Songs that Mention Nick Cave

* May 1979 Roadrunner has a live gig review of La Femme which says one of 
  their songs, 'The Boys Next Door', is "a cutting, leering attack on the 
  subject band. So cutting in fact that I have seen members of the BND 
  leave a party as La Femme launched into the song." The August 1979 
  Roadrunner had a letter from La Femme's manager denying that the song 
  was about the band "and in actual fact, the song's lyrics are concerned
  with prostitution. I am aware that friction did exist between the two 
  bands but this remained on more of a jovial level and did revolve
  around the said song", but the editor adds that "in private conversation
  with the BND. THEY WERE CERTAINLY under the impression that it was 
  (about them)." Anyone know anything more about this? 
  It's on La Femme's self-titled LP: Missing Link MLS351 (1980))
  (All this thanks Richard Miles!)

* Frantic Dogpaddle have a song called "Nick Cave's Smokes".

* The Jayhawks have a song called Poor Little Fish 
  on their CD "Sound of Lies", which, of course, mentions Nick.

* The Go-Betweens have a song called Just A King In Mirrors,
  which is supposed to be about Nick Cave. It can be found on the 12" 
  "Part Company" (Sire, Aug. 1984), as well as on the LP "1979 - 1990" 
  (Beggars Banquet 1990).

* In 1986, the band Great Plains recorded a song called "Letter To A Fanzine"
  that contained the verse: "Isn't my haircut really intense/
  Isn't Nick Cave a genius in a sense?". It appeared on the Homestead Records
  compilation "The Wailing Ultimate!" in 1987, and probably on their album
  called "Naked at the Buy, Sell and Trade".

* The Gun Club's Bill Bailey was written about Nick Cave,
  so it says in the book "Go Tell The Mountain" on Jeffrey Lee Pierce. 
  The song appears on the 1987 album Mother Juno  (Red Rhino Records).

* The Phantom Payn have a song called 
  "Definitions Of Cool (The Cheating Song)" on their 1990 album "Dig The Squares - 
  They`re Ugly". The record was released on the German label GB 45.

* Bongwater have a song called "Nick Cave Dolls", on their album
  "The Power Of Pussy", Shimmy Disc, US, 1990.

* Painters and Dockers have a song called "You're Suss" that mentions
  Nick Cave. From the album "Love Planet" from 1984. Australia.
  Rereleased on CD in 1993.

* The Jack Of Geeks have released (in 1994?) a single called 
  "Jack Geek EP - Tribute To Cave, Beefheart and Waits". The songs on
  this are: Caveman, Zen Yobbo, LSD Spider. Pictures/drawings of Cave, 
  Waits and Beefheart are on the cover of this. Exists with two 
  different designs. On the second, the first song is called
  Caveman Blues.  Label: Spoon Harvest, Geek 1.

* Henry Rollins' "Get In The Van" spoken word CD contains
  a track about Nick called "Nick Cave: Diplomat (7.13.84)"
  On 2.13.61 Records. The book "Get In The Van" also has
  some text on Nick and some photos.
  Rollins' "Get on the Bus" apparently also has
  something on Nick and Blixa.

* Half Man Half Biscuit have done a song called "Mr. Cave's A Window 
  Cleaner Now", a Birthday Party parody in a summer '95 John Peel session.

* The Czech band Psi Vojaci (Dog Soldiers) have a song called
  "Tak akorat dlouha (sen v realite)" (meaning "Good Enough Long 
  (The Dream in Reality"). It is from their 1995 album "Brutalni Lyrika" 
  on Indies records.  The lines which mentiones Nick are:
  Dlouhy Sao Paulo, Dlouhej Nick Cave, Dlouhy Socialni Pracovnici
  Long Sao Paulo, Long Nick Cave, Long Social Workers.

* Swedish artist Doktor Cosmos has a Swedish song called "Dagen"
  (the day, in English) which mentions buying a Nick Cave record.
  It can be found on the 1995 album "Socialmedicin", released by
  North of No South Records. 

* TISM has a song called "Morrison Hostel" that mentions Nick Cave.
  Great Truckin' Songs Of The Renaissance - LP Sept 1988, and on their
  1992 EP The Beasts Of Suburban, we have Tony Cohen mentioning The
  Birthday Party.

* The Whitlams from Australia have a hidden track at the end of their 
  latest album "Eternal Nightcap". In it, there is a guy with a scottish 
  accent talking about band members and at one time he says:
  "I coulda been Nick Cave". 1997 on the label BLACK YAK/ PHANTOM.

* Jeffrey Lee Pierce mentioned Nick on his Wildweed album in the song
  "Hey Juana":  "Nicky Cave is burning all his pay, on a bottle of gin - and a shark
  without a fin, yeah".

* Lydia Lunch has an intimate story called One Dreary Night in her 
  book Incriminating Evidence, published on Last Gasp, which is 
  "Dedicated in loving memory to the ghost of Nick Cave-past".

* Rick Klaus Theis (who did the 1984 Stache's video!) has a poem called
  "Nick Cave Bender" in his 1996 poem "Recycled Words".

* The Shrink from Prague have a song called
  "Nick Cave" on their 1999 album.

* Tug Dumbly has done a song called
  "Another Nick Cave Song" on JJJ radio.

* "Sick Man" by Foetus from the "Hole" album is about
  Nick, though he is not explicitly mentioned.

* Residuum have a song called "Nick Waits In Tom's Cave"
  on their 2003 album "So Much For The 80s".

* Jan Mayen have a song called "Nick Cave"
  on their 2005 album "Home Of The Free Indeed".

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