The Boys Next Door Song Statistics

(I assume that "Show Me A Sign" = "Whatever It Means")

70 songs are known (including 17 cover versions):
   29 officially released 
   34 on live tapes and bootlegs only
    7 not yet circulating 

List of songs not yet circulating:

All This Fuss
Bound For Glory
Can't Do It
I Need A Million
Maybe Zone
Personality Crisis
To Sir, With Love

List of cover songs:

Andy Warhol				David Bowie
Blitzkrieg Bop				The Ramones
Caroline Says II 			Lou Reed
Catman					Gene Vincent
China Girl				Iggy Pop
Commando				The Ramones
Don't Split It				Vic Goddard & The Subway Sect
Enemy Of The State			Ian `Ollie' Olson
Gloria					Them
I'm 18					Alice Cooper
I Need A Million			The Laughing Dogs
I Put A Spell On You 			Screaming Jay Hawkins
Louie Louie				The Stooges 
My Generation				The Who
Personality Crisis			New York Dolls
These Boots Are Made For Walking	Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood
To Sir, With Love 			Lulu

List of officially released songs:

After A Fashion
Boy Hero
Brave Exhibitions
A Catholic Skin
Death By Drowning
Dive Position
Enemy Of The State
Faint Heart
The Friend Catcher
Friends Of My World
Guilt Parade
The Hair Shirt
Happy Birthday
Hats On Wrong
I Mistake Myself
Masturbation Generation
Mr. Clarinet
The Nightwatchman
The Plague
The Red Clock
Riddle House
Roman Roman
Somebody's Watching 
These Boots Are Made For Walking
The Voice
Waving My Arms

List of circulating, but not officially released songs:

Ain't It Funny (or: Funny, Isn't It)
Andy Warhol
Big Future
Blitzkrieg Bop
Bones For Borneo
Caroline Says II
China Girl
Cracked Portrait
Don't Split It
Earthling In The Orient
Grand Illusions
I'm 18
I Put A Spell On You
Let's Talk About Art
Louie Louie
Mad About The Boy
Mouth To Mouth
My Generation
Personality Crisis
Rude Nudes
The Running Goat
Safe House
Secret Life
Sex Crimes
Something About Our (????)
Spoilt Music 
Success Story 
Whatever It Means

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