Books on Nick Cave

book  1982 "Inner City Sound" by Clinton Walker, (BND & BP).
           Wild and Wooiley (Australia) 

book  1987 "Tape Delay" by Charles Neal, SAF (UK), interviews and 
           pictures of Nick Cave, EN, and others.

book  1990 "Blissed Out: The Raptures of Rock" by Simon Reynnolds has
           one chapter (10 pages) on Nick Cave. London:  Serpent's Tail, 
           ISBN 1-85242-199-1

book  1990 "Hell On Earth?", by Jonathan Dougall, has three chapters 
           about Nick Cave's murder poetry. ISBN is 0-22-3659932-x. 

book  1992 "Bridal Gown Shroud" by Adele Olivia Gladwell
           contains essays on Nick Cave, religious ecstasy, and pornography.
           192 pages, Creation, ISBN 1 871592 13 5.

book  1993 "Ghosts Of The Civil Dead", a film booklet in Finnish
           It 28 pages and contains two articles, one by Mika Siltala about the movie and
           another ("The Man, the Myth and the Great Rock Illusion" freely translated) is 
           about Nick Cave and is written by Duke Koivisto.  It also contains quite many 
           black and white pictures. Published by LIKE in 1993, ISBN 951-578-129-9.

book  1993 "Fish In A Barrel", Peter Milne's photobook contains
           besides all the great pictures an intro and interview
           written by Nick. Published by Tender Prey; 
           ISBN 0 9522048 5 1 (Paperback), ISBN 0 9522048 0 0 (Hardback).

book  1995 "Hellfire - Life According To Nick Cave" by Jeremy Dean
           with an introduction by Mark Radcliffe. Only 26 pages and 
           pretty redundant. Published by The Dunce Directive, London.

book  1995 "The Sex Revolts: Gender, Rebellion, and Rock'n'Roll" by 
           Simon Reynolds and Joy Press has some parts on Nick Cave.
           Harvard University Press ISBN 0-674-80273-X.

book  1995 "The TISM Guide to Little Aesthetics" by Melbourne band
           TISM has lots on Nick Cave.

book  1995 "Bad Seed: A Biography of Nick Cave" by Ian Johnston (brother
           of James - Gallon Drunk vocalist). Good 340 pages biography.
           Little, Brown & Company. ISBN 0 316 90889 4. A review is here.
           Czech translation released in 1996 by Argo, ISBN 80-7203-037-X 
           as "Bad seed - zlé séme, zivotopis Nicka Cavea".
           Italian translation released in october 1996 by Tarab Edizioni 
           ISBN 88-86675-11-9 as "Nick Cave Il Seme Del Male".
           The 1997 Polish version titled "Nick Cave" published by "C&T" 
           was translated by Maciej Majchrzak and has a supplement 
           about the last two records, written by Grzesiek Kszczotek. 
           (ISBN 83-85318-86-0). A Portuguese translation exists as well.

CD    1995 "Nick Cave" Italian book & CD. The book is by A. Cangioli and
Book       M.A. Scalise, it contains writings by Nick, a biography, an
           interview and many photos. It's in Italian and English.
           The CD contains the "And The Ass Saw The Angel" readings.
           Stampa Alternative-Nuovi Equilibri-Sconcerto/26

book  1996 "Nick Cave, The Birthday Party and Other Epic Adventures" by
           Robert Brokenmouth, published by Omnibus. Has also been translated
           in Czech.

book  1996 "Stranded... The Secret History Of Australian independent music 1977-1991"
           by Clinton Walker, published by Macmillan Australia, ISBN: 0 7329 0883 3.
           346 pages on Australian music with lots of Nick Cave (photos, quotes, 
           facts) throughout the book.

book  1997 "The Love Songs of Nick Cave" by Jillian Birt. USA, limited
           edition. Intercoastal Clavicle Press 1997

book  1997 "Totem Of The Depraved" by Nick Zed has a part on
           Nick Cave. 2.13.61, 163 pages.

book  1997 "Fuck Off & Andere Citaten", by Serge Simonart, contains
           interviews with Nick Cave, Cohen, Bowie and others. In Dutch.
           Uitgever Nijgh & Van Ditmar/Dedalus, 319 pages.

book  1998 "Der Himmel Ueber Berlin, Ein Filmbuch von Wim Wenders und 
           Peter Handke" film book, 170 pages, all texts and many photos.
           Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt Am Main, 3-518-02406-X.

book  1998 "Nick Cave - The Story" is the title of the rerelease of
           the above book by Cangioli and Scalise.
           The rerelease has 2 new interviews and leaves out the older one.
           Sonic Book o14, ISBN 88-7226-442-1.

book  1998 "Suture, The Arts Journal, volume 1,"
           Jack Sargeant, editor, Creation Books, London, 1998, isbn: 1-871592-70-4
           has a lengthy piece on "Ghosts of The Civil Dead":
           "Billy Chainsaw, `....inside the mind of a maverick'"

book  1999 "The Life And Music Of Nick Cave - An Illustrated Biography" 
           by Maximilian Dax & Johannes Beck. Great photobook with a 
           decent biography, available in two languages from
           Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin. English: ISBN: 3931126277. German: ISBN: 3931126293.

book  2000 "Nick Cave Cronica De Una Mala Semilla" 
           by Daniel Grau López; 64 pages in Spanish. ISBN: 8479744391. ISBN-13: 9788479744397

book  2005 "Kicking Against The Pricks: An Armchair Guide to Nick Cave"
           book by Amy Hanson, describes the development of Nick's musical career.
           Helter Skelter Publishing. 

book  2009 "Cultural Seeds: Essays On The Work Of Nick Cave" (Ashgate Popular 
           and Folk Music Series by Karen Welberry (Author, Editor), Tanya Dalziell (Author, Editor).
           "he book brings together an international range of scholars and practitioners, 
           each of whom is uniquely placed to comment on an aspect of Cave's career.
           The essays collected here not only generate new ways of seeing and understanding 
           Cave's contributions to contemporary culture, but also set up a dialogue between 
           fields all-too-often separated in the academy and in the media. Topics include Cave 
           and the Presley myth; the aberrant masculinity projected by The Birthday Party; 
           the post colonial Australian-ness of his humor; his interventions in film and his 
           erotics of the sacred. These essays offer compelling insights and provocative arguments 
           about the fluidity of contemporary artistic practice. "
           Hardcover: 256 pages; Publisher: Ashgate; ISBN-10: 0754663957, ISBN-13: 978-0754663959 

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