Why Ongoing Genocidal Activities on the Planet Are Ignored

The media controls public perception of planetary events.

With that in mind, contemplate this: " The road to human freedom questions authority, the road to serfdom obeys authority without question. Dropping any pretense of independent investigation, the major media obey and relay the word of governmental authorities without question.

The road the major media would lead us upon is quite clear. With media control, the government can commit large-scale actions that "do not exist" in the larger social mind even as thousands subjected to those actions witness them with their own eyes. Due to the media blackout, the larger society is not only ignorant of the events, but is also "immunized" from the truth of those events because eyewitness reports are compartmentalized as "crazy" and are dismissed without question. Due to media blackout, these urban assaults witnessed by thousands of people, are compartmentalized, hermetically sealed, in space and time such that for those outside the event compartment it "does not exist." Dictated by media content, in this case the lack of coverage and lampooning of reports, those outside the event compartment will then mentally compartmentalize the eyewitness reports of those inside the event as "crazy."

As we have seen, the social reaction dictated by media content that punishes those who question the word of authority renders this fascistic dictum more fact than fiction. This system of truth control by punishment and reward lays the foundation for the absolute subjugation of the people and ultimately for unlimited power to commit atrocity. "

Source: Leading Edge International Research Group