of Gospel According To Mark.

23/11/99 * London, Conway Hall, POSTPONED TO:

15/02/00   London, Conway Hall
           The Flesh Made Word

19/12/04 - "Final Last Words", Sydney, NSW State Library, lecture by Nick 
           about the album 'Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus' and interview
           and Q&A with the audience.

24/07/09 - London, Camden, Roundhouse, iTunes Festival, reading from The Death of Bunny Munro
           and interview and Q&A.

09/09/09 - London, Purcell Rooms, South Bank, Nick Cave in conversation with David Peace.

14/09/09   New York City, Barnes and Noble, Reading, Q&A and in conversation with Katherine Lanpher.
           Excerpts from: 
           Chapter 11 (Bunny Lies on his back...)
           Chapter 13 (Bunny Junior opens his encyclopedia...)
           Chapter 26 (Bunny Junior closes the encyclopedia...)

16/09/09   Toronto, Indigo Books, Eaton Centre, Nick Cave in conversation with Alan Cross.

17/09/09   Ottawa, St Bridgid's Church, The Ottawa Writers Festival, Nick Cave reading, doing Q&A and
           in conversation with David O'Meara.  Excerpts from: 
           Chapter 11 (Bunny Lies on his back...)
           Chapter 13 (Bunny Junior opens his encyclopedia...)
30/09/09 - Hove, City Books, Bunny Munro reading and Nick Cave In Conversation with Will Self. 

**/10/09   "An Evening With Nick Cave" shows including Bunny Munro readings are listed here.

12/11/09   London, Southbank Centre, Nick reads from Sum: Forty Tales From The Afterlives.

24/06/10   Edinburgh, Roxy Art House, Irregular festival, Nick reads from Bunny Munro.

25/06/10 - Dundee, University, Literary Dundee Festival, Nick reads from Bunny Munro.

04/03/11 - London, Trafalgar Square, World Book Night, Nick reads from Nabokov's Lolita.

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