Nick Cave Radio and TV Interviews, Sessions, Documentaries, etc

This is a list of known Radio and TV appearances. It includes interviews, sessions, documentaries, some readings, etc. It does not include TV or radio broadcasts of live songs. The times are approximate, and may refer to the whole broadcast, or to the NC only, if the program also contains other items. Dates are usually broadcast dates. A few interviews listed are private interviews in circulation.

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??/??/78   Melbourne, Nick and Rowland int. by Mick McBride         

      79   Melbourne 3-RRR, Boys Next Door radio interview           

10/09/80   1st John Peel session (unreleased)                     
           Figure Of Fun - Yard - Cry - King Ink

11/12/80   Melbourne, 3RRR radio, int. (same as Fast F. #2)       

??/12/80   "Fast Forward #2", interview (official) released on cassette

28/04/81   2nd John Peel session (officially released)             
           Pleasure Heads - Rowland Around In That Stuff - 
           Release The Bats - Loose

10/12/81   3rd John Peel session (officially released)             
           Big Jesus Trash Can  -  Bully Bones - She's Hit -
           Six Inch Gold Blade   

  12/81?   Australia, radio int w. Nick, Rowland, Tracy & Mick       

??/01/82   "Fast Forward #6", interview (official) released on cassette

15/03/82   Riverside TV, BBC2                                      
           Dead Joe - Big Jesus Trash Can

spring82   ARD-1 TV, Germany, int. w. RSH, MH, Lydia Lunch         

21/07/82   G"otterd"ammerung, VPRO (TV, video) (Junkyard)          

22/11/82   4th John Peel session (unreleased)                     
           Sonny's Burning - Deep In The Woods - 
           Pleasure Avalanche - Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)

28/02/83   "Whatever You Didn't Get", UK TV (Live Brixton 82)     

18/01/83   "Moondogs", Dutch radio, interviews                     
           Short interviews, record announcements

07/05/83   Wellington, N.Z., Victoria University, radio interview

13/05/83   Sydney, radio interview                                     

24/05/83   Sydney, Radio 2JJJ interview                           

    5/83   Melbourne, 3-RRR, Shrapnell, opinions on BP            

??/10/83   Immaculate Consumptive interview (US TV)               
           This was rebroadcast in 1999!

     83?   "Beat Up The Old Shack", short clip on Australian TV   
           Clip to a song by "Hugo Klang", featuring Ollie Olsen
           on vocals. The clip is filmed by Michael Buckley in London.
           Features Nick with a sax in bed in striped pyjamas.


09/04/84   John Peel session 
           I Put A Spell On You - From Her To Eternity - Saint Huck

30/06/84   Atlanta, interview for US radio                         

09/11/84   Amsterdam, Meervaart, radio broadcast of reading B.L. Jefferson           

15/06/85   BBC radio 1, Saturday Live, interview    

19/06/85   VPRO Radio "Wilde Wereld" (session Nick, MH & BB)      
           Black Crow King

??/11/85   "Offair" videozine Australia, live + ints              

autumn86   Wien, ORF radio, review Kicking...                     

30/09/86   UK Radio, interview by Dennis Daunton                  

09/10/86   Linz, ORF Radio, interview                             

??/10/86   "Rock Around", Radio Merseyside, UK, interview          

14/11/86  "The Tube", Channel 4 TV, "The Singer" playback & int      

14/11/86   Adelaide, 5MMM Radio, Kathy Texaco's,                  
           Tracy Pew Memorial

   02/87   "SKUC", Yugoslavian TV, interview and live             

14/02/87   NDR 2 Radio, interview                                 

11/05/87   O3 Radio, Austria, MH int. (acapella Carnival..)       

28/05/87   Amsterdam, Paradiso, Tegentonen Festival               

31/05/87   "Stranger In A Strange Land", VPRO TV,                   
           Excellent 40 minute docu by Bram van Splunteren with interviews and:
           Piano instr. (Nick) - Cry (BP '81) - The Singer (reh.) - 
           Junkyard (Gotterdammerung 82) - Your Funeral, My Trial (Mick on
           piano & reh.) - Sad Waters (reh.) - Reading (19/02/87 Hamburg)

13/06/87   Berlin, Kinofest (broadcast 2/88) Wings premiere, TV
           The Singer - From Her To Eternity - Scum

27/07/87   Hamburg, Radio 107, Nick presents favourites           


      88   Tele 5 TV, "City of Refuge" acoustic solo

   07/88   "Roxy", WDR TV Germany, interview & poem               

16/07/88   "Talk Talk", ITV, Nightnetwork, interview              

30/07/88   "Offbeat", Tele 5, Germany, interview                  

24/09/88   Offbeat TV, Tele 5 TV, Germany, interview              

29/09/88   Radio City, Finland, interviews with BB, KCP & MH      

06/10/88   Rockradio, Finland, interview                          

13/10/88   "Tempo", Finnish TV, interview by Hauta Blommila       

24/10/88   "XPO", MTV, interview                                  

31/10/88   "The Sacred And Profane" 3RRR Sydney, 70-minute portrait NC       

02/11/88   Rockradio, Finland, interview with Mick Harvey          

17/11/88   "Rapido", BBC TV, interview                            

22/11/88   Super Channel TV, "Rockin' in the UK", interview          

24/11/88   VARA TV, "Kippevel", interview & poems                     

??/12/88   Sun City Studio Interview, NY (official cassette)     

08/12/88   "Decibels", FR3 France TV, interview                      


13/02/89   US Radio, Musicview #46, interview (official LP)           

13/02/89   Montreal, CBC-FM Radio, interview                      

03/03/89   LA, Santa Monica, KCRW Snap, acoustic session          
           The Mercy Seat - 500 Miles - Oh, I Love You Much Too Much 
           (poem) - Helpless - The Carny (instrumental attempt) - Sunny

01/04/89   "Noise Now", Tele 5, Germany, interview                 

08/04/89   "Transmission", Super Ch., int. same as 22/11/88        

15/04/89   Brazil, interviews inbetween songs of Sao P. gig        

31/05/89   "The Movie Show", SBS TV Australia, about Ghosts...       

01/06/89   "Talking Pictures", ABC TV Australia, Ghosts...         

02/06/89   "The Noize", SBS TV Australia, about Ghosts...          

??/06/89   MTV 120 Minutes, Late Show reading from the Ass          

01/07/89   BRT Radio, Belgium, interview at Torhout fest.          

13/08/89   Radio Sussex, interview                                 

17/08/89   3PBS, Melbourne Public Radio special, reading from        
           ID's 4/88, and interview from 2/88.

31/08/89   "Box Office", Channel 4 TV, interview (or 27/8/89)          

??/09/89   "Transmission", Superchannel TV, interview                 

??/09/89   "Music Box", ORF Radio, Austria, Nick presents            
           favorite songs of the 80s

06/10/89   MTV, interview                                         

16/10/89   BBC TV, "The Late Show", reading                    

??/??/89   Vienna, ORF radio, Music Box, interview             


28/01/90   New York, Night Music TV, live with house band         
           The Mercy Seat - Hey Joe

31/01/90   Sydney, 2-JJJ, interview                               

14/03/90   "Nozems A GoGo", VPRO radio, acoustic                   
           The Mercy Seat - The Ship Song

01/04/90   Berlin, Neue Welt, 10 Jahre E.N., Cave & E.N., TV          
           The Weeping Song - The Ship Song

08/04/90   "Onrust", VPRO TV, acoustic, interview            
           The Mercy Seat - The Ship Song (both from 14/3) 
           Foi Na Cruz - The Weeping Song - The Ship Song 

12/04/90   "Cargo De Nuit", RTBF 2 TV, Belgium, interview             

14/04/90   "Megamix", French TV, The Mercy Seat & int                 

16/04/90   "Offbeat", Tele 5 TV, live & int from 1/4/90  

17/04/90   "Grenzwellen", FFN Radio Germany, Good Son review      

24/04/90   VARA 2 meter radio session, recorded 21/3/90                 
           Sad Waters - City Of Refuge - The Good Son - 
           The Mercy Seat

06/05/90   Sat 1 TV, interview and reading                         

??/05/90   Melbourne, JJJ radio interview                         

25/05/90   Radio Oui, France, interview with Nick & Mick          

31/05/90   "01 For London", ITV, interview                        

11/06/90   "The Late Show", BBC2, session (date varies)            
           Cindy, Cindy - The Weeping Song 

??/06/90   Tele 5 TV, "Offbeat" interview et al.                  

summer90   "Mambo", RIAS TV Germany, int & live Berlin            

28/07/90   "Megamix", French TV, same as 14/04/90                 

21/08/90   "Bite The Wax", BBC Radio Scotland, interview           

24/08/90   "120 Minutes", MTV int. in Glasgow + live Werchter 89      

01/09/90   "Loose Ends" BBC Radio 4, interview                     

18/10/90   Hamburg, Docks, book reading, TV

20/10/90   RIAS TV Germany, "Mambo"?, int + reading Berlin        

05/11/90   Tele 5 TV, "Offbeat" 18/10/90 reading & clips          

14/12/90   BBC, New West Special, (same as 11/6/90)               

??/??/90   Japanese TV, BBT, interview                            

11/02/91   "New Music", ITV                                       

Fe-Ma/91   "New Music", Channel 4 TV (From Canada in UK)           

??/??/91   "Som Pop", Sao Paulo, interview + live + clip, Brasil TV

??/??/91   "Aspekte", ZDF Germany                                    

30/05/91   ZDF Germany, "Aspekte" (?) 

01/09/91   Rotterdam, De Doelen, Ein Abend In Wien, reading, Dutch radio


18/04/92   Mick Harvey on RAGE, Australian TV, 4 hours,
           MH presents favorite videos, all Bad Seeds videos are shown, 
           commented by Nick on the phone. Contents is here 

30/04/92   Dublin, RTE radio, good 45 minute interview               

04/05/92   London, Radio 5, The Mix, interview                    

07/05/92   "01 For London", ITV (UK), interview                   

17/05/92   MTV 120 Minutes, Nick Cave special                      

??/05/92   Radiomafia interview, Finland                           

28/05/92   "Music Box", ORF 3 Radio, Austria                       

08/06/92   "Modern Rock", WPST FM, Trenton, NJ, interview          

21/06/92   MTV 120 Minutes, USA, interview                        

23/07/92   David Letterman Show, US TV, I Had A Dream, Joe         

??/08/92   Toronto, Much Music TV 'City Limits' interview            

  /8?/92   Much Music 'New Music' TV interview                       

04/08/92   Toronto, CIUT-FM, interview                             

12/08/92   "Morning Becomes Eclectic", LA, KCRW, acoustic          
           Interviews & acoustic versions of Jack The Ripper - 
           Lucy - God's Hotel - The Mercy Seat - New Morning

30/08/92   MTV 120 Minutes, interview + live 29/8/92               

??/9?/92   Tsjech TV, interview + live excerpt Prague              

11/10/92   "New Music", ITV, same as 8/92                         

12/11/92   "Later with Jools Holland", BBC TV, session  w. MacGowan                  
           Lucy - Rainy Night In Soho - What A Wonderful World

15/11/92   MTV, Ray Cokes, interview with Nick & Shane M.           

06/12/92   "The Noise", Aussie TV, ints + live                    

08/12/92   Australian TV, HSV-7, interview                         

09/12/92   "Face The Press", Australia TV, int. recorded 2/12/92     

??/12/92   "Radio With Pictures", New Zealand TV, interview         

??/??/92   MTV Sydney, Nick Cave interview                          

      92   "EPK" (Electronic Press Kit) promo video                
           Same as "A Video History" promo, minus the three 
           clips at the end of that one.

  /06/93  "Electric Ballroom", Ch 4 UK, Nick & Shane               

13/10/93  "Lollapaloeza", VPRO TV, int., book reading, etc.        
          Signing/reading in Amsterdam 07/10/93, "The Mercy Seat"  
          "From Her To Eternity" live from Paradiso '92.

??/??/93  "The Big E", UK TV, interview                           


13/03/94  Newsclip Tower Records, UK TV                            

14/03/94  Mark Radcliffe show, BBC radio 1, session                
          Do You Love Me? - Nobody's Baby Now - Loverman - 
          I Let Love In

14/03/94  Mark Radcliffe show, BBC, 22-25/3/94, readings           
          St Andrew, St Christina, St Lawrence, St Cecilia,
          from Butler's Lives Of The Saints

??/04/94  JJJ, Sydney, telephone interview plus LLI songs, 45 minutes

??/04/94  "Fanning Profiles", RTE TV Ireland, interview           

08/04/94  MTV News Cult, interview (also br. on 6/4/94)            

08/04/94  MTV First Look, interview                                

10/04/94  MTV 120 Minutes, hosted by Nick Cave                    
          Contents is here 

20/04/94  Radiomafia interview, Finland                         

23/04/94  "The Soundcheck", Finland, YLE TV-1, interview        

28/04/94  "Album Show", ITV, about Let Love In                 

04/05/94  "The Beat", ITV                                      

??/05/94  "Nomad", SBS TV, Australia, interview  + clips        

14/05/94  "Later with Jools Holland", BBC TV                    
          Red Right Hand - Thirsty Dog

25/05/94  Radiomafia, Finland, MH int. f. Big Backyard Aust. (released on CD)

25/05/94  "U", Norwegian TV, interview                            

??/??/94  "Wah, Wah", VIVA TV, Germany, interview                  

??/06/94  Rock Express, M6 France TV int & live 14/6/94 Paris        

23/06/94  "MTV's Most Wanted" session                              
          I Let Love In - The Mercy Seat

25/06/94  BBC Radio 1, Glastonbury Festival, interview             

10/07/94  MTV 120 minutes USA, interview by Billy Corgan          

15/07/94  WLS-FM, Chicago, interview with Nick Cave                

17/07/94  MTV 120 minutes USA, int. filmed 6/7/94 Las Vegas       

27/07/94  Canadian TV, Montreal, interview                         

??/7?/94  "New Music", Much Music TV Canada, interview               

07/08/94  MTV USA, Lolla interview by L7, in New York             

09/08/94  "Late Night With Conan O'Brian", Red Right Hand          

14/08/94  "Ziggurat", Rockauteurs, Belgium TV                      

??/08/94  "Fresh Air", National Public Radio USA, interview        

06/10/94  "Poetry Nation", BBC TV, Nick reads a poem              
          Infant Sorrow (by William Blake)

14/12/94  Triple J, Radio, Sydney, interview                      

22/12/94  Triple J, Radio, Sydney, interview (40 minutes)                     

25/12/94  Rage TV, Australia, hosted by Nick Cave              
          Contents is here 

      94  "Killing Ma", reading video by J. Hillcoat, TV               

      94  "September Songs", Kurt Weill trib, Mack The Knife, TV       

      94  "Straight To You", great documentary by Nanni Jacobson, TV, 55 minutes


      95   "TV TV", Australia, "Straight To You" preview           

15/03/95   Israel, TV-3, interview & clips                         

  /4?/95   Israel, radio interview                                 

07/08/95   "MTV News", Nick & Kylie at Feile Festival, Cork         

01/10/95   "MTV News", Nick & Kylie, part of (7/8/95)               

03/10/95   "Villa 65", VPRO Radio, Cave talks a bit                

05/10/95   "Top Of The Pops", BBC TV, with Kylie                    
           Where The Wild Roses Grow

06/10/95   "Nulle Part Ailleurs", Canal+, France TV                  
           Where The Wild Roses Grow

10/10/95   "Villa 65", VPRO Radio, Mick Harvey interview         

12/10/95   "Top Of The Pops", BBC TV, with Kylie (different)         
           Where The Wild Roses Grow

13/10/95   "MTV Most Wanted" with Kylie & Shane                     
           Where The Wild Roses Grow - Death Is Not The End

??/10/95   "ZTV Nytt", ZTV, Sweden, interview                       

23/11/95   "Retrospective", JJJ Sydney programme of Nick`s career, 180 minutes


??/01/96  "The J-files", JJJ Sydney, career overview              

29/01/96  TV3, NZ, interview                                      

08/02/96  "ZTV Nytt", ZTV, Sweden, interview                       

15/02/96  "ZTV Tryck Till", Swedish talk on Henry Lee clip         

17/02/96  "Artist Special", ZTV, int, also 18/2 and 23/2           

22/02/96  "Valopilkku", Finnish TV, about Danish "Ass" play        

24/02/96  "The White Room", Channel 4 TV, session                     
          Stagger Lee - Henry Lee

25/02/96  "The Mark Lamarr Show", Greater London Radio              

26/02/96  Mark Radcliffe show, BBC Radio 1, session                
          Henry Lee - O'Malley's Bar

29/02/96  "Nulle Part Ailleurs", Canal+ TV, France                   
          Stagger Lee

10/03/96  "Modern Rock Live", US radio interview, 40 minutes

24/04/96  "Planet Rock Profiles", Irish TV, 30 minutes 

??/??/96  "OPTUS" special, ARC TV, same as 24/4/96 Planet Rock Profiles 

11/05/96  "Portrat", SVT1, Sweden

18/05/96  "Metropolis", ARTE TV Germany, interview                 

17/07/96  3RRR Radio Melbourne, Robert Brokenmouth interview       

24/07/96  JJJ Radio Sydney, Robert Brokenmouth interview           

28/07/96  "The Proms", London, BBC Radio 3                         
          The Word Made Flesh - Into My Arms 

31/07/96  MTV, Mick Harvey interview                              

   07/97  "RockExpress", M6 TV France, about Eurockeennes fest        

     /97  MTV, about Eurockeennes fest, Nick & PJ on Henry Lee     

03/08/96  "Recovery", ABC TV, Robert Brokenmouth interview         

30/09/96  Aria Music Awards, Australia TV, WtWRG best song           

?/10?/96  MTV EMA, "Best Male"                                       

  /10/96  MTV News, Nick says no to awards                        

25/10/96  "MTV News", about Nick saying no to MTV award            

  /11/96  Chile, interview on Chile TV                            


early 97   Triple J Sydney, interview                                 

early 97   MTV News, various, in particular one about Rhino H.        

11/02/97   "Musikmagasinet", Sweden TV                               

22/02/97   "MTV News", Nick about "Into My Arms" clip               

24/02/97   "The Peter Curran Show", Greater London Radio            
           Into My Arms

02/03/97   "GLR"s Greatest Hits", rebroadcast of the above          

?/2-3/97   "J File", Recovery, ABC TV Australia, special           

02/03/97   BBC Radio 1, interview by Stuart Maconie, 25 minutes 

04/03/97   "Nulle Part Ailleurs", Canal +, France                 
           Into My Arms

05/03/97   "Recovery", ABC TV Australia, int. & Into My Arms       

09/03/97   "Jam", VIVA TV Germany, special, 55 minutes 

17/03/97   "Kult und Kaos", Radio Eins Live, Germany, special, 60 minutes

18/03/97   "Marginaali", Radiomafia Finland, int. I Mattila        

24/03/97   "The Ticket", NBC TV, announcing new album & clip           

05/04/97   "Rock Express, M6 TV France, interview                      

24/04/97   "Willemsens Woche", ZDF TV Germany, int & Brompton Or       

08/05/97   2JJJ, Special on Dylan, Cave int                           

16/05/97   "V", Australia TV, News item, Nick apologizing to women    

   05/97   "360 Grad", VH-1 TV, Germany, incl live  Hamburg           

18/05/97   "Live & Loud", MTV, session, date = recording date       
           Into My Arms - Brompton Oratory - West Country Girl
           Far From Me - The Carny

01/06/97   "Kulturtip", ORF TV Austria, anouncing concert             

20/06/97   "Music Legends", NBC TV Europe, interview                  
   06/97   "Kulturtip" ORF TV, announcement of Vienna gig           

03/07/97   "Jyrki", Finnish MTV3 Ruisrock interview 28/6/97         

??/08/97   New Zealand TV, News item with Nick                        

04/10/97   "The Great Hunger", BBC 2 TV, Shane MacG. documentary       
           interview - Rainy Night In Soho

11/10/97   RTE TV Ireland, int w. Nick and Patti on Liss Ard             

26/10/97   RAI TV Italy, Rome, "World Food Day", FAO Benefit             
           Into My Arms

29/10/97   Network 2, Ireland TV, special on Jack L. features Nick@Jazz Cafe perf.

14/11/97   Northern Ireland, TV, about Nick's concert there        

20/11/97   JJJ Sydney, J Files & telephone quiz                     

21/11/97   JJJ Sydney, interview                                    

27/11/97   Michael Hutchence's funeral in Sydney's St. Andrew's Cathedral, TV, Nick plays 
           Into My Arms

   12/97   "Best Of Jam From 1997" Viva TV Germany                  

26/12/97   "Loladamusica", VPRO documentary, sessions, ints, 50 minutes 
           Review here


01/01/98   Swedish Natinal Radio P3, 60 minute special                      

04/01/98   "Best Of Jam", VIVA TV, Germany, interview                  

07/01/98   "Jam", VIVA TV, Germany, interview                           

19/03/98   TV2, Norway, interview and clips                         

??/04/98   TV2, Norway, interview and clips                        

09/04/98   "Okay Tone", DR2 TV Denmark, interview & clips          

06/05/98   "Nulle Part Ailleurs", Canal+, France 
           The Mercy Seat

06/05/98   NRK2, Norway, special                                   

07/05/98   "Musikmagasinet", ZTV Sweden                            
08/05/98   "Later with Jools Holland", BBC TV   
           Do You Love Me? - Nobody's Baby Now

08/05/98   "Alter8", TMF TV, The Netherlands, special                 

08/05/98   "ZTV Nytt", ZTV Sweden                                   

10/05/98   ZTV Sweden, rebroadcast of 1996 special                 

10/05/98   "Er Senare" ZTV Sweden, new 1998 special                

10/05/98   ZTV Sweden, "The Videos", 90 minutes

11/05/98   "Keith Cameron show", XFM England                      
           Brompton Oratory - Into My Arms - Lime Tree Arbor -
           The Mercy Seat

12/05/98   "The O-Zone Special", BBC2, interview                  

15/05/98   "The Late Late Show", RTE TV Ireland, Nick and Martyn       
           Into My Arms

19/05/98   "The Black Sessions", Paris, France Inter       
           Lime Tree Arbour - I Let Love In - Stranger Than Kindness - 
           Red Right Hand - Nobody's Baby Now - Do You Love Me? - 
           Into My Arms - The Ship Song - The Mercy Seat - Brompton Oratory

19/05/98   "Portrait de Nick Cave", Paris, France Inter, 50 minutes   

23/05/98   "Sean Hughes Show", GLR Radio London                          

24/05/98   "Talk Music", VH-1 TV, UK, session.                     
           Red Right Hand - From Her To Eternity

26/05/98   BBC Radio 1, brief interview about Amnesty gig            

04/06/98   "Marginaali", Finish Radio, interview                     

20/06/98   "Muziek terwijl u slaapt", 3 hour VPRO Radio special        

20/06/98   "A Short Film", Rage TV Australia                          

24/06/98   "The Black Sessions", on French  "Paris Premiere" TV                        

05/07/98   3PBS, Melbourne Radio Special by Dominic Molumby, 120 minutes

16/07/98   Moscow Radio, interview                                   

18/07/98   "Kanvas", Ketnet Belgium TV, int/ and one song from Werchter 04/07/98

01/08/98   "Kanvas", Ketnet Belgium TV, same as 18/7        

01/08/98   VIVA 2, Germany, live from Midtfyn fest. and interview  

03/09/98   Irish radio, interview                                  

11/09/98   "David Letterman Show"              
           Into My Arms

25/09/98   "Newscast", Austria TV, Nick's reading in Wien              

06/10/98   Russian TV, interviews and live footage from 17/7/98.

08/10/98   "Roy & HG's Planet Norwich", Channel 4 TV UK, int. and     
           Into My Arms

13/10/98   Radio 4, UK, reading the intro to the Gospel of Mark       

17/10/98   "A Short Film", AT5 TV Amsterdam                           

18/10/98   KUSF, San Francisco, "Spotlight" on Nick, 120 minutes

     98?   Channel [V] TV, Japan, FHTE from Fuji Rock fest             


01/01/99   "Tracks", ARTE TV                                       

03/01/99   "Show Case", on TMC2 TV Italy, with live versions of  
           "Do You Love Me?" and "The Weeping Song", from the 
           Beach Bum Festival 10/7/98.

18/01/99   Australian TV, 15 minute item with footage from Perth      
           with Nick and Kylie doing "Where The Wild Roses Grow".

24/01/99   "Music For The Millenium", Channel 4 TV UK, Nick talking    
           about The Pop Group.

06/02/99   "Straight To You", ARTE TV, rebroadcast with extra int. 

12/02/99   "Straight To You", ARTE TV, repeat of 06/02/99          

05/03/99   "Later with Jools Holland", BBC TV, repeat of 1998       

19/03/99   TVP1, Poland, live footage of 14/3/99 Wroclaw gigs      
           Into My Arms (band + Nick) - The Carny (band) - 
           People Ain't No Good - Henry Lee (band) - 
           The Curse Of Millhaven (band) - The Mercy Seat -
           The Mercy Seat (band) - The Weeping Song (band + Nick)
           The Ship Song (band + Nick)

05/04/99   "Cucamonga", BRT1 Radio, special w. interviews,         
           recorded 21/1/99; part 1 of 4.

11/04/99   "MuchMusic" TV, has shown the Fuji Rock 98 live version     
           of "From Her To Eternity". 

12/04/99   "In Tune Concert", MTV, shortened version of 18/05/97   
           Into My Arms - Brompton Oratory - Far From Me - The Carny
12/04/99   "Cucamonga", BRT1 Radio, special, part 2, 30 minutes

19/04/99   "Cucamonga", BRT1 Radio, special, part 3, 30 minutes

20/04/99   BBD Radio 4, interview                                     

26/04/99   "Cucamonga", BRT1 Radio, special, part 4, 30 minutes               

   04/99   "Videowaves", Manhattan public access TV rebroadcast     
           an Immaculate Consumptive interview from 1983

??/05/99   Nick introduces "The Harder They Come" on Film 4, TV           

20/05/99   Nick introduces "The Harder They Come" on                  
           Film Four (Digital) (also shown the week before).

31/05/99   RTE TV Ireland, live footage from Liss Ard 1998               
           The Mercy Seat

01/06/99   NHK, Japan TV, recorded at Greenwich Naval College UK   
           The Mercy Seat

06/06/99   "The A-Z Of Separating People From Their Money"         
           VPRO TV The Netherlands, documentary by Hermann Vaske
           in three parts, with Nick present in first.

07/06/99   RTE Ireland, Nick Cave special from Liss Ard 1998         
           Where The Wild Roses Grow - Love Letter (solo)
           Into My Arms (performed by Veda Hille) - Stagger Lee

17/06/99   GLR London, interview                                    

18/06/99   TVP1, Poland, live footage of 14/3/99 Wroclaw gigs         
           Different from 19/3/99!!

23/06/99   "Music For The Millenium", Channel 4, repeat of 24/1/99  

02/07/99   "A Paradise In Ireland - Liss Ard", ARTE TV Ger/Fr.     
           part of "Lending The Garden A Voice" video.

06/07/99   Danish TV, rebroadcast of "The White Room" from 1996    
           Stagger Lee - Henry Lee

09/07/99   "Songwriter's Circle", BBC2, w. J. Cale and Chr. Hynde  
           Recorded May 12 at London's Subterania Club
           West Country Girl - Henry Lee - Into My Arms -The Ship Song
           Nick played piano on John Cale's "Ship Of Fools" and
           Chrissie's "I'll Stand By You". Recorded but not broadcast were 
           Sad Waters - The Mercy Seat - I'm Waiting For My Man 

08/08/99   "Arts Talk", ABC Radio National Australia, Mick Geyer      
           interviews Nick about Meltdown. Repeated on  11/8/99.

14/08/99   "Plankenkoorts", BRT2, live from Dranouter festival      

21/08/99   "The A-Z Of Separating..." Australia                     
25/08/99   "Dem Garten Eine Stimme Geben" 3SAT Germany            
           (Liss Ard: Lending The Garden A Voice)

19/10/99   M2, France, Bad Seeds present favourite clips, 60 minutes

27/11/99   TVP1, Poland, rebroadcast of 14/3/99 Wroclaw gigs       

30/11/99   TMF, The Netherlands, Live at the Paradiso video        

04/12/99   TVP1, Poland, rebroadcast of 14/3/99 Wroclaw gigs       


07/01/00   "Live At The Wireless", Triple J - just "Live Seeds"    

30/01/00   "Postcard From Meltdown, Australia, ABC TV,             

26/02/00   "Metropolis", ARTE TV, interview & solo live shots         

22/04/00   M2, France, repeat of 19/10/99                          

24/06/00   "20 Jahre Einstuerzende Neubauten", ARTE TV, some Nick        

27/10/00   San Remo, Tenco Awards, Italian TV
           West Country Girl - Henry Lee - Into my Arms - The Mercy Seat -
           No More Shall We Part - The Ship Song - Papa Won't Leave You Henry


01/01/01 - "Fantastic Voyages", 3SAT, Germany, Christoph Dreher       
           documentary features Nick

05/01/01 - "Triple J", Sydney (recording date - broadcast later)      
           Little Janey's Gone - God Is In The House - Love Letter
           No More Shall We Part

08/01/01 - "Fantastic Voyages", 3SAT TV, Germany, part 2                 

15/01/01 - "Viva Fast Forward", Germany TV, the Mute label night, incl.  
           West Country Girl (soundcheck) - The Mercy Seat (soundcheck & live)

19/03/01   "David Letterman Show"                                     
           Love Letter

29/03/01   JJJ Sydney, J Files                                        

30/03/01 - "Morning Becomes Eclectic", KCRW                           
           The Mercy Seat - God Is In The House - Sad Waters
           Papa Won't Leave You Henry - Into My Arms

02/04/01 - "Cucamonga", BRT1 Radio, interview                         

03/04/01 - Radio 3, Netherlands, interview                            

06/04/01 - "Front Row", Radio 4, UK, Interview                        

07/04/01 - "Rage", Australia TV, 4 hour TV special                
           including a brief interview, an extended version of the
           bonus CD fiulm, and "live in the studio" versions of
           "Love Letter" and "And No More Shall We Part", plus
           older material.

08/04/01   Vienna, RadioKulturhaus, Bad Seeds concert:
           Long Time Man - As I Sat Sadly By Her Side - 
           God Is In The House - And No More Shall We Part - 
           The Mercy Seat - The Weeping Song - 
           Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow - Love Letter

09/04/01 - KUSF in San Francisco, CA, (CD) interview              

10/04/01   FM4, Austria, Radio broadcast of the 8/4/1 show      

12/04/01   ORF1, Austria, TV broacast of the 8/4/1 show         

12/04/01   KFJC in Los Altos, CA, interview (from March tour)   

14/04/01   FM4, Austria, Radio broadcast of the 8/4/1 show      

14/04/01   FM4, Austria, Nick Cave special by Robert Rotifer, 55 minutes

21/04/01   ARTE, Germany/France, "Straight To You" docu         

29/04/01   XFM, UK, Nick plays his favorite songs, 60  minutes

02/05/01   ARTE, Germany/France, "Straight To You" docu       

04/05/01   "Kamikaze", VIVA2 TV, Germany                         

05/05/01   BBC Radio 2, interview by Jonathan Ross                   

11/05/01   "Later With Jools Holland", BBC TV                    
           Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow - God Is In The House

12/05/01   "Meltdown and the Royal Festival Hall at 50" BBC2     
           As I Sat Sadly By Her Side - Love Letter -
           No More Shall We Part

13/05/01   "Later With Jools Holland", BBC TV (repeat)           

20/05/01   "Velka nocni hudba", CT2 Czech TV "Hallelujah tapes"  

24/05/01   VIVA2, portrait of Nick Cave                          

27/05/01   "Dave Fanning Show", Ireland                          

25/06/01   "Boxed Set", Scottish TV, broadcast of 12/4/1 Show       

17/07/01   "JDM", MCM TV France, interview (part 1)

18/07/01   "JDM", MCM TV France, interview (part 2)

19/07/01   "JDM", MCM TV France, interview (part 3)

20/07/01   "JDM", MCM TV France, interview (part 4)

27/07/01   ARTE, one hour program in which a review of NMSWP.        

14/08/01   "An Hour With Nick Cave", Channel V, 

05/09/01   "It's a long way to the top" on ABC TV, Australia, w. Cave

11/10/01   "Music Planet", ARTE, Kylie special features some Nick Cave

11/10/01   BBC Radio, performance from John Peel tribute from 25/9/01,
           The Mercy Seat - Into My Arms - God Is In The House

12/12/01   Loladamusica, VPRO, broadcast of Scottish TV concert

??/??/01   "No More Shall We Part", Music Max TV Special, Australia, 2001 
           This features an interview with Nick Cave, clips and studio footage
           ABC Studios, Melbourne, Australia, January 5, 2001 (live):
           And No More Shall We Part - God Is In The House - Love Letter - Little Janey's Gone
           Abbey Road Studios, London, UK, September 21, 2000 (live):
           The Sorrowful Wife 


31/01/02   MCM, broadcast from concert Lyon, Transbordeur, 08/06/01 

27/03/02   MCM, broadcast from concert Lyon, Transbordeur, 08/06/01

17/04/02   "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", NBC
           Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow

03/05/02   "Late Night with Conan O'Brien", NBC TV 
           God Is In The House  
13/06/02   MCM, broadcast from concert Lyon, Transbordeur, 08/06/01       
03/08/02   "National PoeticA - Dark Love Songs", ABC Radio, interview etc.      
06/09/02   "Why Are You Creative?", ARTE TV, interview     
10/11/02   "Sprachräume - 10 Jahre Schule Fur Dichting", ORF2 TV     


15/01/03   "Lydverket show", NRK2 TV , interview

18/01/03   "Loose Ends", BBC 4 Radio, session with Nick, Warren, Martyn, Jim. 
           Wonderful Life -  He Wants You 

11/02/03   "Goth Story", MCM International TV, Goth documentary includes Nick Cave 

13/02/03   "Studio Pop", Swedish TV, interview

14/02/03   "Across The Line", BBC Radio Ulster, interview   

01/05/03   Italian Rai Tre TV, Rome, Primo Maggio Festival, Piazza San Giovanni
           Mini concert with Nick accompanied by Nick Plytas, Alex Hacke and Jim Sclavunos.
           Wonderful Life - He Wants You - The Mercy Seat

20/06/03   "Later with Jools Holland", BBC TV, UK
           He Wants You

10/08/03   "The South Bank Show - The Songwriting World of Nick Cave", ITV UK 
           Interviews and live recordings:
           People Ain't No Good - God Is In The House - Wild World - Tupelo
           The Mercy Seat - Gates To The Garden - The Sorrowful Wife - West Country Girl
           He Wants You - Into My Arms - Wonderful Life

04/10/03   "Loose Ends, BBC Radio 4, Interviwe


13/09/04   "Front Row", BBC Radio 4  
18/09/04   "The Verb", Radio 3 

19/09/04   "Razor Cuts", Virgin Radio      

20/09/04   "Phil Jupitus", BB6 radio 

22/10/04   "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross", BBC1, the Bad Seeds did
           Nature Boy 

23/10/04   "Loose Ends", BBC Radio 4

25/10/04   "Mark Radcliffe", BBC Radio, interview and session
           Hiding All Away - Babe, You Turn Me On - There She Goes, My Beautiful World

29/10/04   "Later with Jools Holland", BBC TV, UK, interview plus
           Nature Boy - Abattoir Blues - There She Goes, My Beautiful World

11/11/04   UK TV, Bad Seeds live songs from the London Brixton academy concert,
           Hiding All Away - There She Goes, My Beautiful World - Red Right Hand 
           Stagger Lee

14/11/04   Radio Fritz Germany, broadcast of Berlin, Huxley concert


13/01/05   Radio 1 Germany, broadcast of Berlin, Huxley concert 14/11/2004

29/01/05   "Wave Aid", Sydney, radio, Australia

12/03/05   Channel 4, UK, live recordings from a gig at the Brixton Academy, 11/11/2004

25/03/05   Swedish radio P3, live from NC&TBS show in Copenhagen 19/11/2004

04/06/05   "The South Bank Show", ABC TV Australia, same as 10/08/03

??/09/05   Canadian TV (?), from the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF),
           interview w. Nick and John Hillcoat about The Proposition.

31/12/05   "Between The Ears", BBC Radio 3, "Guest + Host = Ghost: A journey into one 
           man's isolation, written and narrated by Peter Blegvad, w. readings by Nick Cave."


??/03/06   TV Belgrade, Serbia, interview w. Nick Cave and John Hillcoat about The Proposition

09/03/06   "Front Row", BBC Radio 4, interview about The Proposition

08/10/06   Triple J, Radio Australia, rebroadcast of live songs from Sydney 25/01/96.


17/02/07   BBC Culture Show Interview w. Grinderman by Zane Lowe, TV

23/02/07   "Sounds" podcast, Times Online

  /02/07   XFM, Interview with Grinderman, Radio

  /02/07   BBC6 Radio, Interview with Grinderman by Julie Cullen

28/03/07   "The DL Show", interview w. Nick Cave - not sure about the date

10/04/07   "Radio Free Chicago", interview

12/04/07, interview w. Nick Cave by David Marchese

27/04/07   JTV interview w. Nick and Jim
02/05/07   "The Treacle Sessions", Radio session UK; Footage can be viewed at YouTube.
           When My Love Comes Down - Depth Charge Ethel - Electric Alice
           Man In The Moon

03/05/07   "Marc Riley's Brain Surgery", BBC Radio6, interview + three songs:
           Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars) - When My Love Comes Down - Man In The Moon

05/05/07   "Loose Ends", BBC Radio 4, Grinderman interview + two live songs:
           Go Tell The Women - Electric Alice

11/05/07   "Later with Jools Holland", BBC TV, UK, Grinderman
           Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars)

11/05/07   "Later with Jools Holland", BBC TV, UK, Grinderman
           Jesus Of The Moon - Midnight Man

28/05/07   "The South Bank Show", Finnish TV, same as 10/08/03

25/06/07   "In Residence", XFM, interview with Nick and Jim

23/07/07   "David Letterman", US TV, Grinderman
           Honey Bee (Let's Fly to Mars)

27/07/07   "Soundcheck", WNYC, Grinderman interview

15/09/07   iPodCast with Grinderman outtakes
           Adlib In Space - Depth Charge Ethel (alternate version) - 
           My Daddy Is An Astronaut (early "Man In The Moon") - House - Love Bomb (alternate version) 

09/11/07   jTV interview by Robbie Buck, on Grinderman, ABC TV Australia

26/12/07   "Shaun Keaveny’s 6 Music breakfast show" BBC Radio 6, interview


06/03/08   "3 Voor 12", VPRO Radio, interview with Nick Cave by Atze de Vrieze about the Dig Lazarus Dig album

09/03/08   "Spraakmakers", CANVAS TV Belgium, Tom Barman interviews Nick Cave

03/04/08   "Radcliffe & Maconie", BBC Radio 2, interview

18/04/08   "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross", BBC1, the band performs
           More News From Nowhere

13/05/08   "Later with Jools Holland", BBC TV 
           Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! - Today's Lesson

17/05/08   "Later with Jools Holland", BBC TV (recorded May 13, note different song)
           Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! - Jesus Of The Moon

29/05/08   "Spraakmakers", CANVAS TV Belgium, repeat of 09/03/08

16/06/08   "Mojo Honours", interview with Nick Cave In London, The Brewery, about
           the album of the year award for "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!".

04/07/08   "Nick Cave Night", special on BBC 4 including a broadcast of the May 14, 2008
           concert at St Luke's, numerous past BBC sessions (mostly Jools Holland)
           and "Songwriter's Circle" from 1999.

30/08/08   BBC (internet?), Video Interview with Vic Galloway and footage from
           the Grinderman concert, both from the 30/08/08 Connect Festival.
           Get It On - No Pussy Blues - Love Bomb 

24/09/08   KEXP radio session, Seattle, with 4 live songs:
           Moonland - Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! - Jesus Of The Moon - Midnight Man

03/10/08   "Late Night with Conan O'Brien", US TV,
           Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

31/10/08   "Sound Opinions", Chicago Public Radio, interview + 3 songs live
           Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! - Tupelo - Midnight Man

13/11/08   Pitchfork TV, interview with Nick Cave by Cosmo Lee pt 1.

14/11/08   Pitchfork TV, interview with Nick Cave by Cosmo Lee pt 1.

24/11/08   "Mark Radcliffe Show", BBC Radio 2, interview and session
           Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! - Midnight Man - More News From Nowhere

01/12/08   "Turner Prize", Nick Cave announces the winner of the Turner Prize, 
           in London, Tate Britain, broadcast by BBC 4 TV.           


23/01/09   German Radio 1, recordings from 21/05/2008, Tempodrom, Berlin.

20/04/09   JJJ Live at the Wireless, Australia, FM broadcast of 07/01/09 Melbourne
           concert, first part.

26/04/09   JJJ Live at the Wireless, Australia, FM broadcast of 07/01/09 Melbourne
           concert, second part.

??/05/09   RTR fm 92.1, Perth, Australia, interview

23/05/09   "Rage", ABC TV, Australia, 3 hours of clips

19/06/09   BBC2 TONIGHT featuring songs from the May 14, 2008 concert at St Luke's.
           This broadcast had the swearing edited out and had Into My Arms instead of Stagger Lee.

21/06/09   MTV France, documentary about Eurockeenes contains live material from Nick Cave
           and the Bad Seeds.

03/08/09   "The Book Show", ABC Radio, Australia, interview

26/08/09   BBC Radio 2, interview

30/08/09   HTV, Croatia, broadcast of 12 songs from the June 3, 2008 Bad Seeds concert in Zagreb.

08/09/09   Front Row, BBC Radio 4, interview

11/09/09   "Book Of The Week", The Guardian podcast, interview

14/09/09   "Soundcheck", WYNC Radio, New York City, interview

16/09/09   Toronto, Ontario, Indigo book store interview w. Alan Cross, audience recording

16/09/09   "Explore Music With Alan Cross", Toronto, Ontario, interview w. Alan Cross

17/09/09   Q Radio, CBC Studios, Toronto, Ontario, interview w. Jian Ghomeshi?

??/09/09   "What'cha Readin' Book Club's", CBC Radio 2, Toronto, interview

28/09/09   El Hall de la Fama, Colombia National Radio, 1st of 5 two-hour Nick Cave specials

29/09/09   El Hall de la Fama, Colombia National Radio, 2nd of 5 two-hour Nick Cave specials

30/09/09   El Hall de la Fama, Colombia National Radio, 3rd of 5 two-hour Nick Cave specials

01/10/09   El Hall de la Fama, Colombia National Radio, 4th of 5 two-hour Nick Cave specials

02/10/09   El Hall de la Fama, Colombia National Radio, 5th of 5 two-hour Nick Cave specials

11/10/09   "The Music Week", BBC 6 Radio, interview

13/10/09   "The View", RTE Ireland, TV program with item on the Bunny Munro book

25/10/09   X3M Radio, Finland, 12 live songs from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the 
           Oxegen Festival 11/07/09.

29/10/09   Swedish TV, interview with talk about Bunny Munroe

10/11/09   CBC Q TV, interview with talk about new book and Avril Lavigne

11/11/09   "Mich Vish Interracial Morning Show", interview


21/09/10   "Later with Jools Holland", (9th time), BBC TV 
           Worm Tamer

24/09/10   "Later with Jools Holland", BBC TV 
           Heathen Child - Palaces Of Montezuma

19/10/10   "De Laatste Show", Belgium TV, Grinderman perform 

24/10/10   Q Radio, Canada, interview

27/10/10   "Ce Soir Ou Jamais", France 3 TV, Grinderman perform
           Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man

16/11/10   "De Wereld Draait Door", VARA, Dutch TV, interview by "de Jakhalzen" with Nick Cave


19/05/11   Channnel 4, UK, 15 minute programme by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard featuring live performances, 
           video clips and interviews with Nick Cave.

26/05/11   Spanish Radio, interview and 3 songs from Barcelona Grinderman show

26/05/11   Vintage TV, UK, broadcast of Live In Lyon concert 

26/05/11   Vintage TV, UK, broadcast of Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard film on The Boatman's Call 

02/06/11   Vintage TV, UK, broadcast of Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard film on Let Love In 

06/06/11   "Mark Radcliffe show", BBC 6Music show, interview

09/06/11   Vintage TV, UK, broadcast of Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard film on No More Shall We Part 

16/06/11   Vintage TV, UK, broadcast of Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard film on Murder Ballads 

02/08/11   Channel 4, UK, one song ("Love Bomb") from the Grinderman concert at Novi Sad. 10/07/2011

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