United Religions

United Religions
Sounds noble.
Bringing all believers under one roof but....
It depends on who is playing the game,
the architects of the game,
those who are writing this final scenario behind
the curtains of the theater of life!

Making use of many good people with noble intentions
as pawns for their game to write a pre-scenario that sounds noble
filled with good intentions acceptable world wide. But....
let us not forget that the final written scenario is to enslave mankind.

We have now;
*United Nations (peace corps-future world police corps)
*World Health Organization (under control of the pharmaceutical industry)
*World Trade Organization (operate for and are operated by multi-corporations)
*World Bank (managing the money supply)
*World Court (where the citizen has little or nothing to say)
*World Order or emerging World Governance (centralizing power)
* World chip (in the make, as a mark to be used under the skin)

Now in progress the United Religions. Instead of introducing one world religion, bringing the various religions for the time being under one umbrella. For the time being, for who can tell us what the future will bring? It depends on the intentions of the scenario writers. Perhaps the plans are re-writing history, whereby future generations will be more and more programmed as politically correct citizens and politically correct believers? ("The United Religion Initiative URI, in time, aspires to have the visibility and stature of the United Nations", as you can read in their Chapter) Do you get the picture? Let us hope for the best!


The Coming United Religions
Bishop of California

For more than 100 years, visionaries have been dreaming of a day when the world's religions could work together for peace. "That day is coming soon!" writes Bishop William E. Swing. He and others in the United Religions Initiative (URI) have already held consultations with numerous religious and spiritual leaders during global summits, regional conferences, and interviews.

The 1998 Summit endorsed an innovative draft of the United Religions Charter, and the group is planning to inaugurate the UR in the year 2000. Meanwhile, URI is reaching across the planet to gather insights and support from people, young and old, of every faith. Reviews: "May the Initiative described in this book succeed for the sake of all believers!"

The Most Reverend Desmond M. Tutu Archbishop Emeritus Why a United Religions now? On the threshold of the first global civilization, we face crises in which people of all faiths play significant roles for good or ill. Nations have been working for peace through the UN for more than 50 years, but religions do not yet have a daily, global forum for dialogue, conflict resolution, and cooperative action.

With the approaching millennium come rising expectations of a new spiritual paradigm, beyond the clash of beliefs, where believers respect the differences as well as the wisdom in other faiths. As emerging "global ethic," initiated at the 1993 Parliament of the World's Religions, invites the consensus of religions and spiritual traditions, but also needs a permanent forum for its expression. William E. Swing, Episcopal Bishop of California, has been a primary catalyst for the creation of a United Religions since 1993. Part One is his story building on the work and vision of many others for more than 100 years.

Part Two of this book reflects the work of many others. It includes the 1998 drafts of the Charter, organizational design, and action agendas such as the 72 Hours for Peace project at the New Year, and opportunities for reader feedback and participation.


Proposals for a United Religions: 1893-1996 A Brief and Incomplete History*

1996: The San Francisco Summit Meeting for a Global United Religions Initiative approved the proposal of a united religions that would begin with the purpose of pursuing peace among religions for the sake the entire order of life. This United Religions has a target date of the year 2000 for its charter signing.
Proposals for a United Religions book excerpts

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United Religions Charter

United Religions Initiative URI Charter **charter2000

The United Religions Initiative (URI) is a growing global community dedicated to promoting enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, ending religiously motivated violence and creating cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings. Working on all continents and across continents, people from different religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions are creating unprecedented levels of enduring global cooperation.

Today, at its birth, people's hopes are rising with visions of a better world. It is a world where the values and teachings of the great wisdom traditions guide people's service, where people respect one another's beliefs, and where the resourcefulness and passion of people working together bring healing and a more hopeful future to the Earth community.

Pay attention to the next line, here we go:

The URI, in time, aspires to have the visibility and stature of the United Nations.

Since June 1996 thousands of people have shared their visions and worked together to create the URI. It is an organization for global good rooted in shared spiritual values. People from many different cultures and perspectives have worked to create an organization that is inclusive, non-hierarchical and de-centralized; one that enhances cooperation, autonomy and individual opportunity.

This co-creative work offered by people of many cultures has produced a unique organization composed of self- organizing groups which operate locally and are connected globally. The URI's Charter has been spoken into being by a myriad of voices from around the world. Its essential spirit, values and vision are expressed in the Preamble, Purpose and Principles. Taken together, they inspire, ground and guide all URI activity. Read the URI Charter in html format. Read the Preamble, Purpose and Principles.
The URI Charter

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