Songs that Sample Nick Cave

* Pop Will Eat Itself have used parts of Ghosts... Of The Civil Dead
  in their song "PWEI vs. the Moral Majority" on the album 
  "The Pop Will Eat Itself Cure For Sanity".

* TISM (an infamous and anonymous band from Melbourne) use a mock 
  sample of "Hands Up Who Wants To Die" in "Give Up For Australia", 
  on their album "Machiavelli and the Four Seasons" (1995) as well as
  on the 1996 live album "Machines Against The Rage".

* "Remix War" by Pitchshifter contains "Diable" - a song remixed by 
  Therapy? that has the drums of Sonny's Burning, and the 
  "Hands Up Who Wants To Die" line, 1995, EARACHE, MOSH 95 CD/LP.

* Dutch band LUL ("Lui Uit Leeuwarden") have used the 
  "Hands Up Who Wants To Die" and Mutiny In Heaven's intro scream
  in their song "Little Fate Ironman" from the album "Autolocation"
  on p+c eksakt records 042, 1988. Tilburg, Holland.

* The album "Nurse" by Therapy? has Nick Cave shouting "Here I am, 
  motherfuckers" (taken from Ghosts...) at the beginning of the opening
  song "Nausea". A&M Records, 540-044-2.

* Brisbane band Noose have a song from around 1992 that samples
  the line "Officer, come here I'm bleeding..." from Ghosts...

* The band 12 Rounds have released an album called 
  "My Big Hero" on Nothing Records in 1998, which samples 
  "Red Right Hand" in a song called "Where Fools Go".

* Snowpony have sampled "Stranger Than Kindness" on their 1999

* Wubble-U have used the "Hands Up Who Wants To Die" 
  scream in their song "Smoking Pot" from the 2000 album "Where's Wubble-U?".

* Garagara has remixed "Into My Arms"
  on "Letter From Nick Cave", 2009 (

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