Nick Cave Studio Outtakes

   78-79   Door, Door outtakes seem to exist, but are
           not in wide circulation. They should contain the following songs, of which one,
           a duet by Nick and Rowland, is unknown:
           Conversations - Secret Life  - Sex Crimes - (unnamed duet) 
           Earthling In The Orient  - Spoilt Music         

   81-82   Junkyard demos, recording sessions at
           Armstrong's Audio Visual Studios, Melbourne (Decemnber 81 - January 82)
           Several Sins - Dim Locator - Junkyard - Dead Joe - Big Jesus Trash Can
           6" Gold Blade - She's Hit            

*/6-7/82   Honeymoon In Red, alternate takes, June-July 1982,
           about 45 minutes, not very interesting.            

??/04/83   Berlin, Hansa Studios, Mutiny! recording sessions, about 25 minutes
           Jennifer's Veil - Swampland

??/11/85   "500 Miles", Kicking outtake (11/85 or 12/85), released on the
           Murderous Ends, Collaborative Odds bootleg.

??/11/85   "Bull Rider", Kicking outtake, unreleased but circulating Johnny Cash cover.

      91   "Tower of Song", 30 minute unedited version, released on
           the More Pricks Than Kicks bootleg.

      96   "The Boatman's Call" outtakes, circulating since 1999.
           Some of these tracks were later release on B-Sides & Rarities
           Black Hair - Babe, I Got You Bad - The Garden Duet - 
           Are You the One (...) - Farewell, Goodbye, So Long -
           I Got Another Woman Now, Dear - West Country Girl - Opium Tea -  
           I Do, Dear, I Do - Wake Up My Lover - Sheep May Safely Graze 

      05   "Woyzek" play outtakes
           Drwoning Song - "Woyzek Trailer" (a compilation circulating with this title

      06   "Metamorphosis" play outtakes
           Marty’s Song - The Water Song - Untitled Song

      06   The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford outtakes
           Moving On Once Again  - Song For Charley 

      06   "Grinderman" outtakes, leaked on the internet before the official album 
           release. They are either from the demo sessions at Metropolis Studios, London, February 2006 
           or from the album sessions at RAK studios, London, April 2006.
           Get It On - No Pussy Blues - Electric Alice - Grinderman - Chain Of Flowers
           I Don't Need You (To Set Me Free) - Decoration Day - Love Bomb
           Man On The Moon - Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars) - Go Tell The Women
           Vortex - Rise - Get It On (new vocal mix)

      06   More "Grinderman" iPodcast, a series of fragments of recordings from 
           the Grinderman writing sessions, recorded in 2006 at Metropolis Studios. 
           Depth Charge Ethel - House - My Daddy Is An Astronaut (early Man In The Moon)
           Adlib In Space - Love Bomb (early version released by Mute on 5th March 2007)

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