Why an Intergalactic Draft was signed



Maldek was a planet of this solar system, located between Mars and Jupiter.
Maldek was destroyed by nuclear war.
The Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter are the remains of Maldek.

Asteroid Belt Between Mars and Jupiter


The Intergalactic Pact
Long before our recorded history there was a beautiful planet . It would easily be described as your Garden of Eden. The beings had the opportunity to be quite evolved. They were evolved to the point that they literally blew up their beautiful planet. The reverberations were felt through out the Cosmos. Not only was this universe shaken, but all of the others as well. This act of selfishness was felt in great waves throughout the Cosmos. A great unbalance was experienced as all ones began to put together that which had been rocked by the explosion of the planet.

It was a mourning time for those that were of the other planets and stars of the universe. It was a time that was used as one of great reflection and contemplation. All one, leaders from all the inhabited planets and stars throughout the Cosmos gathered together to discuss what could be done. They knew within their hearts that this type of act should not be committed again. So the Intergalactic Pact was drafted. In this pact, we stated that in the event that ones, of one of the planets and stars, should ever evolve to the point of being able to destroy a portion of that which had been created, we would with Divine Permission be able to enter to terminate their efforts. We would be able to use the Cosmic Laws to alter their planned course of action. The evolution of that particular planet would not be terminated by the selfish actions of the few. But by Divine Law and by the agreed actions of all ones of the Intergalactic pact, there would be no intercession into the evolutionary progression of those ones of the planet, to alter the course of individual choice, if that choice was not detrimental to the total of the populous. So was the pact drawn and signed as it were, to use your terms of Earth.

You of Earth have the ability to blow up your planet. You have the ability to try to change the course of choice for others that have not willingly surrendered this up to you. It shall not be done. By the Intergalactic pact it shall not be done. So it is that we monitor your actions, that in the vent that one of you of Earth take upon your shoulders the act of explosion, we will immediately intercede. Each of you must be given the opportunity to play out your individual drama, to remove yourselves from that which is known as the karmic wheel.

In addition to the above given. mother Earth has volunteered to take upon her shoulders the students of the universes. She has accepted the ones that were of the planet that was destroyed. She has accepted the ones that were slow in their evolution in other areas, to allow them them to evolve more to their own rhythm. Long ago she has accepted these. So recognize that many of these ones are indeed relatives of ones that are involved in the Intergalactic Pact. These are the brothers and sisters that have chosen a more leisurely route of progression. It is that all things, all ones have of their time. The time, as you would say of Mother Earth, is come that she would go into her new cycle of evolution, she would assume a new birth. So it is that she shall, through the evolutionary process, take upon herself the "progems" or the unresolved energies of much of this universe. The portion of the cycles is such that these unresolved energies shall be lifted from her and from all ones that are to be with her in the next birth.

There is a natural progression and order to all things-please remember this. Another one will take on those that have not graduated to be with Earth. But please remember that even this one and the ones that will go with her will be at a higher vibrational and evolutionary height that they had been when they entered the cycle for Earth.

There are three major cycles that are closing. There are several lesser cycles that are also closing, but for the most part let us be concerned with the three major ones. Earth is to rotate into her new birth. It is to have the opportunity to cast from it all the unresolved energies that have floated with her through the cycles. It is to enjoy the period where she is of balance and harmony. And all ones with her shall be of the same vibrational frequency. Man on Earth has sped up his cosmic clock.

In order to assist you of Earth, we have come to help you to let Earth remain in her present birth to allow as much as opportunity as possible for ones on this plane to realize a balance in their evolvement. We recognize that there are many that would have been lost if it had not been for Earth to give them the opportunity to evolve.

We have come both in the seen and the unseen manifestation to assist in the stabilization of Earth, until the hour when Earth shall move into her new birth. She shall go through the birthing process, for she shall give up that which is not of her vibrational frequency to take on that which is. As she has the opportunity to evolve so do all ones of this solar system.

We the ones of other planets and stars recognize what is happening. Most ones on Earth do not. We are involved to allow as much as enlightenment as possible for ones of Earth to enable them to enter into the same frequency that Mother Earth will assume as she is lightened. We come in peace and universal brotherhood. We come both in physical manifestation, and in that dimension that is not easily observable by you, to assist, We come to share that which we have received. We come to encourage those volunteers that have entered Earth at this hour. We come to express the universal hope that the is light, that there is the at-one-ment that has been so elusive to you up to this hour.

So ones do ask, what is our reason for involving ourselves with you of Earth? Our reply is that we love you. We are of the same seed that was sent forth at the beginning. We are one with you.

Source: Celestial Raise
1986 Richard Watson & A.S.S.K. Inc
(the book is out of print)

The Pre-Timed Event

The approach of the Reptilians and the present-day association with the Greys as being simply an event that is pre-timed to this time period. (More about the Reptilians and Greys in our Galactic Overview - A Journey into Oneness file). It is that which was put into a kind of computerized time table that when humanity reached a certain level of development, the population reached a certain level on Earth; then there would be the so-called "harvest"

There is also a number of other time-tables for the Earth at this present state that have more benevolent purposes. The Pleiadians for example, who worked with humans some 7 thousand years ago had as their time-table the intention of returning to help set up and strengthen the Earth into a more or less paradise, compared to life on this planet.
(Source: Revelations of Awareness newsletter 90-16 issue 369)

More about the Meaning of the "pre-Timed Event"

There are many things occurring at once in a kind of synchronicity. The agenda of the aliens is part of the total scenario for humanity's progress. The aliens may be thought as a kind of catalyst to get humans evolving more rapidly from their stupor, to awaken the masses from their slumber. That it as though there are forces even above the alien Reptoid and Zeta Reticuli forces that are overseeing this general drama that is occurring on the stage of earth in this stage of human existence, and in overseeing this, these higher forces are allowing certain things to take place so as to have an effect on the consciousness of humanity.

If they move too soon, humanity will not awaken more out of fear than out of promise. Things may be promised, but until entities fear something, they do not easily become stirred up to leave their comfort zone and to go into a more disturbing area of consciousness that would awaken them from their comfort. It does not wish at this time to lull you back to sleep by telling you, "Don't worry! There are forces that will protect you from dangers!" because such statement would defeat the very purpose of the overall scenario which has to do with the awakening of humanity at this time in the Cosmic Plan.

There are forces that are watching and will make certain that humanity fulfills its destiny, regardless of the Reptoids, or the Reptilian threat, but it will not prevent that threat from starting humans or scaring humans from their comfort if that is needed at this stage of development.
(From the Revelations of Awareness newsletter 91-4 issue No. 379)

Why the Superpower Confrontation is Hidden

It appears that the reason for the actions occurring wherein the superpowers confront each other behind the scenes, rather than openly, this has a purpose of keeping motives hidden from the public, in recognition that if the masses were awakened, if the masses were aware of what actually is occurring, and the danger thereof, the leaders of either country would have riots and rebellion to deal with. This Awareness indicates therefore, to manipulate mass-consciousness by keeping it asleep while other actions are implemented, appears to be the tactic which is preferred by these entities. That they consider it important that entities not be awakened abruptly before the plan and events are in motion and under control. Then of course, it would be too late for the masses to have any influence on events.

Thus the shadow figures continue their sword fighting while the city sleeps. However, unbeknownst to these entities, there is light coming in from distant space, wrapping its rays around the planet Earth, bringing a dawn, bringing an awakening to the sleeping masses, so that they too may see what is occurring. This light coming in from cosmic beings, aware, and moving closer to the planet Earth as it moves into light.

The Dark Forces May be Celebrating Victory Prematurely

You are living in extremely interesting times, times of great significance to the human condition and to the history of humanity on Earth. Whether humanity moves into this new age as a two-level master/slave relationship or whether humanity throws off the potential tyrant to prevent that master/slave society from gaining foothold, depends on what occurs in the next coming years .

Planet Earth, itself, is being prepared for a kind of rejuvenation

The planet Earth, itself is being prepared for a kind of rejuvenation, for this planet has been tended likened unto a garden by many entities from many systems, not only within the created realm, but also from areas of the immortal realms, and that entities from various intergalactic systems have put much energy into preparing this place to be beautiful, to be harmonious and in a balance, and these energies existed and were placed into this planet long before the modern warfare machines and greed forces gained control, and these entities do not intend to allow these greed forces and the modern competitive war machines to destroy this planet as Maldek was destroyed.

But, rather, these entities shall find that before they are given the opportunity to destroy themselves and the planet, they shall be removed from this planet and placed upon that other planet wherein they may make war upon one another to their heart's content. The peace-loving entities of this plane, on the Earth, shall be given another opportunity, and shall be given that garden which they may enjoy and may express as a new world likened unto other worlds which exists on other planets.

Most entities do not realize that the Earth and its consciousness is likened unto an abomination to most of the other worlds in the universe, for it is so degraded in comparison to their levels of existence that it is considered likened an outcast of the universe.

There are, for example, governments on the planet Uranus which want nothing to do with the planet earth. That government on the planet Saturn are seeking to find a way in which the planet Earth may join with the other planets of the solar system.

This information may sound strange to entities who have been educated to believe that there is no life on other planets in the solar system. For in all your intelligence, in all your science, in all of your technology, in all of your wealth and accomplishments, in all of your confidence, you still have moved yourself to the brink of annihilation, and would have been annihilated 10 years ago had it not been for outside interference.
(Revelations of Awareness 78-?)

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