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Nick Cave Discography

Tuff Monks

7"    1982  "After The Fireworks"/"After After The Fireworks"
            by Tuff Monks, i.e. Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Roland S Howard,
            Grant McLennan, Robert Forster, and Lindy Morrison. 
            The last 3 were from the Go-Betweens. Exists with two
            different labels. One (the Australian?) says "A Missing
            Link production", the other doesn't.
                    Au-Go-Go ANDA 22

Die Haut

Note: I am only listing those Die Haut items with Nick Cave involvement. A more complete Die Haut discography is here.
12"   1982 "Der Karibische Western" by Die Haut. Cave whistles on b-side
CDs        "Die Faulen Hunde Von Tijuana" Rereleased in 1990: 
                    Zensor CM2
                    WSFA, SF 99

LP    1983 "Burning The Ice" by Die Haut.
LP    1983 "Burning The Ice". At least two different covers exist: one
CD         with blue and another with white lettering. The latter seems
           to be a limited edition thing. The Paradoxx version has a 
           blue lettering and sometimes a red sticker saying "Warning: 
           Contains shocking lyrics" on the sleeve. This issue also 
           contains a fold out black and white poster with a photo of the 
           band (incl. N.Cave) and the printed lyrics on the right side. 
           Cave sings and wrote: 
                Truck Love
                Dumb Europe
                Pleasure Is The Boss
                    Illuminated SJAMS 30, UK
                    CROWN RECORDS, CROWN 1708 (white lettering lim. ed.)
                    Paradoxx Records PA 5502, Germany 
                    HT CD 007 (2004) + Bonus DVD (without Nick) (ltd edition of 5000)
                    HT LP 007 (2004) + Bonus DVD (without Nick) (ltd edition of 5000)

LP/CD 1988 "Headless Body In Topless Bar", Die Haut, Cave sings:
                I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
                    WSFA, SF 83

LP/CD 1993 "Sweat", Die Haut live album, Nick Cave recordings are from
           Berlin, Metropol, 24/08/92. Cave sings:
                Pleasure Is The Boss
                Truck Love
                Sad Dark Eyes
                    WSFA, SF 140
                    Triple X, 51184-2 (USA)

video 1993 "Sweat", the Die Haut live video. 
                Pleasure Is The Boss
                Truck Love
                Sad Dark Eyes
                Little Doll
                    WSFA, 140 V (Germany)
                    Triple X, 51184-3 (USA)

Anita Lane

A complete Anita Lane discography is here. These are the releases Nick has been involved with:
12"   1988 "Dirty Sings" by Anita Lane
                If I Should Die
                I'm A Believer         [co-written by Nick Cave]
                Lost In Music          [Nick Cave plays organ]
                Sugar In A Hurricane
                    Mute Records, Mute 65
                    Restless/Mute 7 71436-2

LP/CD 1993 "Dirty Pearl", by Anita Lane. Produced, and many instruments 
           by Mick Harvey. The CD version includes the "Dirty Sings" EP.
           Both regular CD and digipack. Some with lyrics, some not.
                Jesus Almost Got Me
                The Groovy Guru
                Sexual Healing
                Blume                       [Einstuerzende Neubauten]
                Subterranean World (How Long ...?)	[Die Haut]
                Picture Of Mary
                The World's A Girl
                Stories Of Your Dreams
                A Prison In The Desert      [from Ghosts... ]
                The Fullness Of His Coming  [The Birthday Party]
                +CD+ If I Should Die
                +CD+ I'm A Believer         [co-written by Nick Cave]
                +CD+ Lost In Music          [Nick Cave plays organ]
                +CD+ Sugar In A Hurricane
                    Mute Records, STUMM 81 

7"/   1995 "The World's A Girl"/"I love you... nor do I"/"Bedazzled", "I love
CDs        you... nor do I". Anita Lane single. The last song is a cover 
           of the Serge Gainsbourg classic Je t'Aime... Moi Non Plus. 
           Both B-sides are duets with Nick.
           The 7" is a limited edition of 1,000 on clear vinyl.
                    Mute Records, MUTE 177 

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