Humanity at the crossroad

Our choice:

The End of the Natural Human Species?


The Emerging of a New Being?


This study from various sources shows you another point of view
explains why things are speeding up,
"why time is flying" and why we are becoming busier and busier.
It shows us the two choices we have as our world community
is turning into a One Centralized World Community with
one World Government, one Central Bank,
one World Army (United Nations),
one World Health Organization (WHO),
one State Religion, Science being the new god,
one Body of "Political Correct" (zombie)citizens under
the Fatherhood of the State according to the communist/Masonry
model, philosophy and guidelines.
The name of the game is called "The New World Order"
or more recently announced as "Global Governance"
Do we want this to be our future world?
The Choice is ours!
We cannot blame any leader for our present world situation,
The universe teaches us that the outside mirror of unhappiness,
destruction and greed in our world is a mirror of our (collective) inside world.
Our outside world reflects our collective consciousness level.
To change our outside world we must start changing from within.
"So above-so below" "So outside-so inside"

For you to discern and remember the future is never fixed:


Humanity on a crossroad

The Spiral of Materialization (towards the center)
Entering the last cycle from bionization, the artificial
control of bodily functions, into the age of psychonization,
artificial intelligence, mind control, artificial species,
the emerging of an artificial paradise on Earth, designed as
the New World Order or Global Governance
in service to self under the "Fatherhood" of the State

A Spiral of Spiritualization (towards the periphery)
An opposite spiral is unfolding at the same time............
with love for each other, with respect for Creator, Creation,


Consider the:
logarithmic spirals (that we can observe everywhere in nature)

as a universal model. From this understanding we can study how
the Seven ages, cycles or stages are unfolding.

---The Fibonacci spiral

Each orbit of the 7 ages spiral is approximately one third longer than its previous orbit. In other words, each period changes at three times the speed of the previous age. Looking back at history, society, technology and consciousness has changed and developed logarithmically. If we take fire for example, the use of wood as fuel was changed into charcoal in approximately three thousand years, from charcoal to coal (a thousand years), from coal to petroleum (three hundred years), from petroleum to electricity (a hundred years), from electricity to nuclear power (thirty years).

Passing through the center of the spiral

Ancient civilization lasted from approx. 3200 B.C. to 400 A.D. This was the time of the ancient Egyptian , Vedic India, Greek and Roman civilizations, The medieval epoch lasted from the fall of Rome in about 400 A.D. to the beginning of the 16th century. The modern era then commenced including the renaissance until the latter part of the 19th century. The current era including the 20th century, lasted about 130 years. The last orbit of the spiral is the most condensed and will last approximately 30-40 years. (1980-2012? - 2012 is the year in which the Mayan calendar ends)

As the spiral contracts the spiral lasts about one third of its previous orbit, when it expands each orbit is three times larger. The lengths of the orbits we have just looked at follow this pattern: 3600 years, 1200 years, 400 years, 130 years, 30-40 years.

When we approach the center of the historical spiral, the speed accelerates. Life nowadays is three times faster than it was in medieval times. Similarly, life in the 20th century was three times faster than during the Renaissance and early modern times. Life during the last turn of the spiral over these transition years will be three times faster than it has been up to now!

In this period, all aspects of human affairs, religious, ideological, political, economical, social, cultural, national, international, individual, universal, material, spiritual, and all other factors-will converge. This last epoch will be the most confused, complicated, and condensed period that humanity has ever experienced in its history.

During the last twelve to thirteen thousand years, the earth's energy has steadily continued to decrease as we have moved further away from the plane of the Milky Way. A period of milder climate prompted Sumeria, Egypt, China, the Indus Valley, and other centers of civilizations to start building once again a unified world civilization, but this movement was only temporary. The overall course of known history continued with civilizations struggling in the darkness and fighting nature by inventing ever bigger and more powerful, destructive technologies. We are now approaching the climax of that darkness, the most fragmented and destructive era of human history.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel
or if we use our imagination..................
we can go straight through the center of
the spiral of materialization into the
mirror spiral of spiritualization, the world of the New being.

Through cooperation and reconciliation, we may take the initiative to create strong , healthy families and communities creating a peaceful world by radiating peace in our personal lives.

We have two choices:

1) We can choose the path towards Biotechnology under the ¨Fatherhood¨ of the State
Imagine a historical counter clockwise involution spiral with the movement towards the center concluding with the centralization of the World (New World Order or Global Governance), the emerging of the Multinationals, cloning, genetic engineering of life forms, weather control, creating an artificial paradise on earth, the emergence of the artificial species, leading to the End of Natural Human species further on into this century.

2) Or we can choose the path towards Planetary & Family Consciousness
The historical spiral in an opposite clockwise direction towards an interest in natural foods and agriculture, a New Orientation to life , the control of degenerative disease and environment, making society aware and the understanding of new energy sources.
This leads to planetary family consciousness and the Awareness of the spiritual world. The cosmological Order to Daily Life would be the next step, biological transmutations of the elements and the beginning of One Peaceful World Community.
With a Synthesis of Ideas, the End to Wars and the Discovery of other Dimensions,
We would finally arrive at a happy landing to the "Dawn of New Era", the birth of a New Being, a New Heaven and Earth!


Entering the last cycle of Bionization and Pshychonization

(Source: One Peaceful World-M.Kushi)

Bionization deals with the artificial control of the body functions.
The image above tells us more than a thousands words. Modern medical science is educated to treat the symptoms instead of looking at the cause and therefore most people are programmed to give away their responsibility. It is like looking at the leaves of a tree, where the leaves show some kind of disharmony or defect. The treatment is directed to the leaf which may improve momentarily but in most cases other leaves start showing up some other defect and is treated accordingly ,thus starting up an endless chain reaction. Modern science contemplates the parts instead of perceiving the whole. Perhaps the soil isn't that rich anymore with microorganism, attention needs to be directed to the roots which when supplied with the right nutrition, will help the leaves to become strong and healthy once again.

The same is true with human beings whose roots would be the intestines, our nutrition (including our mental food) affects our blood and cell quality. How far have we distanced ourselves from nature with the introduction and promotions of the modern western diet, the refined food items, the refined grains, fast food, the introduction of food irradiation, micro-ovens, and more recently the introduction of genetic engineered or Frankenstein food, the increasing interest in cloning, just to mention a few items to think about.

Psychonization deals with artificial intelligence, control of the mind and our thoughts
Are you acting and thinking "Politically Correct?"
"If not we have the tools to mold even your thoughts!
"One of our major and most successful tools is your TV set where we Tell A Vision!"
"All our messages will be stored in your subconsciousness which does not distinguish between fiction and reality."

(Source: One Peaceful World-M.Kushi)