It was in the early 90s that I started tape trading, and I was immensely impressed by Olof Bjorner's Bob Dylan lists. For me these were the inspiration to make the Nick Cave live overviews. In 1992 I then met my Nick Cave guru Hans, whose long lists of known concerts and sessions of the Birthday Party and of Nick Cave up to 1992 have always been a fantastic source of information for me.

For the Boys Next Door concert listings, I am indebted to Kim Beissel and Richard Miles. I have once sent a long list of Birthday Party concerts to Katherine, which was then corrected and supplemented by Jack Pudding. For the Bad Seeds concerts, Andrew Trute sent me many corrections and additions, and Arne Fitschen keeps finding errors!

Leo Meijer, Carmen Priebe and Kim Beissel have always been of immense help in finding original versions of songs that Nick has covered.

Brett Hennig and Ross Olson and some others have been so kind to put the live overviews on their home pages. This has led to many useful reactions, and I would like to thank everyone who took the trouble to correct a date or venue, or provide a setlist or whatever. Also, all goodsoners and tape traders have added to these pages. Please keep sending concert reviews and information about TV apperances, covers, etc...

It's impossible to list everybody here... many people are specifically listed in the credits to the discography. I'd like to end this listing with special thanks to Rick Tanaka for inviting me to do the yearly overviews for the Japansese Nick Cave fanzine "Family Circle" and for lots more, and Paavo Rajamo for everything in the past years up to 2001...

2009 update: this section would not have been possible without using the work of Arne Fitschen who continued to keep track of setlists for several years and without using the setlists that all Nick Cave fans cared to post to Nick Cave forums, such as the 2008 US setlists posted by Jay Sutton to

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