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Ancient Knowledge that has been held secret... or hidden for thousands of years.

Jain (46) is his only name... he was born in Sydney to Lebanese parents. His father, a wealthy and successful businessman, migrated to Australia with his family in 1956. A long time meditator, Jain has always been drawn to the spiritual and mystical, he is fascinated by numbers and shapes. He has enjoyed a lifetime involvement with the Fibonacci Sequence and the 5 Platonic Solids which taps into the highly visual hemisphere of the Right Brain.

His work with Vedic Mathematics, a 2,500 year old Indian system of Mental, One-Line Arithmetic... is to empower the student so that they can perform mental calculations, in many cases... quicker than a calculator. Jain expands and demonstrates the real ability of your mind by showing you how to complete complex mathematics ... in your head! Jain reveals ancient yet simple Math formulas which allow ordinary people to perform complex equations.

At the same time he shows you how the world as we know it is more than we think... his teachings can for some people, bring about major shifts in the way we think about the world! Over the years, Jain has been devoted to the collection and theatrical education of Magic Squares, Magic Cubes and the Golden Ratio (PHI). In 1995 Jain taught Magic Square Art-forms to a conference of 100 maths teachers at the Australian Southern Cross University .

He has been guest speaker at school Math Camps throughout Australia. Also many Public Schools, Catholic Schools, Rudolf Steiner and Montessori Schools have employed him to rekindle the beauty of mathematics. He has recently completed filming for a DVD/TV documentary about Vedic Mathematics and Ancient Knowledge. Jain runs seminars on various forms of Ancient Knowledge, teaches children and adults (individuals and groups), records his discoveries having authored 8 books and produced several videos... and he continues his research into Sacred Geometry, Magic Squares, Platonic Solids, Fibonacci Sequences and their relationship with various atomic structures.

His passionate and ongoing commitment to share this incredible knowledge is furthered with an initial 6 month Australian Tour followed by 2 months USA Tour. The US Tour includes a special guest appearance at the Global Conference on Sacred Geometry in California (August 2004), where he has been invited to teach Vedic Mathematics, Golden Mean and Magic Squares. His travels continue with 3 x 1 month tours of Sweden, England , Nepal and India. He is compiling a database of people all over the world who have expressed interest to study with him and is developing internet also regional programs. If you feel like some enlightenment; want to experience Maths as Art, Maths as Science, Maths as History or develop your mental muscle with rapid mental calculations... come and experience these subjects which will expand your consciousness.

Due to an immense response from people all over the world, there is a great demand to know more about the Magic of Vedic Mathematics. Jain wrote an article: VEDIC MATHEMATICS REDISCOVERED for the Nexus Magazine, Oct/Nov issue 2003, and it has awakened many people to start questioning all the missing gaps and insufficiencies in the current mathematics curriculum. It also has motivated Jain to begin his Australia Tour until August before he travels to America then Europe and India. Do your children really understand the fragmented and confusing mathematical data taught to them?

Would you be interested in another method that boosted their confidence, increased their memory skills and is presented in a fun and exciting manner? After this course of study, you will never multiply, divide or add in the same manner again. And no more Times Tables! An understanding of the 16 basic Sutras or "Word Formulae" solves all known mathematical problems by using an advanced and highly intelligent system of MENTAL, ONE LINE ARITHMETIC used by the Hindus 2,000 years.

This system was reconstructed by Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960, aka Shankarcharya of Puri) who was invited by Paramahansa Yogananda to take this knowledge, for the first time, to the western world, in 1958. The Beatle's guru: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who introduced Transcendental Meditation to the west, was also a student of this master and currently teaches this system in India in the spiritual Maharishi schools, whose teenage students are highly distinguished mathematical geniuses. Learn also how the Hindu Invention of Zero (and the decimal system) led to modern technological advancements. In this one day workshop you will know how to accomplish rapid calculations, mentally.

No more Calculators which make the brain lazy. The brain is a mental muscle and needs to be exercised. Jain predicts that if we continue to teach children with an over-emphasis of using calculators in the class-room, over a 20 year period, the Global Brain will deteriorate. Most children are visual, and the ability to tap into 'Pattern Recognition' is the key to rapid mental calculation. There is another similar system known as the Trachtenberg method, but this Vedic System successfully harnesses the mental "Path of Least Resistance" and is distinctly the superior system.

Learn why the shape of the Pine Cone is optically similar to the Human Heart, why we are awe-struck when we view sacred architecture like the Parthenon, why we are attracted to the proportions of the famous Mona Lisa. Essentially, the human body is in resonance with the Living Mathematics of Nature. A day for exploring the hidden mysteries within the 5 Platonic Solids and the 13 Archimedean Solids. What is the importance of the Star Tetrahedron (the 3-Dimensional version of the Star of David) having 24 faces and 24 edges? How does this link to the 24 edges of the Cuboctahedron, the compressible and alchemical shape that was revered by Buckminster Fuller (who designed the first geodesic domes).

A lesson in x-raying the Fibonacci Sequence : 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 etc to discover where the infinite phi expression has its underlying rhythm, a distinct periodicity of 24 recurring digits that can not be seen by the Western Mathematical Eye but only by the Truth of Vortex Mathematics expressed as Vedic Mathematics! (Really this Knowledge predates the Vedas and Atlantis and is better referred to as Galactic Mathematics).

Bridging Physics to Metaphysics by understanding the work of Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant who, 100 years ago, drew all known atomic structures of the elements of the periodic table. In fact some recently discovered isotypes have been drawn 100 years ago! Having associated with yogis, this Pair of Clairvoyant Chemists were also able to successfully describe the moons of Jupiter, confirmed now by NASA!

This material actually validates Jain's life's work:that when the numbers of certain Magic Squares, like the Magic Square of 3x3*, which is the center of the Tibetan Calendar, when tiled or tessellated into a larger matrix actually shows the shadow form of the 3-Dimensional view of the Atomic Structure of Diamond-Lattice! This material shakes the whole foundations of the current Western mathematics curriculum, will rewrite our current world view on Mathematics and will require a new definition of the Golden Mean: that its decimal does carry on infinitely but within its infinity there is recursive or self-similar beauty. Scientists like Marco Rodin wind toroidal coils in sync with this recursion or rhythm or pulse or pattern of 24 digits to get more output than their input! The sum of these 24 digits is 108 (108 degrees being the external angles of the pentagram and the number of beads in a rosary) which is sonically disguised as the GAYATRI MANTRA, the most famous Eastern prayer for Enlightenment.

Magic Square

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

A fascinating day that will help you to remember this Lost Knowledge of the PHI CODE that is already morphologically and geometrically encoded in your bio-magnetic and bio-electrical fields. Ultimately, this Pythagorean Knowledge is not an intellectual process, but rather that these essential geometries are invisibly constructed and nested within the Heart as the Centre of a greater Galactic Grid connecting us to all Memory of all Universes and Atomic Levels. Magic Squares, Vedic Mathematics and the Phi Ratio (1:1.618) : Why have they not been taught in your maths classes ? ... because they are keys to your ascension process..

Translating Numbers Into Art 6 1 8 7 5 3 2 9 4 Imagine in front of you some playing cards and the ancient puzzle was to create a 3x3 square such that all columns, rows and diagonals that have the same sum. As shown above, the Magic Sum, aka the Magic Square Constant = 15. There is a treasure house of knowledge encoded within this harmonic matrix that the ancients knew and hid. Magic Squares for thousands of years have fascinated many cultures and many great minds like Benjamin Franklin and Albrecht Durer. Why was it at the centre of the Tibetan Calendar/Cosmolgy (Time Code / Applications in Time Travel)? Why did AmbaJi, of the Hindu pantheon, the ancient goddesses of Creation (the universe flows through her breast), have as her tantric symbol, this Magic Square of 3x3, which has 8 possible permutations? and which Buddha, in his enlightenment, described in detail the 8 sided nature of sub-atomic molecules: the "Acta-Kalapos". Durga and Kali and Shakti etc have variations of the same.

Why is it that when you translate NUMBERS INTO ART, by drawing a long connecting line, from 1 to 2 to 3 etc to the last number, that elegant and phi-ratioed patterns appear? that when tiled or tessellated, produce the atomic structure of Diamond (which is verified by the clairvoyant drawings of the Occult Chemists: Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant. Why is it that the pattern for the Magic Square of 11x11 is almost identical to the Ley Line Grid developed by Bruce Cathy, a New Zealand pilot, which was originally the jig-saw-puzzle-map of UFO sightings in his area? Why did Professor Searl, of the UK, have his work on levity discs and over-unity generators banned?

The metals of his generators for the space-craft he built were intimately related, by proportion, to the atomic table of elements and to the opposing pairs of the above Magic Square of 3x3, eg: notice that all pairs around the central cell have a sum of 10, thus 2 parts gold was alloyed with 8 parts silver, or 3 parts titanium to 7 parts nickel. Why did King Solomon the Rabbi, design his Seal based on the 3 rows of the above Magic Square being translated into a Natural Square of 3 (that has its numbers in Counting Order)? In this day lesson, you will superimpose a Magic Square of 7x7, by rotation of 90 degrees upon itself, to reveal ancient symbols at its centre: the Hindu Peace Symbol of the Swaztika nesting within the Christian Cross!

The ancient Essenes adored the richness of symbolism within these Mystic Squares and gave accounts or Parables of Jesus (Isa or Iesu) that related to our sense of community symbolized by the magic square, that each person, so positioned, has a divine role to play, that if one number was taken away or moved, it would no longer be magical, to realise 'Order amidst the Chaos', and the ancient axiom: 'As Above.. so below'.

For more information contact Jain NOW Tel: 0401752460 or Rachel on 03-95933020


Article for Nexus Magazine:
originally written August 2003 ----------

Some questions to ponder upon:

* How could the Aryan civilisation, near the Hunza Valley, 3,000 years ago, mentally compute mathematical operations that today only a calculator could achieve?

* And if the maths could not be done mentally, how could they do everything we know today, IN ONE-LINE? eg: converting the fraction 1/19 into a decimal is an 18 digit answer that requires 35 lines of exhausting long division, how could they do it in a one simple line solution?

* Why is NASA secretly using this MENTAL ONE-LINE SYSTEM OF ARITHMETIC in the field of Advanced Artificial Intelligence? and not incorporating it into our current mathematics curriculum?

* Why are many of Bill Gate's Mathematicians Indians?

* Is the decimal form of Pi a sonic code for dedications to Krishna?

* What does the Bhagavad Gita have to say about this lost science of Clairvoyant Calculation that the ancient Temple Builders employed?

* How can you become a Human Bio-Calculator?

* Is the current Western Maths Curriculum keeping our Children in a state of limited intelligence? The answer to all these questions are found by understanding the ancient system of Vedic Mathematics as rediscovered by Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884- 1960), of Puri Govardhan Math, dux of India in Mathematics and a Sanskrit Philosopher who wrote and spoke perfect English, he reached the position of a Shankacharya (the spiritual head of India 100 years ago, like a Dalai Lama or Vatican Pope), renunciated several high officical positions in society to retreat into a forest for 7 years as a yogi, between 1911 and 1918 in which time he collected all the lost mathematical knowledge (Ganita Sutras), improved and reconstructed them to 16 basic Sutras or word formulae that solve every known mathematical problem.

These 16 Volumes relating to the 16 Sutras was our legacy from the ancient past. This highly intelligent and sophisticated system of Mental, One-Line Arithmetic was taught by The Master to his main student, who today is the leading exponent in the world: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the long white-haired and bearded yogi that many of the 60s generation know of as the Beatle´s guru. He is considered as the greatest human bio-calculator on the planet today, holding the vision of raising the collective consciousness of all nations by re-introducing the lost Vedic Mathematics Sutras early in a child s spiritual and educational development. Imagine a maths class in India today , like in the times of old when knowlege was passed on as an oral tradition, and the teacher quickly calls or drills out certain numbers to multiply or divide and the children instantly reply with the correct intuitive answers!

Today, in schools where Maharishi s Transcendental Mediatation technique are used students perform remarkably well academically, viewing Mathematics as a Universal Language and therefore often winning the highest competitve prizes in mathematics. Maharishi organised the scattered Vedic Literature into a complete science of consciousness for both its theoretical and practical value, describing the 16 Sutras as fundamental impulses of intelligence that structure all the Laws of Nature and those that govern the Universe. Maharishi, the Founder of TM, once said: "Vedic Mathematics is that one field of knowledge which fulfils the purpose of education by developing the total creative genius of the individual, giving him/her the ability to be always spontaneously right and automatically precise so that his/her action, supported by Natural Law, is always effortlessly fulfilling."

Unfortunately, in 1958 after Bharati Krsna Tirthaji returned from the USA tour, sponsored by Paramahansa Yogananda (who introduced Yoga to the West and created the Self-Realisation Foundation) all of Bharati Krsna's 16 Volumes for the 16 Sutras were confirmed lost. Disciples observed that people in the streets of India were imitating Tirthaji's lecture's and dazzling audiences with mathematically mis-used pschic powers, and begged the Master to write a book just before his death in 1960. This single volume, called VEDIC MATHEMATICS, has become the bible on this subject and spawned a thousand web-sites worldwide. Maharishi schools disseminated the teachings to England where certain schools have adopted the Vedic curriculum but the irony is that today India is struggling to release the British curriculum and NASA have adopted it fully in the realms of advanced robotics.

Calculations that can be solved as quick as lightning are a great tool to adopt, but you would nt want to teach it worldwide in the fear that you may churn out a generation of child geniuses that may threaten the intellectual status quo. The gift that the Hindus gave to world, thousands of years ago, and that which is currently responsible for a global silicon chip technology, was none other than the invention of ZERO and the use of the decimal point. We call our common numbers "Arabic Numerals" but really they extend back to the Hindu concept of creation and void known as "Bindu" or The Zero Point. In Maths, it makes the magic work eg: if you wish to multiply 98 x 98 we need to understand Zero and Unity.

All Vedic Maths is based on the understanding of Unity Consciousness which means they utilise processes or Number Bases that correspond to: 0, 10, 100, 1000, 10000 etc all of which add to 1. Let us look at some practical examples, in light of the fact that the Vedas, literally "the illimitable storehouse of All Knowledge" came under 4 headings or categories like Ayurveda (Healing), and Vedas for Music and Astronomy etc and one relevant sub-Veda that related to Temple Building and Engineering and therefore Mathematics called SthapathyVeda.

Thus a Vedic Mathematician was also an astronomer, healer and poet. It was a total system. As a temple builder, there was no pen and paper, you simply calculated in your head. You are out in the field and you need to tile a floor that is, say 98 units square. How do you do it with mental ease? The Squaring of Numbers near a Base To solve 98 Squared (98 x 98) we must first determine what Base we are in. It is close to 100, therefore we say Base 100.

We must now choose one of the 16 Sutras to effectively solve the problem. It is called: "By The Deficiency": "By whatever the deficiency, lessen it further by that much and set up the square thereof" says one of the 16 Sutras. Sounds cryptic and meaningless yet it quickly solves the problem.

We get our answer by merely knowing how much is 100 less 98. Knowing that the deficiency is 2, we merely lessen 98 by 2 and then we tag on the squaring of that 2. As a one-line answer, the setting out would appear as thus:
98 Squared = 98 - 2 / 2x2. Simplifying it: = 96 / _ 4 We almost have our answer.

What we need to know is that since our Base is 100, it has 2 zeroes, therefore this fact governs the need for 2 spaces or 2 digits after the "forward slash" symbol ( / ). By inserting or inventing The Zero as a "Place Marker", the answer is achieved: 98 Squared = 96 / 04 = 9,604. (Perhaps the greatest invention of all time, the Hindu creation of the Zero was to change the world unimaginably as time passed on leading to the ability to send Vimana U.F.O craft and rockets into space, to supercomputers and thus the ancient and continuing battle between Michael and Lucifer: Archangel Michael's Internal Light Vehicle Merkabah Time/Space Travel and Natural Spiritual Powers Versus Lucifer's daring invention of the External Merkabah Technological Metal Spacecraft).

Observe similar examples:
97 Squared = 97 - 3 / 3x3 = 94 / 09
96 Squared = 96 - 4 / 4x4 = 92 / 16.

When the number being squared is above the base, of 100 here, we add the Excess and Square the Excess:
104 Squared = 104 + 4 / 4x4 = 108 / 16 = 10, 816
104 x 105 = 104 + 5 / 4x5 = 109 / 20 = 10, 920

What if we enlarged our numbers to 998 Squared?

It is close to 1,000 so we say Base 1,000 and know to have 3 zeroes on the right hand side of the ( / ).
998 Squared = 998 - 2 / 2x2 = 996 / _ _ 4 = 996 / 004. = 996,004

Understanding this, you can be calculating digits in the millions: 9998 Squared = 9998 - 2 / 2x2 = 9996 / _ _ _ 4
(Since we are in Base 10,000 the 4 Zeroes determine the need for 4 digits after the ( / ). = 9996 / 0004 = 99,960,004.

There is a world-wide debate currently raging about the efficacy of Vedic Mathematics versus the crumbling foundations of Western Mathematics. Generally speaking, the theorems we all learned at school are not wrong but clumsy. Some of the Western geometrical formulae are certainly wrong or inadequate: for example, the formulae for sphere packing in the higher dimensions increase up to the 6th Dimension then suddenly decrease for higher dimensions, which is simply absurd.

Unfortunately, some die-hard senior mathematicians in an attempt to protect the crumbling foundations that they now stand on feel threatened by the lightning quick mental calcualations of the Vedic seers, and go to great lengths to deride Vedic maths as a "bag of tricks". Here is another example illustrating its utter simplicity: "the Path of Least Resistance".

If we wanted to square the number 25, ie 25 x 25, we would conventionally take 3 lines of working out. Vedic Mathematics merely looks at the Question, applys one of the 16 Sutras, and solves it Mentally in One-Line. In this case, the Sutra at work is "By One More Than The Previous Digit".

Observing that 25 is a 2 digit number, 5 is the last digit, but we are mainly interested in "the Previous Digit" which is 2.
We say, mentally, "What is One more than Two?" It is 3. The word "By" in the Sutra really means "to multiply".
The setting out for the first half of the answer is thus:
25 Squared = 2 "By" 3 / ........ = 2 x 3 / ........ To this we tag on the last digit "5" squared: = 2 x 3 / 5 x 5 = 6 / 25
Thus the answer is 625.

Similarly, all other numbers that end in 5, when squared, can be done instantly:
15 Squared = 1 x 2 / 5 x 5 = 2 / 25 = 225
35 Squared = 3 x 4 / 5 x 5 = 12 / 25 = 1,225
45 Squared = 4 x 5 / 5 x 5 = 20 / 25 = 2,025
95 Squared = 9 x 10 / 5 x 5 = 90 / 25 = 9, 025

Sutra: Vertically and Crosswise

Here is another simple Sutra, the one that Bharati Krsna Tirthaji refers to as most widely used, called "Vertically and Crosswise" and solves all multiplication by application of a pattern (which is registered by the Right Brain as Feminine-Natured Mathematics in contrast to the logical Male Left Brain style of maths you learnt at school). eg: To find 26 Multiplied by 31 in One-Line, we need to look at a Pattern, viz:
o o
o o

o o
o o

o o
o o

Vertically and CrossWise Sutra

This Sutra, known as: "Vertically and Crosswise" shows we will have a 3-Digit Answer represented by the 3 short horizontal lines. Here is how we traditionally write the setting out for
"26 x 31":

2 6
3 1
Notice there are 4 digits involved.

Let each digit be represented by a small circle or dot. This will help you to understand "CROSS-ADDITION" which is shown as the middle part: [ (2 x 1) + (6 x 3) ] and uses both multiplication and addition in the form of the letter "X" and corresponds to the "cross-over of the optical nerve in the brain" (Here, the symbol "x" = Multiplication):

= 2 x 3 ------(2 x 1) + (6 x 3) ----6 x 1
= --6 ---------------2 0 ----------- 6 (nb: the "2" is carried over) = 8 0 6 = 806 (This shows only the mental workings.)

The Multiplication of 26 by 31 can be solved mentally!) There are 16 Jaw-Dropping Sutras or simple Sanskrit Word Formulae which solve all known mathematical problems in the branches of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Calculus are easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to remember. This Vedic One-Line Mental Arithmetic is very helpful in stimulating Modern Mathematicians to adopt its simplicity and quickness. Once initiated to these Vedic rules, students of all ages will appreciate and enjoy the enhanced subject.

The aim of Vedic Mathematics is to bring this long-hidden treasure trove of intelligent mathematical knowledge within easy reach of everyone who wishes to obtain it and benefit by it.

Sutra: Digital Sums. For Multiplication by Eleven.
When scientists have a problem, say with electronic data, and they need to send it efficiently, the solution is invariably Compression. Digital Compression is a powerful Sutra that solves multiplication by 11 very quickly.

If we wanted to multiply 25 x 11 we merely add the two digits of the 25 and say "2 + 5" which is 7 and insert it between the two digits. Thus the answer is 275. Another way of showing this is to separate the two digits and insert their digital sum:

25 x 11 = 2 (2+5) 5
-------- = 2 --7 ---5

39 x 11 = 3 (3+9) 9
-------- = 3- 12 --9 (nb, the "1" of the "12" gets carried over to the left) = 429

Sutra: Vilokanam, means BY MERE INTUITION
Perhaps the greatest of all Sutras is the one known as Vilokanam which literally means: "By Mere Inspection" or "By Mere Observation" or simply "By Mere Intuition".

By relying on modern electronic calculators for the next 20 years or so, without cultivating mental calculations which build the "Mental Muscle", will sadly produce a generation of young adults whose brain will have undoubtedly atrophied! Vedic Mathematics promotes clarity and sharpness of mind as well as improving memory skills and self-confidence, by awakening the Pineal Gland (or Third Eye) to clairvoyantly "see" or intuitively know the predicted answer.

Mystics say that the Pineal gland, located in the exact centre of the brain, was once the size of large cherry, but now it is the size of a pea. Two reasons are that we drink denatured defunct water and we no longer build the Mental Muscle, over-relying on calculators etc to solve simple problems. The brain is a muscle, being 90% water, it needs to be hydrated with pure alive waters and regularly exercised. By application of the key Sutra called Vilokanam which means: "By Mere Inspection", a child can know for example that the Cube Root of 35,937 without a calculator, to be equal to 33. By Mere Observation! No working out, no pen or paper.

Mathematics without Tears. "On seeing this kind of work actually being performed by the little children, the doctors, professors and other "big guns" of mathematics are wonder struck and exclaim:- "Is this mathematics or magic? And we invariably answer and say: "It is both. It is magic until you understand it; and it is mathematics thereafter"...

" Bharati Krsna Tithaji (1884-1960)
Discoverer of Vedic Mathematics.

(from: "If You Want To Be Rich And Happy Don't Go To School" by Robert Kiyosaki, 1992

If you disliked Mathematics in your school years, do not be disalarmed. It is actually a blessing as your Higher Self or Intelligence refused to embrace a system that was anything less that pure Star Language. If you observe Fig 3, relating to the Sutra "Vertically and Crosswise" for multiplication of 2 Digits by 2 Digits or 3 Digits by Digits, etc the pictures actually look like star glyphs or codes. The Brain thinks in symbols and pictures. Maths must be taught laden with Shapes, Colour, Aromatherapy and Music for effective Whole-Brain Learning.

How the ancient seers sang the long decimal form of Pi. In ancient India, they would sing songs to memorise long decimals. The Brahmins or scholarly caste, secretive of their knowledge, sonically encrypted mathematical formulae into their devotional praises or hymns to Lord Shri Krishna and also recorded historical data in codified lyrics. Similar to numerology, by ascribing the values of numbers to consonant letters as in A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, but in Sanskrit, the Vedic Numerical Code was so sophisticated that it possessed 3 layers and therefore triple meanings.

It turns out that decimal form of the transcendental number: Pi = 3.1415926535897932384626433832792 etc was hidden or codified in these following syllables, by chanting: "Gopi Bhagyamaduv rata Shringishodadi Sandiga Kala Jeevitarava Tava Galaddhalara Sangara" (Observing the top line, "go" = 3, "pi" = 1, "bha = 4, "ya" = 1, "ma" = 5, "dhu" = 9, "ra" =2, "ta" = 6 etc giving the first 8 figures of Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter). Not only did it give Pi to 32 decimal places, but there was a secret Master Key within the patterning of the 32 that could unlock the next 32 decimals of Pi, and so on, a ticket to infinity. Not only did it praise Krishna, it operated on another level as a dedication to Shankara: (800A.D, the celebrated Acharya or Teacher, and founder of 4 monastic orders.

He could read at the age of 2 and mastered the Vedas at the age of 8. He wrote scholarly commentaries on the Bhagavad-Gita and the Upanishads which led to the decline of Buddhism in India. He is considered as a partial incarnation of Shiva the Avatara). To conclude this article, the time has come that all past secret knowledge can no longer be kept secret. The Brahmins, by keeping this knowledge complex and inaccessible to the masses, and therefore not shareable, did not live in Truth. The Truth is that we have entered an Age where if something is not Simple and Shareable, then it has no value. It is therefore ripe time to reintroduce the ancient seers infallible Mental and One-Line System of Vedic Mathematics.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jain is the author of 9 self-published books on Sacred Geometry which he has actively been researching and teaching for over 20 years.

Topics include: * Magic Squares and their Atomic Artforms.

* The Vedic Square and it's Digital Sums.

* The Divine PHI Proportion or The Living Mathematics of Nature,

* The 5 Platonic Solids and The 13 Archimedean Solids * Pythagorean Mystery School.

* Vedic Mathematics. He works with Gifted and Talented children and lectures at Maths Camps, Universities and Maths Conferences. He is currently writing a series of 4 books for the Australian Curriculum on Vedic Mathematics. As an Authorised School Performer of a Travelling Show called "Mathemagics", Jain has taught thousands of children and adults in Australia, the wonder of the pure mathematical principles relating to Atomic Art and Discovery. In 1993 this travelling Sacred Geometry Show was banned in Queensland schools, loved by mathematicians but shunned by the top officials in the Department of Education, who are Fundamental Christian-based and antagonistic towards the New Maths.

This controversy has led him to rewrite the national syllabus: The Vedic Mathematics Curriculum For The New Millennium, a 4 part book series.

Part 1 "Digital Sums" is complete and available ($44). His other book on Vedic Maths, titled: The Magic Of Nine In Vedic Mathematics are his lecture notes full of classic examples and highly illustrated. ($44). An overview of the whole spectrum of Vedic Mathematics is best appreciated in Video form ($44).

To experience 2 hours and 15 minutes of a live lecture in the Byron Bay Steiner School, 2001, you can order the video: Vedic Mathematics For The New Millennium. Part 1: The Magic of Nine. If you would like a copy of Bharati Krsna Tirthaji's only book: "Vedic Mathematics", Jain has ordered them from India and are available in paperback for $44 and hardback for $55. (For all orders, postage not included) To demonstrate the wonders of Vedic Mathematics, Jain is available to teach in your school or your area.

Contact: JAIN 777 Left Bank rd, Mullumbimby Creek, 2482. Northern NSW, Australia. Phone: 61-2-66844409 jain@jainmathemagics.com "This Cosmic Manager, the Cosmic Mathematician is eternally free from mistakes. The Cosmic Mathematician is present within everyone, it is the light of life of everyone; it is present within everyone in the structure of Rg Veda and the Vedic Literature; it is the light of pure intelligence." (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) --

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