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Contrary to most present day Christian teachings, Astrology, the Tarot, and psychic sciences held a sacred place in the early Hebrew and Christian religions.

The words "science" and "seance" are related to the word essence, which in turn was related to the name "Essenes," the spiritual group of which Jesus was a member.

The Hebrew spelling of the name of the God Jehovah: JHVH, spelled with the Hebrew letters is a direct link to Astrological elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth: Greek Hebrew Zodiac Letter Letter Sign:

J =Yod= Leo (Lion)

H= He =Scorpio (Eagle)

V =Vau= Aquarius (Man)

H= Heh= Taurus (Bull)

Element: Atomic Part Meaning Polarity
Fire: Proton Radiance Positive
Water: Electron Magnetism Negative
Air: Neutron Balance Neutral
Earth: Atom itself Stability Ground

The name JESUS is spelled by the Hebrew letters JHSVH -- Yod, He, Shin, Vau, Heh.

The name is identical to that of Jehovah except for the added letter Shin in the middle.
What does Shin do to the name that graphically shows it to be the mediator between man and God?

YHVH -- Radiance, Magnetism, Balance, and Stability -- are the four elements said to have created matter.
(Today we call them positive, negative, neutral and ground; the ancients called them fire, water, air and earth -- these are not to be equated to today's physics terms for elements.)

These elements are qualities, not quantities or things. When you add the letter Shin to JHVH, making JHSVH,
you are adding life to the matter that was created by JHVH.
Shin ties the matter, or physical reality, to the anti-matter or spirit that is the life force of the universe.
Shin means Akashas, ether, space, spirit, or what today is known as anti-matter.
(Contrary to popular scientific notions, anti-matter permeates all matter, and in certain proportions does not destroy matter, but gives it life.)

Add this to the equation: Our clocks show 12 hours and the hands turn clockwise. Our year has 12 months or signs and they turn counter-clockwise on the zodiac. Each age lasts approximately 2,000 years and moves clockwise on the Zodiac. The direction of movement shifts with each different level.

Consider the following:

Age of Leo Sun worship, Ra, Sphinx or Lion (Age of Adam in Hebrew symbology)

Age of Cancer Beetle or Sacred Scarab of Egypt, later the Crab, Isis (Eve)

Age of Gemini Early writing, hieroglyphics, Horus and Set (or Cain and Abel)

Age of Taurus Agricultural Age, Fertility religions, Golden Calf, Hindu Cattle worship, (Spanish bullfighting is a ritual relating to the end of the Taurus Age) The Hindu religion still clings to its cattle worship from the age of Taurus.

Age of Aries Power worship -- Power god Jehovah, sign ruled by Ram or Lamb, Lamb of David, slaying of the lamb as a ritual commemorating the end of the age. The Hebrew or Jewish religion still promotes the concept of a the power-hungry, threatening, egocentric god Jehovah.

Age of Pisces God as a fisher of men, Lamb of God sacrificed at the end of Aries age, resurrected for the new Piscean Age. The Cross as a symbol for the re-birth of the new year (Aries and Pisces are the cross points, or transition signs between the end of one zodiac and the beginning of the new zodiacal year, Easter, when the Sun (Son) hangs suspended on the cross between winter and spring, as the death of the Old and resurrection of the New.

The Christian religions keep promoting a sacrificial lamb and asking followers to sacrifice and martyr themselves for Christ, while never realizing that they are keeping Christ on the Cross and could take him down and put him in their hearts and consciousness; keeping people bowing to the cross and feeling guilty if they ever question why they should go like zombies to kneel before a shrine that keeps the Christ suspended thus bowing to the messenger, while ignoring the message.

Throughout the coming ages, the Hindus, Jews and Christians will quite likely continue without question the traditions of bygone ages; it is unlikely they will bring their religions up to the level of enlightened consciousness. Indeed, many people in the business world without any religious affiliations at all, are more enlightened spiritually than many prominent religious leaders.

The question must be asked: What will you do with your life? Do you want to become more and more aware of who in fact, you really are? Or are you satisfied to take somebody else's word for things and follow the leaders of those religions which lost their actual meaning hundreds of years ago and these days simply concentrate on getting and holding members.

Cosmic Awareness has stated that there are approximately seven symbolic levels to many of the stories in the Bible and that there are definite numerological meanings to the sacred words which appear In the Bible. The entire Hebrew lettering system, both Hebrew and Greek, was at one time tied into numerological meanings and also represented by Tarot cards.

The twenty-two letters of the Tarot were the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. These grew out of the sixteen Egyptian letters which tie directly to the Lemurian letters, which in turn are symbols for philosophical concepts.
The Greek alphabet is also closely related to the Lemurian alphabet. All of these letters and numbers were at one time symbols for concepts, and the stories came from them.

For example, the card "Strength" in the Tarot relates the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den; the "Magician," the "Empress," and the "High Priestess" relate the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. There are many other levels of symbology which are explored in further depth in the Cosmic Awareness messages.

The Four Beasts of the Apocalypse in Ezekiel with the head of a man, a lion, and an eagle relate to astrological signs. The symbology of the Bible is such that it contains alchemical symbols, astrological symbols, historical symbols, moral symbols and rules, and also spiritual and cosmic symbols. In particular, it contains psychic symbols or symbols of consciousness.

The messages being given through the Interpreter by Cosmic Awareness attempt to open up some of the symbolism for greater exploration and deeper understanding. The mysteries involved in the symbols have caused great confusion and tragedy on this earth because they have been taken too literally. Look at Greek mythology and visualize a culture or civilization which would take such myths as literal, actually visualizing Mars, Apollo or Athena somewhere up in the sky, doing all the things these gods did in Greek mythology.

The personification of planets, forces and aspects of consciousness are simply poetic imaging and poetic symbolism. Yet people take them literally, as a child may take literally the spirit of Santa Claus. Apollonius of Tyana is the one people speak of when they speak of Jesus. The name "Jesus" was added later and applied to the story that was created for the New Testament. Apollonius was the one who was essentially the character, the real-life character. The New Testament story was based on the story of Apollonius.

The name Jesus is a name that was attributed to this character's story by the priests under the directorship of Constantine in the Third Century, when he directed that the church priests of Rome come together and create a Holy Universal Roman Church. The word "universal" in Latin being the same as the word "catholic." There was a family of Rome deeply involved in the writing of these documents that became the New Testament.

This was an attempt to create a Roman religion that would counter the Hebrew or Jewish religion of the time. It was recognized during these times the importance of having a mythical body of knowledge that held people together as a cultural group to help meld them into a single unit. Religion was seen as a way of population control and Rome had been relying on both Hebrew and Greek mythologies which were causing them to be a second-rate culture, without an identity of their own. Therefore, not being cohesive or unified, the various sects and religions in Rome were about to tear the country apart. Constantine saw the need for a unified or catholic religion.

After the religion had been compiled in such a way that it brought all of the various sects or religions together, everything from Krishna to the Helios philosophy or religion. Helios was sun-centered with twelve signs that became the "son" and his twelve disciples. The Krishna religion taught of a virgin birth, bringing Krishna to India, born of the virgin to bring hope to humanity and being hanged for his efforts, but rising and continuing after his death. The works of Apollonius of Tyana were also brought in.

The question at that time was: "What shall we call the hero of our story?", and many of these priests decided to call him Zeus, for Zeus seemed to be the most fitting name. It referred to the planet Jupiter, which meant "one who gives all forms of blessing and bounty." But there were those who objected and said, "Zeus is a Greek name; we don't want Greek gods running Rome." And so they went back and discussed further and after many various considerations, they settled on the word Jesus.

Jesus was a common name that meant "Neither He nor She." It was a neutral name, and they felt this would be good to have a name that is neutral. Then they decided to put a title on Jesus and chose the word Christos, or the Christed one. There were many Christos. There was the Babylonian named Crust. There were other people through history that had been Christed.

The word Christos meaning "One who is crowned with Divinity." And they decided to call this entity Jesus the Christos, or the Christed One, meaning the man had a title of a Christ. It is like saying "John the Prophet, or Michael the Doctor." The word Christos was a title, not a last name. It has only become associated as a last name down through the ages because of people's misunderstanding.

Thus, the original term was "Jesus the Christos," or "Neither He Nor She, the Christed One." This name was added to the story, and the story was complete, giving the Roman Empire a mythology that could be used to hold people together and to make them strong and unified under a spiritual umbrella. Many will ask: "But what of the fact that people the world over have seen visions of Jesus, or visions of Mary, the mother of Jesus?" Likewise, in India, people see visions of Krishna.

People tend to visualize things they have been taught to believe in. There are no photographs or pictures depicting the face of Apollonious of Tyana, so you cannot really know how accurate the image of Christ in relation to this entity might be. You are stuck with images that you have been shown and have been taught to be the images of Christ. It is not so much a question of what he looks like anyway, for you are not to worship graven images, remember?

You are to worship the Christ, the Christos. This refers to the annointment that comes from the Divine, the Christ Consciousness, or the vibration of Christ, the vibration of God, the frequency associated with the Absolute Divine.

That is the true Christ.

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