Cosmic Awareness is the force that expressed Itself through Edgar Cayce, Christ,
the Buddha, Krisna, Mohammed, and other great Avatars who served as "channels" for Cosmic Consciousness,
and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness.
Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through carefully trained channels.
The information contained herein was received and "interpreted" by Will Berlinghof.


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Reading April 2

Thank you Awareness. The next set of questions regard the Malaysian airplane that has recently disappeared, Flight 370, and is in the mainstream media. It has been getting so much coverage over the last couple of days that it seems like they are hardly talking about anything else! As mysterious as this situation is, it seems the coverage is out of proportion to its actual importance in the scheme of things, which means it is probably being used as some kind of mind control device to cover up one or more issues and situations that are going on behind the scenes. Is there any light that Awareness can shed on this? And what, if anything does this missing airline flight have to do with the situations related to Russia, the Ukraine, Crimea and/or Syria?

This Awareness would start by stating that this event is not simply a decoy event. Although it is true that the extreme coverage of this event does seem to be taking attention away from other events such as Syria and certain political economic events that have taken place. It has even to some degree downgraded and distracted attention away from the situation in the Ukraine and Crimea, although this too is being covered still.It is just that many became fascinated by the events, and there is that which could be understood as an attempt to take attention away from certain other matters, such as the Ukraine/Crimea situation, such as Syria, allowing certain actions to be taken that are more obscured because there is a lack of focus on these matters. There is much information that is being brought forward over the Internet behind these events the Malaysian airliner, the political events in the Ukraine and in Syria. If one wishes to remain in the loop or to be presented alternative ways of seeing these actions and understanding these actions, these methods of conveying the information are available by going to alternative sources on the Internet, but if one is only reliant on the mass media and the controlled mass media on top of this, one may seem to think that the Malaysian airline disaster is somewhat of a red herring meant to take attention away and to put the other situations on a back-burner. There is some element of truth to this, but this Awareness would say that the actual event of the Malaysian airliner that has gone missing has touched many at a much deeper level.

This Awareness will say outright there is much more involved in the Malaysian airline disaster than seems to be apparent. It is not simply that an airliner crashed. There is more behind it, and it is not what the press is now reporting, that there was an action of the pilot or there was some plan to it, and that the pilot and/or others cooperated to hijack the airplane, and to fly it elsewhere.These explanations are cover-ups as well to prevent a deeper search into this matter. Many, upon initially hearing that the Malaysian airliner went missing were immediately struck with a sense of foreboding or a feeling that something out of the ordinary had occurred. Many, especially those who are sensitive, those who see reality in an alternative way many of the CAC members even, had an immediate sensing that this was not simply an airliner that for some reason had crashed. Many had an immediate hit that this event was something else.These ones who have felt this, who had this instinct, this gut feeling, are still observing this matter but are hearing very little about that which perhaps is the truth of the situation. There are many who would proclaim these explanations are cover-ups. They are attempts to steal the attention away from the extraordinary nature of this event to more mundane explanations, even if these mundane explanations are lies.It is imperative for those in power not to let too many know the actual truth, and certainly not to reveal it to the masses. So, one would ask perhaps, what is the truth of this matter? The truth is complex and as to China, and to the political world events that are occurring at this time. This Awareness will go back somewhat to help paint the picture of what has occurred to the airliner, bearing in mind that as this Awareness speaks, certain things have not developed that will occur by the time that many read this message in their newsletter.

Going back, it is important to realize that there is much that occurs behind the scenes that the masses are never told of. One of these events that is important in this occurrence is that of Russia and China developing a certain missile, an advanced weapon. This missile is known as the Topol Missile, and it was exhibited to the Western nations in a test done but a few days before the airliner went missing. In this test that was to show the Western powers the magnitude of this new weapon, this Topol Missile, a missile was fired at a target ship in the Pacific Ocean. The location is not seen as clearly, but a message had been sent to the Western military powers that this would occur, and the Western military powers did observe the test and the results. This missile is one that has an increased capacity as a Weapon of Destruction. The warhead is particularly potent. It is also a missile that can travel at Mach 4, at a distance of 10 feet above the ground. This would make this missile almost impossible to be shot down by the planes or weapons of the Cabal Powers. Finally, this missile has an extreme range. It can be launched two thousand miles away from its target and reach the target very quickly, with 100% accuracy and 100 % destructive capacity and capability.The Western powers, especially certain factions that hold power within the Western leadership, and this Awareness must be clear, especially the United States of America, the ones who were meant to see this weapon were very impressed, not in a positive way, but rather in a way that they realized that here was a missile that could make obsolete their navies and ground forces.

A response was needed.  There lies within the military and in particular, within the navy, certain ones that are serving the hidden agenda, the Black Ops of the Power Elite, the economic military machine. These ones needed to make a response to what was shown to them. Their response was to bring forward a weapon that they have been working on, that is available although it is not yet at 100%. They understood that they needed to show Putin and those who would oppose them that they, this group in power had a weapon that could cancel the Topol missile. For years the ones who are hidden and have been using retrograde technology on alien ships that had been captured over years, plus working in conjunction with the Orion/Reptilian Greys; these ones had and now have a weapon. It is known as LaWS: Laser Weapon System, and they needed to respond quickly to the Russian threat of this new Topol missile. The LaWS system uses energy pulse beams, especially magnetic pulse beams, and the problem is that this weapon has limited range, approximately 15 miles line of sight. This would make it ineffective against a missile such as the Topol missile unless it could be placed more directly in the path of such a missile.

In other words, what was needed was a delivery system that would allow the transport of the weapon to a location where it could be deployed and used. The way it is now, is that this weapon is placed on a ship, but as this Awareness has said, this would have limited range and again, against such a fast-moving potent missile as the Topol missile, it would not be a good defensive weapon against this more powerful weapon. What was done is that the LaWS system was made more compact and placed aboard a ship that has been made, is available, a ship not a Naval ship, but one that is of extraterrestrial origin, but is not extraterrestrial. These secret ones in power placed a LaWS weapon aboard a craft and this craft was used against the Malaysian airliner. This Awareness states here that it was the intent of those in power to show the Russians they could destroy their Topol missile because they had not only a weapon, but the means of delivery. These craft are extraterrestrial in nature but are used only by those in power, hidden and not yet brought to public attention.This situation, not being unlike the Stealth fighter plane that was being tested but was kept secret until it was deployed. This new craft has not been made public, nor was it the plan to do so.

The need to respond to the Russian deployment of the Topol missile was considered to be extremely important by these militaryones that did call this action to bear. As a result, a target was needed to send a message to the Russians. The target that was picked was the Malaysian airliner. The reason for this was that there were several on board that were considered extremely dangerous to the Powers That Be, certain ones who were working on a parallel weapon such as LaWS and others that were considered to be of importance to rid the world of. This of course is by the definition of those in power that are trying to control and manipulate.In other words, there were certain ones on board the Malaysian airplane that were considered targets worth taking out, and at the same time, these ones in power would send a strong message to Russia that they had a defensive weapon they could use against Topol. In this, the choice of a civilian target was considered and chosen to be appropriate as a way of sending a message to the Russians and the Chinese.The fact that there were many innocent ones aboard this plane had little bearing on the matter. As has been seen many times over, the hidden plans and agendas of those in power often will sacrifice those who are innocent to achieve their own goals and to serve their own purposes. On the day of the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner, it has been reported that the plane veered several times.  

What is not reported is that the Radar of the Malaysian airliner showed on the screen the appearance of two other smaller crafts, and that they appeared quickly on the screen. One of the two crafts, very quickly at hyper-speed, placed itself in front of the airliner, at which point the Malaysian jetliner did take evasive actions, did turn left, right, left and then right again in order to get away.It was at the 4th turning that the plane disappeared from the Radar screens. This Awareness states that the LaWS weapon had been shot at the plane. It cancelled the electrical systems of the plane, and the communications of the plane. It was meant to destroy the aircraft itself, and when this discharge hit the plane, this is when the communications ceased, the transponders cancelled and the black boxes were negated. There have been other reports since then, but this Awareness can only share what is seen to have occurred. It was the intent of the Powers That Be to destroy the aircraft and to have it crash from a great height into the sea below. What is also seen is an act of intervention.

This Awareness does state that the extraterrestrial Galactic Federation Forces did intervene, and rather than allowing the aircraft to be destroyed, it is seen that a rift was opened in that which is commonly called the time/space continuum; a rift, an opening or a portal into an alternate dimension. Before the plane could be destroyed, this plane with its 230 odd passengers was drawn through this portal and away from danger. It was placed down upon a beach, a sandy beach of an island in an alternate dimension on another timeline. The passengers are safe, as seen by this Awareness, but not contained within the present space/time reality. Many would say of this explanation that this is lunatic fringe and this could not be happening, but this Awareness states that this, and much more has happened, and many felt immediately that an extraordinary event had occurred. It is for this reason that many entities of sensitivity and awareness knew immediately that something else had happened and even though many other explanations have since been given, those who have had this gut feeling, this instinctual understanding still understand and know that something else has happened. It is of course for each and every one to determine and decide.

Those in power have been putting out many alternative explanations, but these, as this Awareness has said, are mostly cover-ups to misguide and to mislead. This event was to send a clear message to the Russian and the Chinese and in a way it was to say to them, If you think you can use your weapons, we have other weapons! Thus, in the Ukraine for example, the implication was and is that the Powers That Be would use the electromagnetic weapon against the Russians in that region, but it is more than one region. It is an assumption that the Russians would be intimidated by this weapon, and it is seen that it was prematurely deployed, for the weapon is not stable, is not ready at this time, but such was the desperation of the Powers That Be, the hidden factions of military power, that they needed to respond in some way to the Topol missile that was demonstrated for them. There is still much that has not been revealed, and the cover-up persists, but this Awareness would say that the situation is important in that it is the beginning of disclosure, not voluntary disclosure, but disclosure due to events being exposed, certainactions that have been taken by the Powers That Be being disclosed. It is the intent of the Powers That Be to keep things hidden, to lie about matters, to misdirect the evidence and the assumptions around guilt, but ultimately, they are afraid. They are afraid because they understand and realize an event took place that they did not expect. This event was the intervention of the Galactic Federation forces, the removal of the airplane before it could be destroyed. The Powers That Be are fearful that the interventions will continue.

This of course would completely disrupt their plans, for in the past they have not made plans under speculation that the Galactic Federation Forces would intervene or involve themselves. This has changed, and in a way the game has now changed as well. This being so, there is a huge question mark that is hanging in front of the Powers That Be, and even the Russian powers in a way, those opposed to the Cabal of Evil. This Awareness would say here that at this time, as this Awareness delivers this message, that it is still all up in the air, and that for those reading this message several weeks into the future as it will be, many things will still be up in the air. However, by the time this message is read, other events and information may have come to the surface.This Awareness has only attempted to fill in some of the blanks to help many to understand that behind the disappearance of the Malaysian Airliner Flight 370, much more is involved, and much more is yet to come forward. This completes this extensive answer at this time.


From a previous reading March 2014:
That this is that which could be understood to be a game-changer. That humanity if, you will, has stepped through an opening into a realm that has not until now been publicly available, publicly acknowledged. This event is of such a nature due to the extreme interest of so many around the world, that it cannot be swept away or covered up.
This is a crucial time; a time of stepping through from one reality to a new reality, the hidden reality that has so long been underway that has so long been hidden and kept secret.
This also has much to do with the revelation of extraterrestrial forces that are currently upon this planet, in this planet and above in the skies of this planet. That the perception of reality that has been held for so long, that has been controlled and manipulated for so long, is ready to come apart, is ready to be shaken apart.

That at this time it is not seen that the individuals aboard this aircraft are dead. It is simply seen they are elsewhere and that there is the possibility that they may be returned.

As this Awareness has said previously that the Galactic Federation ones did intervene but were not the cause of the difficulty to the plane.  That this was caused by this secret group that have been working with the technology that they have received from their extraterrestrial Orion/Reptilian allies. The intervention of the Galactic Federation ones was secret, but was also a message to this group, as well as to the Russians and others, the Chinese as well, that there is indeed another player on board as well."

"Recently when this Awareness was speaking of the possibility of a return of the aircraft It did state: imagine the reaction on the planet if this occurred, if this ship returned, this airliner returned and all were alive onboard and it simply landed in Malaysia or Beijing. But that this is still not yet a guarantee, It simply is stating here, this Awareness is simply stating here that humanity would most definitely truly begin to understand and accept there are others here as well and that the evidence that is so denied by so many can no longer be denied, especially if those ones onboard come back with strange tales indeed. That this Awareness would ask one and all to energize this timeline, to hold it as more than possible, that it can be so, will be so, for you wish it to be so."

Updates Reading MH370 on the 6th of July 2014

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