The Nick Cave Labyrinth


Nicholas Edward Cave

A labyrinth? How does it work?
Besides the `Back' door, each room in the labyrinth has 3 doors to other rooms.
Not all rooms have equally many entrances.

Is there a competition involved?
There was! But the prices have now gone to the three people who first solved the labyrinth. Their names are in the Hall Of Fame within the labyrinth.

Where did you get the idea for this labyrinth?
I really enjoyed only one computer game: The Neverhood. The `mouse' puzzle in that game inspired me. I know there are several labyrinths out there on the web.

Can I encounter unexpected nudity?
No, you will be warned in advance.

Indeed. Most anagrams were found with the aid of the Anagram Genious Server. The "height" pictures all come from the Japanese fanzine "Family Circle". And I'd like to thank all photographers!

So now?
Now click "Nicholas", "Edward" or "Cave" and enjoy! - Maurice

Nicholas Edward Cave

I give up now already

The labyrinth is open since July 31, 1998.