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All of the individuals will be fitted with a capsule-shaped device known as the VeriChip. Made by Applied Digital Solutions (Palm Beach, Fla.),
the Verichip includes a 125-kHz RFID chip, an electromagnetic coil for transmitting data and a tuning capacitor, all in a silicone-and-glass enclosure measuring 11.1 x 2.1 mm.

The company, which is staking its future on the potential of implantable chips, has even trademarked the phrase "getting chipped" to describe the process of installing a human identification device.

Applied Digital executives believe that the market for such devices could eventually be enormous, ultimately reaching as high as $70 billion per year. The company is also proposing the VeriChip's use on implantable pacemakers, defibrillators and artificial joints, as a means of parts identification. "The human market for this technology could be huge," Bolton said.




Microchippimg Included in Healthcare Bill


Microsoft wants to get under your Skin

Implantable Chips for Everyone!

Florida starts microchipping Alzheimer´s patients despite cancer risk


Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID
Spychips in Spanish language to alert the Spanish speaking people

Implanted Microchips Common As Cellphones Within A Decade

FDA approves implantable chip for humans
13 oct. 2004

Hello Mexico!

Mexican Officials Get Chipped
Wired News 13th of July 2004
Mexico's attorney general said on Monday he had had a microchip inserted under the skin of one of his arms to give him access to a new crime database and also enable him to be traced if he is ever abducted. Attorney General Rafael Macedo said a number of his staff had also been fitted with chips that will give them exclusive and secure access to a national, computerized database for crime investigators that went live on Monday.

Watch out Spain!

Get chipped, then charge without plastic — you are the card
USA TODAY 5/12/2004
For instance, there's the important and deeply scientific experiment being conducted among the barely clothed patrons of Baja Beach Club in Barcelona. They're getting electronic credit cards implanted under their skin. Beautiful club-goers have a problem: If you're going to wear a halter top and micro-skirt, there's not much of anywhere to put a wallet. And who wants to carry a purse when you're there to dance? Luckily, a company called VeriChip this year unveiled a solution based on radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. It's a slender glass capsule about as long as a dime is wide. Inside sits a computer chip, which stores a unique code that can identify an individual — sort of an electronic Social Security number. The capsule also holds a tiny antenna, which can radio that code to a receiver many feet away. At the Baja Beach Club, Tuesdays are VeriChip implantation days. Stop in and a "nurse" — the club's word — uses a syringe to inject a VeriChip capsule under your skin.


Announcement at global security conference unveils syringe-injectable ID microchip
Portable Reader
--------Verichip-------------------------------Pocket Reader
November 21, 2003
By Sherrie Gossett
At a global security conference held today in Paris, an American company announced a new syringe-injectable microchip implant for humans, designed to be used as a fraud-proof payment method for cash and credit-card transactions.

Radio frequency identification tags aren't just for pallets of goods in supermarkets anymore
Applied Digital Solutions of Palm Beach, Fla., is hoping that Americans can be persuaded to implant RFID chips under their skin to identify themselves when going to a cash machine or in place of using a credit card. The surgical procedure, which is performed with local anesthetic, embeds a 12-by-2.1mm RFID tag in the flesh of a human arm. ADS Chief Executive Scott Silverman, in a speech at the ID World 2003 conference in Paris last Friday, said his company had developed a "VeriPay" RFID technology and was hoping to find partners in financial services firms.

Miami journalist gets 'chipped'

Implantable-ID company puts product into science writer
By Sherrie Gossett

The implication of Auto-ID

October 5, 2003
From Dave
"Theft will be drastically reduced because items will report when they are stolen, their smart tags also serving as a homing device toward their exact location." - MIT's Auto-ID Center Since the Auto-ID Center's founding at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1999, it has moved forward at remarkable speed. The center has attracted funding from some of the largest consumer goods manufacturers in the world, and even counts the Department of Defense among its sponsors. In a mid-2001 pilot test with Gillette, Philip Morris, Procter & Gamble, and Wal-Mart, the center wired the entire city of Tulsa, Oklahoma with radio-frequency equipment to verify its ability to track Auto-ID equipped packages.
The Implication of Auto-ID article

Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics

By Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland
December 6, 2000
Are we ready for the robotization of mankind and the total elimination of privacy, including freedom of thought? How many of us would want to cede our entire life, including our most secret thoughts, to Big Brother? Yet the technology exists to create a totalitarian New World Order. Covert neurological communication systems are in place to counteract independent thinking and to control social and political activity on behalf of self-serving private and military interests. When our brain functions are already connected to supercomputers by means of radio implants and microchips, it will be too late for protest. This threat can be defeated only by educating the public, using available literature on biotelemetry and information exchanged at international congresses.

World's Smallest Microchip Unveiled 9-3-3 (AFP) --
Malaysia has bought the rights from a Japanese firm to the world's smallest microchip that can be embedded in everything from currencies to human bodies.

Chipping Russia, Colombia, Venezuela
, Argentina, the Carribean, the Dominican Republic, Mexico
VeriChip Corporation Signs New International Distribution Agreements for Russia, Colombia and Venezuela, Argentina, the Carribean,
the Dominican Republic and Mexico.
Minimum Purchase Requirements to Maintain Exclusivity.
Cipping Russia, Colombia Venuzuela, Argentina, the Carribean, the Dominican Republic, Mexico

How nice! The Chip as a Satellite Baby-Sitting Service
By Julia Sheeres
May 02 - 2002

Two companies have announced plans to launch personal GPS "location devices" this year, which will act as a kind of LoJack for everyone from meandering children to nervous executives in kidnap-prone countries.,1367,52253,00.html

Motorola-Packard Mass Producing Bio-Chips
The United States government has entered into an agreement with two publicly held corporations to MASS PRODUCE BIOCHIPS.

The ChipMobile Is Coming - Chip Implants Now On Sale
Get Chipped! FDA approved! (October 2002)

Chipping Kids

Girl to get tracker implant to ease parents' fears
Jamie Wilson, Tuesday September 3, 2002, The Guardian,7369,785073,00.html

Chips Ahoy!!!
Wednesday, August 07, 2002
Stu's News
D G Stewart
"Micro Management" has taken on a whole new meaning, yes?  The recent increase in news reports about abducted children, more oft than not found heaven-bound, sadly to say, is only going to continue.  The mass hysteria generated by the removal of the chicks from the hens follows the pecking order of this new feeding frenzy found to be induced by the ever increasing granules of terror doled out by the farmer, who continues to fatten his poultry for butchering. We continue to witness a large sector of delusional mindsets, insomuch as our society has been sold on the theory that the costs TO freedom outweigh the costs FOR freedom.  That the events of 9/11 remain the catalyst - if not catapult - for swift and sudden changes in both attitudes and approaches is inarguable. Consider, for example, the following files:
Chips Ahoy! Stay tuned, skeptics!

(The VeriChip is the size of a grain of rice)
The VeriChip, is similar to the biochips that have been used
to identify pets and livestock for years.

Politician Wants to 'Get Chipped'
A Brazilian legislator wants to become the first politician to be implanted with a controversial microchip that would contain his personal information.,1282,50435,00.html

Security fears usher in subdermal chips
VeriChip recipients can be ID'd, monitored anywhere in the world --WND

Mark of the Beast?
Geoff Metcalf
© 2002

"We're from the government and we are here to help you."
For over eight years, I have been ranting about the potential dangers of incrementalism and sub-dermal biochip implants. I finally wrote about it in WorldNetDaily on April 20, 1998, in my column "Big Brother's watching." It is increasingly clear that privacy has become an anachronism. The privacy the founding fathers so cherished is about to become a footnote in history. Many are aware of the unbridled abuse of the alleged single-purpose Social Security number. The persistent push for a national identification card (complete with biometric elements) is barely a step away from sub-dermal biochip implants. All the assaults on our privacy have a "reasonable" rationalization.

666 In The Universal Product Code?

Section 666 of Title 42 (the Social Security Act) (42 USC Sec. 666)

Mission Impossible Film Promotes Digital Angel Technology
By Thomas Horn

Midway through Mission Impossible 2 Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) injects a biometric chip into the foot of love interest Thandie Newton. The action is perceived as necessary and ultimately saves the damsel in distress. This is due to the "wonderful" Global Positioning Satellite technologies and the latest in Digital Angel transponder chips designed to "enhance and preserve" the human experience.


Microchip implantation is currently introduced as a voluntary procedure.
But a report written by Elaine M. Ramish for the Franklin Pierce Law Center says, "A [mandatory] national identification system via microchip implants could be achieved in two stages: Upon introduction as a voluntary system, the microchip implantation will appear to be palatable. After there is a familiarity with the procedure and a knowledge of its benefits, implantation would be mandatory."

Writing for (Concern over microchip implants, 1999), Jon E. Dougherty quoted George Getz, the communications director for the Libertarian Party: After all, the government has never forced anyone to have a driver license, [but] try getting along without one, when everyone from your local banker to the car rental man to the hotel operator to the grocery store requires one in order for you to take advantage of their services, that amounts to a de facto mandate.

If the government can force you to surrender your fingerprints to get a drivers license, why can't it force you to get a computer chip implant? These are differences in degree, not in kind--which is why it's essential to fight government privacy invasions from the outset. As Social Security numbers were first voluntary, then mandatory, biometric chip implants are universally inevitable unless citizens rise up in immediate and national opposition.

People like Mr. Getz may be on to something. Conservatives and liberals alike better contact state and federal representatives while they still can and demand immediate protection. Laws preserving individual rights need to be enacted by Congress before Digital Angel and similar forces lead humanity down a high-tech path of no return.

Motorola Mass producing Biochip Implants
Received: Mon, 15 May 2000 22:33:18 -0500 from
The Freedom Page

This site reveals that the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory announced June 29, 1998 a joint-research project with Motorola Inc. and Packard Instrument Company "which aims at commercializing and marketing advanced biochips and related analytical technologies...."

Take note--this partnership of powers was "announced" June 29, 1998. At this posting (Oct. 1999), that was over a year and three months ago. Just think of the research that had to have preceeded this agreement in order for these three entities to have formed this partnership. You'll see the site states "Motorola will develop manufacturing processes to mass produce biochips, and Packard will develop and manufacture the analytical instruments to process and analyze the biochips."

The United States government has entered into an agreement with two publicly held corporations to MASS PRODUCE BIOCHIPS and no one has informed the American public! The site further states, "Argonne's contribution, in conjunction with its Moscow research partner the Russian Academy of Science's Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, is intellectual property in the form of 19 inventions related to biological microchips."

The irony here is that our government has been co-inventing technology with RUSSIA that we, the American people, can not get information on because it is classified under of National Security! Take note when you read "The Argonne/Engelhardt biochips employ a novel "micro-gel" technology in which as many as 10,000 micro-structures are mounted on a single glass surface about the size of a microscopic slide." What they are not telling you is that this "micro-gel", aka the biochip, can be put into a liquid and injected into a human body via an injection--a flu shot, any childhood immunization, etc.

This site promotes "the great diagnostic powers this technology will bring to fields as diverse as medicine and environmental restoration," but fails to inform the reader of hidden dangers. The site makes reference to the Russian Human Genome Program and the Department of Energy's Human Genome Program. According to a biologist who works on the Department of Energy's Genome Program, part of the project's "research" includes experimenting on the general public with aireal spraying.
For more information on how this aireal spraying ties in with the biochips, refer to the information contained in the video and audios listed in the products section.

The Beast of the Apocalypse: 666 A gigantic self-programming computer
The beast of the Apocalypse is already set up in Brussels, Belgium:
It is a gigantic computer that makes its own programs.
"By using three entries of six digits each, each citizen of the whole world will be given a distinct credit card number."
Three entries of six digits each: 666.

Digital Angel Updated

Digital Angel unveiled
Human-tracking subdermal implant technology makes debut

Wednesday, November 01, 2000 Subject: U.S. Secretary of Commerce addresses crowd

© 2000 A NASDAQ-traded company has finally unveiled its long-touted and highly controversial "Digital Angel" -- a subdermal microchip implant designed not merely for keeping tabs on pets, but for widespread, worldwide use in tracking human beings.

The high-tech device, engineered by Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. had its debut Monday before an overflow crowd of more than 300 invited guests at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City. The audience included U.S. Secretary of Commerce Norman Mineta, who addressed the crowd, as well as other government officials, potential joint-venture/licensing partners and press representatives. Richard J. Sullivan, Applied Digital Solutions' chairman and CEO, waxed eloquent about the market potential of Digital Angel, claiming the company has "uncovered a total marketplace that is conservatively estimated to exceed $70 billion."
Digital Angel Updated article

The HumanID project
"The US government is scurrying to work the kinks out of the existing technology through a $50 million project called the HumanID project.,1294,42317,00.html
Human Identification at a Distance (HID)

The Soul Catcher Chip
A computer chip implanted behind the eye that could record a person's every lifetime thought and sensation is to be developed by British scientists. "This is the end of death," Dr. Chris Winter, of British Telecom's artificial life team, said Wednesday.

He predicted that within three decades it would be possible to relive other people's lives by playing back their experiences on a computer. "By combining this information with a record of the person's genes, we could recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually."

The Soul Catcher Cip


'Digital Angel' set to fly tomorrow Implant technology to be beta tested on humans© 2001 (14th of May 2001)
Beginning tomorrow, Applied Digital Solutions will begin beta testing on humans an implant technology capable of allowing users to emit a homing beacon, have vital bodily functions monitored and confirm identity when making e-commerce transactions.

The first production run of "Digital Angel®" devices has begun, the Florida-based, NASDAQ-traded company has announced.
For rest of story see:

High-Tech Security on Tampa Streets

Sunday, July 1, 2001; 5:22 p.m. EDT

TAMPA, Fla. –– Tampa is using high-tech security cameras to scan the city's streets for people wanted for crimes, a law enforcement tactic that some liken to Big Brother. A computer software program linked to 36 cameras began scanning crowds Friday in Tampa's nightlife district, Ybor City, matching results against a database of mug shots of people with outstanding arrest warrants.

European cities and U.S government offices, casinos and banks are already using the so-called face-printing system, but Tampa is the first American city to install a permanent system along public streets, The Tampa Tribune reported Sunday.
High-Tech Security on Tampa Streets article

Face-Scan Technology Selling in China
August 21, 2001
The company that supplied controversial face recognition technology to scan people on the streets of Tampa, Florida, is working with commercial partners in communist China to supply the same technology there. Welcome to the new world order police state!

Face-Scan Technology Selling in China article
(From: Sweetliberty Org)

Oracle boss urges national ID cards, offers free software

September 22, 2001 Broaching a controversial subject that has gained visibility since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Oracle Chairman and CEO Larry Ellison is calling for the United States to create a national identification card system -- and offering to donate the software to make it possible.
National ID Cards article


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