Universal Laws and Principles
Leyes y Principios Unversales
Lois Universelles et Principes

For Universal Peace and Harmony
Para La Paz y Harmonia Universal

Pour La Paix et L'harmonie Universelle

"Writing a New Chapter for Humanity"


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Universal Principles
Discern but Judge & Condemn Not
Be Humble
Never Do Anything Contrary to the Law of Love
Do Nothing Contrary to the Law of Mercy



The Law of Tenfold Return is that Universal Principle
wherein gifts freely given for Spiritual Use
return to the grantor good fortune equal to
or greater than ten times the loss.
This Law works on the principle that
when a vacuum is created it must be filled,
when a seed is magically planted, it will bear fruit
greater that its weight and original value.

The Importance of Studying the Universal Laws

The Cosmic Laws Book

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