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SCAN THIS NEWS 3.7.2000 Here's an update regarding the "Digital Angel" microchip company.

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Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADSX) today announced that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire Destron Fearing Corporation (NASDAQ:DFCO), a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad line of electronic and visual identification devices for companion animals, livestock, laboratory animals, fish and wildlife.

The $130 million transaction is expected to close by mid-June
Under the agreement, Destron Fearing would be merged into Digital Inc., a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions. Destron Fearing's CEO, Randolph K. Geissler, would become Chairman and CEO of Digital Inc. Commenting on the proposed acquisition, Applied Digital Solutions' Chairman and CEO, Richard J. Sullivan said, "Clearly, Destron Fearing is a highly successful and respected company in the animal monitoring arena. The fact that it's a leader in electronic monitoring technologies fits right in with our focus on e-business-to-business solutions. .... Sullivan continued, "we'll strengthen Digital Inc.'s ability to realize the full potential of the Digital Angel(TM) technology we announced last December. By pooling the talents and resources of these two teams, we believe Digital Inc., could achieve a market value in excess of $1 billion in a short period of time." ... "

Destron Fearing's products range from visual ear tags attached to livestock, to electronic microchips implanted under the skin of pets, fish, laboratory animals and livestock. Ear tags provide visual identification for herd animals, while microchips provide unalterable, permanent, radio frequency identification (RFID) for many species. Background on Digital Angel In December of 1999, Applied Digital Solutions announced that it had acquired the patent rights to a miniature digital transceiver -- which it has named Digital Angel -- implantable within the human body that could be used for a variety of purposes, such as providing a tamper-proof means of identification for enhanced e-commerce security, locating lost or missing individuals, tracking the location of valuable property and pets, and monitoring the medical conditions of at-risk patients.

The implantable device sends and receives data and can be continuously tracked by GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology. For more information about Digital Angel, visit . About Destron Fearing Corporation Destron Fearing Corporation has been in the animal identification business since 1945. For over 50 years, Destron Fearing has developed, manufactured and marketed a broad range of individual animal identification products. The company owns patents worldwide in microchip technology and is a leader in the world evolution of radio frequency animal identification. The company's net sales increased in fiscal 1999 by 47 percent to $18.5 million. Net income totaled $3.5 million, after an extraordinary item related to debt restructuring.

For more information about Destron Fearing Corporation, visit the company's website at: . About Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. is an e-business solutions provider offering Internet, telecom, LAN and software services to a wide variety of businesses throughout North America. For more information, visit the Company's web site at

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