Grander 's watertechnology

Healing Mother Earth and ourselves by Grander 's watertechnology.

Johann Grander inventor and naturalist from Austria; "If those responsible on Earth had followed the example of perfect nature and its Creator, we would have now be on the right path to better prosperity without environmental catastrophes"

Water the mystery of the third millennium;

* Water Revitalisation

Water Revitalisation according to Johann Grander Water has a special primeval force that deriving from its source, which may be lost as a result of environmental influences and of being transported through pipes. When water comes in contact with Grander® Information Water, it has a chance to restore this primeval force, regenerate itself and improve its capacity to purify itself.

---------------------------Before (chaotic structure)-----------After ( harmony and order)

Waterdrop before and after having been in contact with Grander's Water

This process involves something exceptional: revitalised water is enriched with certain properties that few waters exhibit in nature. A very high degree of immunity is formed in the water, making it resistant to external influences. Johann Grander`s prime interest is to return drinking water to what it once was:
The wellspring of all life - for all life first began with water.

* Operating principle of Grander®-Technology

Operating principle of Grander®-Technology Johann Grander Grander Journal
"Our life has changed now"

Users from all 'walks of life' tell about their experience with the Grander® technology. From the housewife to the industrial manager, from city hall to the high tech business. From China to Australia It is quite some time since the basic principles underlying the Grander® Technology started spreading all over the world.

Read about the Chinese Railways' experience with the ECO-Kat and the results of research in biological agriculture in Canton. The Book »On the Track of Water's Secret« A success story in nine languages "On the Track of Water's Secret - from Viktor Schauberger to Johann Grander", from Hans Kronberger and Siegbert Lattacher Are there currently unknown special characteristics of water?
Traditional science says "No", naturalists say "Yes".

Hundreds of personal documented experiences were investigated, many users interviewed and confidential experiments carried-out. Scientists, whose investigative findings have astounded them, could necessitate a meaningful explanation from the traditional science.

* VIDEO/ the Silver Medal of Honour of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

"Honour of Johann Grander" on the 13th of September 2000 Johann Grander was awarded with the Silver Medal of Honour of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences 25 minutes excerpt with interviews Available form: Grander-Sales Centers Uranus Verlag (publishing house): Tel.: ++43 - (0)1 - 4039111 Fax: ++43 - (0)1 - 4039111 - 33 Email: Books available from: bookshops Grander Sales Centers Uranus Verlag (publishing house): Tel.: ++43 - (0)1 - 4039111 Fax: ++43 - (0)1 - 4039111 - 33
(Also available in other languages)

* Water for Eternity

Does the Grander® technology actually extend the life of drinking water (for ever)? - without the addition of any chemicals. A research report by DI Dr. Horst Felsch. Johann Grander In a chat with his friends, Johann Grander talks about his relationship with nature, water and creation. available in English and German

Available from: all Grander Sales Centers Operating Principle of Grander® Technology

The Grander Water Revitalisation process is a technology of information transfer (transmitting natural information of the highest order). Nothing is added to the water, nor is anything removed from it. According to Johann Grander, the discover of Water Revitalisation, the properties of revitalised water can be transmitted to all waters - with the associated positive spin-off effects for human beings, animals, plants and the environment as a whole.

The revitalisation is carried-out by devices that are filled with Grander® Information Water and are either built into the water supply or are immersed directly into the water itself. This Information Water forms the basis for all subsequent applications of the Grander® Technology. ]

The following properties of revitalised water can be derived from users' personal experience:

* enhanced freshness as a result of altered microbiology;

* improved taste; usually feels softer;

* appearance may improve (clearer);

* may increase your sense of well-being; makes foodstuffs (fruit, vegetables, bread, drinks etc. ....) taste fresher, with increased flavour and life-span;

* may make your plants grow better and provide more striking colours on flowering plants; improves solubility and thus saves on washing and cleaning materials; goes back into the environment still revitalised, so that is may again benefit nature;

* many animals are particularly attracted to revitalised water;

* The effect of Grander®-Technology can be proved by standardized microbiological water analysis.

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Energy rod
The energy rod is filled with "Grander® information water"
and has a revitalising effect on all beverages.
Easy to carry with you wherever you go!.

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