Covers of Nick Cave Songs

Not listed in detail in this section but are the Witches' cover of Shivers, and Shane MacGowan's cover of Lucy, which can be found in the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds part, because Nick is actually involved with these releases.

Dedicated Nick Cave tributes - Cover songs officially released - Selected live and unreleased

Dedicated Nick Cave tributes

The Paper Chase And Xiu Xiu Cover Nick Cave
7"    2005 "The Paper Chase And Xiu Xiu Cover Nick Cave", 1000 copies.
                God Is In The House          The Paper Chase
                Jack The Ripper              Xiu Xiu

LP/CD 2006 "Release The Bats - A Tribute To The Birthday Party", various artists
                Pleasure Heads Must Burn     Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower    
                Friend Catcher               Das Oath 
                Deep In The Woods            T Cells   
                Sonny's Burning              Cattle Decapitation   
                Blundertown                  Year Future   
                Nick The Stripper            Ssion    
                Mutiny In Heaven             Ex Models    
                Riddle House                 Les Georges Leningrad    
                Mr. Clarinet                 Rah Bras 
                Faint Heart                  Melt Banana   
                The Plague                   Chinese Stars   
                King Ink                     Celebration    
                Junkyard                     Kill Me Tomorrow    
                A Dead Song                  Get Hustle    
                Cry                          Numbers   
                Wild World                   Error   
                Marry Me (Lie Lie)           Daughter    
                Release The Bats             Some Girls

CD    2008 "Eye For An Eye: A Tribute To Nick Cave", various artists
                Wild World                   Mr Russia 
                Do You Love Me?              My Ruin 
                I Let Love In                Sheriff Scabs  
                The Mercy Seat               The Red Paintings  
                Mr. Clarinet                 The Brides 
                Where The Wild Roses Grow    Chiasm 
                The Curse Of Millhaven       Ahab Rex  
                People Ain't No Good         Miss Derringer  
                Hats On Wrong                Nusch Nuschi 
                Stranger Than Kindness       Lolita Storm  
                Your Funeral, My Trial       Architect's Eye  
                The Weeping Song             Sibyl Vane 
                Rock Of Gibraltar            Metanemfrost
                    FTC Records

CD    2008 "Zombie Strong", by the Dutch Nick Cave cover band
           The Cavemen ( contains 7 Nick Cave covers (and a Tom Waits song).
                Nature Boy
                The Weeping Song
                Brother, My Cup Is Empty
                Christina The Astonishing
                Today's Lesson
                Red Right Hand

Cover songs officially released

  1. The Young Charlatans (with Rowland S. Howard) did the original Shivers in May 1978. Released on Fast Forward #4 cassette, April 1981.
  2. The Screaming Jets have covered Shivers on the "Tear Of Thought" album from 1992.
  3. Marie Hoy and Friends have covered Shivers on the Dogs In Space soundtrack '87 (Atlantic 7 81789-4; Chase CLPX 14; Mercury, MERH 122).
  4. Big Band Combo (i.e. members of Bang and Hunters And Collectors) has covered Shivers on Fast Forward Cassette #13.
  5. Love Position have covered Shivers on their 1990 album "Billiepeebup", rereleased in 1997 on Half A Cow (HAC 01).
  6. Spurs for Jesus have covered Shivers on the compilation album "Cop It Sweet - An Antfarm Compilation" CD. Antfarm ANT002 (1997).
  7. Neigungsgruppe Sex, Gewalt & Gute Laune have covered Shivers as "So Koit" (meaning "so cold") on the album "Goodnight Vienna" on the Austrian label Trost Records, Trikont, in 2007.
  8. In the film "Love and Other Catastrophes" by Emma-Kate Cghran from around 1996, one of the actors sings Shivers

  9. Trashmuseum from Germany has covered Mr. Clarinet on their 1986 album "I`d Rather Die Young (Than Grow Old Without You)" on the label Das Buro (Desk 13).
  10. Atomopel from Germany have covered Zoo Music Girl and King Ink on their 1997 album "Bruxelles".
  11. The Spanish band Blackmoon Fire has covered She's Hit (EP Subterfuge Records).
  12. Snatch has covered She's Hit on their album Bite Your Tongue, released on Worry Bird, Canada, 1989.
  13. Hank El Diablo have covered She's Hit on their album called "Un-official Album", 1995.
  14. Bubonique has loosely covered Release The Bats on their album 20 Golden Showers on Kitchenware Records, 1993. Funny.
  15. Precious Little has done a parody Release The Frogs on a cassette titled "Cults on C90", Melbourne, early 80s.
  16. Burma, a Perth goth band has covered Dead Joe on a cassette called "AFM", recorded live at Club Original 26/3/93'. Blind Conformity BCP005, 1993.
  17. The Pain Teens have covered Wild World on their album Stimulation Festival on Trance Records 36173 10 4, USA 1992. They have used the lyrics only.
  18. p-Frenz-C from Seattle have covered Mutiny In Heaven on their CD Dopamine Questo on Tragick Records (2001?).

  19. Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie have done a live version of Knocking On Joe (from London, T&C 20-6-89) on their album "Fish Heads and Tails". 1989 Capitolo Records inc. CAPS 2001, 1989 EMI Records LTD. Also released in 1989 on the EP "Goodbye Mr Mackenzie" and on the CD "Good Deeds And Dirty Rags". All releases on Capitol/EMI.
  20. Sikth have covered Tupelo on their 2002 album "How May I Help You?" and on their 2003 album "The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild" on Gut Records.

  21. Maven feat. Marilyn Manson have covered Hard On For Love, but I'm not sure on what release.
  22. Fever Ray with Van Rivers and The Subliminal Kid have covered Stranger Than Kindness on a limited 7" in 2009 on Rabid Records.
  23. After Darkness have covered She Fell Away on their album Murnau, 1995, Schreck Release, SCHRECK281288.

  24. Grant Lee Phillips has covered City Of Refuge on the 2007 album "Nineteeneighties" on Zoe Records.
  25. The Black League have covered City Of Refuge on the 2001 CD/10" "The Doomsday Sun".
  26. Astream has covered Deanna on the 1999 album "Punkrock Rendez-Vous".
  27. Goethes Erben have covered a German version of The Mercy Seat, titled "Sitz Der Gnade", on the 1996 album "Live Im Planetarium, Jena". In 1997 this was released on EP and CDsingle. It is also on their video "Blau/Rebell".
  28. Stromkern has covered The Mercy Seat on the CD "Flicker Like A Candle", which also contains a remix of this song by Attrition, released in 1997 on CD on the German KODEX/SUSHIA LIGHT label, EFA CD 12 977.
  29. Melbourne artist New Waver does "The Office Seat", (variation on The Mercy Seat) on the cassette Industria 4 on the Eet Air Industries label. 1996.
  30. Johnny Cash has covered The Mercy Seat on the album "American III: Solitary Man". American CK 69691, 2000.
  31. Anders Manga has covered The Mercy Seat on the 2006 album "Welcome To The Horror Show".
  32. Sir Tralala has used the lyrics of The Mercy Seat for the song "Have Mercy Seat" on the 2004 album "Flying Objects, They Don't Have A Brain".
  33. Unter Null have covered The Mercy Seat on their album "Moving On", released in Japan on Deathwatch Asia, 2010.
  34. My Morning Jacket have covered New Morning on their "Does Xmas Fiasco Style" EP (2000).
  35. Susan Hedges has covered New Morning her double CD "Crimson Love On Velvet Black", Goldrush Gold CD 005/6 (2 CD, UK, 2001).

  36. Boo Hewerdine's cover of The Ship Song is "probably one of the biggest heaps of shit" Cave has heard in his life. On the 1992 album "Ignorance", Ensign Records CCD 1930 3219302.
  37. Concrete Blonde do a cover of The Ship Song on CD-single "The French Connection" (EMI 1992). Also on the US release "Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man" CDS IRS X25G-1349 (1992), and on their b-sides compilation "Still In Hollywood. Ugly.
  38. Denis Walter has covered The Ship Song, available on his 1993 CD "What Kind Of Love" (Columbia 4747952) on CDsingle (Columbia 659768 1), as well on a compilation CD with Juice magazine.
  39. Immaculate Fools have covered The Ship Song on their album Woodhouse, 1995, Cooking Vinyl, Cook CD 085.
  40. A Subtle Plague have covered The Ship Song on their album No Reprise, 1995. Rough Trade, RTD 157.3016.2.
  41. Swirl have covered The Ship Song on their EP The Last Unicorn, on Half A Cow/Mercury, HAC 39, 1995.
  42. Gene has released The Ship Song as the b-side to the single "Speak To Me Someone", 1997. (POLYDOR coscd 12 571 179-2)
  43. Heather Nova has covered The Ship Song on the 1998 single "London Rain". Rough Trade RTD 129.3490.3 16.
  44. Leatherface have covered The Ship Song on the 2000 album "Horsebox", released on Better Youth Org.
  45. Frankie Stubbs has covered The Ship Song on a self-titled 2001 10" on the label Sounds of Subterannea.
  46. Tippy Young has covered The Ship Song on a self-titled cassette in 1999 on label Tramway (TRAM01).
  47. Singing Loins have covered The Ship Song on their album "The Complete & Utter Singing Loins", released by Damaged Goods in 2004.
  48. Pájaro De Mal Agüero from Chile have covered The Ship Song (as "Primera Noche") on the album "PDMA Box Set", released by La Maldita Familia in 2007.
  49. Paulo Braganca, a Portuguese singer has covered Sorrow's Child on his album "AMAI", Warner Bros. 9362-46334-2.
  50. Code Blue have covered Sorrow's Child on the album "Snailing", 2000, Mudramedien / Downbeat Records.
  51. The Brickbats, have covered Lament on their cassette EP "Party Seriously", 1997.
  52. Paterson's Curse, a female band from Australia, have covered The Weeping Song on their self-tiled 1997 album (PCWW01).
  53. Flowing Tears from Germany have covered The Weeping Song on their 2007 live album "Invanity" on Ascendance Records.
  54. Pain Of Progress have released two versions of The Weeping Song on their 2002 maxi-CD "Weeping Song". Label: Fear Section, Fear 001.
  55. Chamber has covered The Weeping Song on the 2004 CD "L'Orchestre De Chambre Noir".
  56. Khalil Gudaz, Fazila Hijeb and Ramen Nawa have covered The Weeping Song on the 2005 CD "This Is The Place For A Song", Australia.

  57. C Hack have covered Papa Won't Leave You, Henry on their 2004 album "Gift Of Music".
  58. Ron Hawkins from Canada has covered Brother, My Cup Is Empty on his 1996 album "Hey Valerie", released on Shake the Record Label.
  59. Helldorado has covered Jack The Ripper on the 2002 album "Lost Highway".
  60. Howard New has released Straight To You as a single in May 1997.
  61. The Good Sons have covered Straight To You on their mail order album (1000 copies) The Kings Highway. 1997? Also released on Glitterhouse Promo Compilation CD; Out Of The Blue Volume 4, GRCD 415.
  62. Emm Gryner has covered Straight To You on her album "Girl Versions", Dead Daisy Records, DDR 005, 2001.
  63. The Walkabouts have covered The Loom Of The Land on their 1993 covers album Satisfied Mind on Subpop records, SPCD 116/294, as well as on a cd called "Fingerprints Vol 2: Arge Kulturgelände Nonntal", which contains a live version. Arge Kulturgelände Nonntal, CD C061188. Other live versions appear on the mailorder only CD "To Hell And Back", spring '94, Garage Club, London (1000 copies), and one on "2 Meter sessies Vol. 5", Radio Records 477702-2. Finally, the 2000 Chris and Carla live album "Ljubljana" (out on Glitterhouse) contains yet another version.
  64. Paul Kelly has done God's Hotel on his album "Wanted Man." Vanguard 1570 79479 4. (1994.) Also released as single, and on the 1996 live album "Live at the Continental and the Espy".

  65. Paul Kelly has done Nobody's Baby Now on his CD EP "Won't You Come Around", released by EMI in 2003.
  66. Horse Stories have done Nobody's Baby Now on the 7" "Amber Lights" released in 2002.
  67. Headless Heroes have done Nobody's Baby Now on the album "The Silence Of Love" released in 2008.
  68. Frank Bennett has done a "Frank Sinatra" version of Red Right Hand on his 1996 album "5 O'Clock Shadow" (Mercury 534343-2).
  69. Vixy And Tony have done a cover of Red Right Hand on their 2008 album "Thirteen".
  70. Pete Yorn has covered Red Right Hand on the 2004 "Hellboy" soundtrack.
  71. Giant Sand have covered Red Right Hand on the 2002 album "Cover Magazine" on Thrill Jockey.
  72. Harrisons have covered Red Right Hand on a 7"/CDsingle "Dear Constable" on the Melodic label.
  73. Arctic Monkeys have covered Red Right Hand on a 7" titled "Crying Lightning" on the Domino label in 2009.
  74. Ed Kuepper has covered Do You Love Me? on his mail-order CD "Exotic Mail Order Moods", 1995, Hot Records, Mail-2. Get it! Also released on the 1999 covers album "Reflections Of Ol' Goldeneye", Hot Records, HOT 1072.
  75. My Ruin from Los Angeles have covered Do You Love Me? on their 2000 album "A Prayer Under Pressure Of Violent Anguish".
  76. Metallica have covered Loverman on their 1998 cover album Garage Inc. Electra 538 351-2.
  77. Martin L. Gore has covered Loverman on his album Counterfeit2 (CDSTUMM214).
  78. Teodross Avery, Jazz sax player, has done a version of "Lover Man" on his album "My Generation" on Impulse records. This song is incorrectly credited to Nick Cave. It is the old jazz song of that title. 1996.

  79. Thine has covered Song Of Joy on the 1998 compilation album "X" on Peaceville Records, CDVILE 77.
  80. Magic Dirt have covered Stagger Lee on their self-titled CD-EP from 2007 on Emergency Music 001 EP.
  81. The Shirehorses (Mark Radcliffe and Lard) have released parodies of Where The Wild Roses Grow and Henry Lee (Franny Lee) on their album "The worst album in the world...ever...Ever!" 1997, EastWest.
  82. The Serenades have covered Where The Wild Roses Grow on their cover-album 'Time To Say Goodbye', Ar-Express, 1997; 74321462052.
  83. Hilde Midhaug and Robin Pettersen have covered Where The Wild Roses Grow on the Norwegian album "Stjerner I Sikte", released in Norway in spring 1997 by Norsk Grammofon (EKGCD-53 or on MC: EKGK-53).
  84. Miguel Wiels orchestrates Where The Wild Roses Grow on the CD "True Romance", released in 1996 by ARCADE (Nr. 8900121).
  85. Chamber has covered Where The Wild Roses Grow on the 2004 CD "L'Orchestre De Chambre Noir".
  86. On the MC "Bands Of The Year", released in summer 1997 by Inger Rosengren in Denmark ( IRMC-3), a Danish school orchestra does Where The Wild Roses Grow.
  87. Czech folk singer Pavel Bobek has covered Where The Wild Roses Grow. He has recorded this song - "Divoka Ruze" in Czech - together with Marie Rottrova for his album "Jsem Pouhy Znamy", released in 2000.
  88. Swiss singer Michael von der Heide has covered Where The Wild Roses Grow. He sings Kylie's part while Nick's part is sung by Kuno Lauener, singer of the swiss band Zuri West. The verses are translated into swiss-german while the chorus is still in english. 2000.
  89. The German band Gregorian has covered Where The Wild Roses Grow on their album "The Dark Side" from 2004.
  90. Inertia have covered Where The Wild Roses Grow on their album "Kloned" on the label Cryonica Music in 2010.
  91. Severine Doré & Kris De Bruyne from Belgium have covered Where The Wild Roses Grow, in Dutch, entitled "Wildrozenpark" on their album "Eén moment" from 2003.
  92. Siw Malmkvist With Thorsten Flinck from Sweden covered Where The Wild Roses Grow, in 2004.
  93. Fusspilz 11 covered Where The Wild Roses Grow as "Wo Die Wilden Rosen Blühen" on their 2005 album "Elektro-Polizei".
  94. Michael von der Heide has covered Where The Wild Roses Grow on the albums "Tourist" (2000) and "2 Pièces" (2005).
  95. The Chicks On Speed have covered Where The Wild Roses Grow on the 2001 album "Kreidler Sessions".
  96. Pavel Bobek has covered Where The Wild Roses Grow entitled "Divoka Ruze" on their album "Jsem Pouhy Znamy" from 2000.
  97. Jim Sclavunos' The Vanity Set have covered Sheep May Safely Graze on the 2005 7" "The Big Bang".

  98. The Greek singer Dionisis Savopoulos sings a Greek version of Into My Arms on his album "Xenodoxio" on the Lyra label in 1998.
  99. Sarah Jane Morris sings Into My Arms on her album "August" on the Irma label (Italy) in 2001.
  100. Petra Jean Phillipsons sings Into My Arms on her 2005 album "Notes On Love" on the Gronland label.
  101. Embrace has released a cover of Into My Arms in 2009.
  102. Mates Of State have released a cover of Love Letter on their album "The Covers Mix Tape" 2010.
  103. Lloyd Cole sings People Ain't No Good on his 2003 album "Music In A Foreign Language" on the One Little Indian Us label.
  104. Kathryn Williams sings People Ain't No Good on her 2005 7" "Beachy Head" Caw Records Catalog#: CAW 010V.
  105. The Dutch singer Herman Brood has done a version of Right Now I'm A-Roaming on his album "Ciao Monkey" in 2000, with the alternate title "When I Get Home". Also released on the 2001 "My Way" single, released shortly after his death.
  106. Lisa Miller does a live version of Are You The One That I've Been Waiting For? on the 1999 compilation album "RRRewind In The Chapel", released by Melbourne's RRR Radio station.
  107. Aboriginal singer Jimmy Little does a cover of Are You The One That I've Been Waiting For? on his 1999 album "The Message".
  108. Liam Frost & The Slowdown Family do a cover of Are You The One That I've Been Waiting For? on the 2007 album "She Painted Pictures".
  109. Former Bad Seed Mick Harvey does a cover of Come Into My Sleep on his 2005 album "One Man's Treasure" (Mute, CDSTUMM249) and a live version of the same song on the 2008 album "Three Sisters - Live at Bush Hall" (Mute, CDLTT001).

  110. Camille does a cover of Little Water Song on the 2002 album "A Little Yearning" on Cat-O-Stripes Records.
  111. Bic Runga does a cover of And No More Shall We Part on the 2003 album "Live In Concert: With The Christchurch Symphony" as well as on the 2004 CD "Beautiful Collision".
  112. André Herman Düne does a cover of As I Sat Sadly By Her Side on the 2005 album "Kreuzberg Cafe".

  113. Bad Seed Conway Savage has done a cover of Bring It On in 2004 on the album "Wrong Man's Hands".

  114. Cat Power has done a cover of Breathless on the 2008 album "Jukebox" on Matador Records.
  115. Gladiator Russell Crowe has done a cover of Breathless in 2005 - but on which release?

(Selected) Live and Unreleased

Numerous bands have by now done Nick Cave covers. You can e.g spend a lifetime listening to living room covers published on YouTube. That's one of the reasons why this list is subjectively selected.
Ho Ho                        Rowland Howard & Hugo Race, Melb. 21/12/88
Deep In The Woods            Rowland S. Howard, live Melbourne 6/9/94
The Ship Song                Ed Kuepper, APRA awards (1990?)
The Ship Song                Pearl Jam, Denver, Red Rocks 20/6/95
The Ship Song                Eddie Vedder, Encinitas, Ca 26/6/99
The Ship Song                Neil Finn, GLR 10/10/98
The Ship Song                Many artists including Neil Finn, Paul Kelly, Marth Wainwright in the 2011 Sydney Opera House "Ship Song" project.
The Weeping Song             Crowded House, various live
The Good Son                 Midnight Oil, Sydney 13&14/8/96
Foi Na Cruz                  Vaya Con Dios, Athens, 1996
Straight To You              Howard New, Amsterdam Arena 7/9/96
Nobody's Baby Now            Paul Kelly, Live At The Wireless, Sydney 14/7/97
Where The Wild Roses Grow    Lois Lane & Tr. Kecks, Amsterdam 11/1/96, TV
Where The Wild Roses Grow    Afghan Whigs, Stockholm 26/3/96
Where The Wild Roses Grow    Dave Graney et al. APRA awards 11/96.
Where The Wild Roses Grow    Kylie Minogue and Sir Les Patterson 26/6/99 London
Come Into My Sleep           Mick Harvey, London, 10/5/98 and other occasions
Into My Arms                 Kylie Minogue, Sydney, APRA awards 11/5/98
Into My Arms                 Veda Hille, Liss Ard 5/9/98
Into My Arms                 Mercury Rev, Wolverhampton 11/1/99 (and other dates)
Into My Arms                 Tea Party, Toronto 8/6/99
Into My Arms                 Katell Keineg, May 2005, at Wedding of Shane MacGowan's sister
Right Now I'm Roaming        U2, live Arnhem, 31/07/01 and two times more (as "When I Get Home" the Herman Brood version)

Even more covers: two tribute tapes by members of the "goodson" Nick Cave mailing list.
Kicking Against Nick's, fall 1995.
What Can We Give You?, fall 1997.

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