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Taken from the book Maitreya's Mission by Benjamin Creme.

Alice Bailey founded the Lucifer Trust which she changed to the Lucis Trust - what did she mean by LUCIFER? (April 1995)

Lucifer is the name of a great Angel, not an upstart in heaven who revolted against God and was put down into the nether regions as the Devil. That is a complete misinterpretation. Lucifer means light, and comes from the Latin lux, lucis, name of the Angel who ensouls the human kingdom: every person, therefore, is a fragment of Lucifer. According to the esoteric teaching, the human souls individualized 18 and half million years ago. Lucifer, the Oversoul, diversified itself; and each fragment became individualized. These individualized human souls descended from the soul plane into incarnation.

The 'fall' of Adam and Eve is the symbolic representation of this event; it has with the Devil or with Lucifer as an evil entity, but with the divine nature of humanity itself as souls. The environment is so polluted now; we have the greenhouse effect and other major problems. How can we come to terms with this situation? (July/August 1993)

The Masters of our Spiritual Hierarchy, Who are coming into the with Maitreya, have the technology to neutralize the green-effect, the pollution of the atmosphere, even the effects of radiation. We have to wind down the fission process of creating energy. '. What I am not advocating, or even suggesting, is returning to the old days humanity living in pastoral conditiuons and so on. We will still have a prosperous, well-balanced,modern lifestyle with all the technology which we are capable of.

We shall be given the blueprints of technology which at moment we cannot even begin to imagine. It would boggle the mind of the most advanced scientist. But we are not going to be waiting for Maitreya and the Masters to give us the technology to make these changes. We cannot just and say: "They are going to give us the technology to up the planet, so we do not have to do anything." (Aug 1993)

When we accept the principle of sharing, and when that process is out in the world, we will be given the gift of new technologies. I do not mean that we will be given an instrument how to use it. We will be given the secrets of how to create this technology. Then our advanced scientists will develop it.

To Serve Anew The following article is an edited vervion of the talk by Creme given at the July 1994 Transmission Meditation conferences in San Francisco, USA, and in September in the Netherlands. IThe talk was based on the above article by Benjamin Creme's Master, 'To Serve Anew' Kali Yuga "Firstly, men will awaken to a new situation, one unfamiliar and strange: nothing similar will have experience of anyone alive."

I do not know whether you have thought of it, but this is manifestly true, When Maitreya speaks as the World Teacher for the new age, enlightening humanity with certain idea students of the esoteric tradition, we take for granted which we have familiarized ourselves in the process known His presence, most people are going to have an extrordinary revelation. The world as a whole does not know the Hierarchy exists. They have heard that the Christ exists living up in heaven in some remote place in the sky until the end of the world to return on a cloud.

That, is the general expectation of orthodox Christians. The other religions have their equally unlikely scenarios for the coming of the Teacher into our midst. Muslims are awaiting Mahdi who, likewise, can only come on Judgement the end of the world; and into Damascus, the world", at noon, when He will appear suddenly an come. Give Me bread. Give Me clothes." Hindus interpretation, awaiting Kalki Avatar or the return at the end of Kali Yuga. I heard the other day that Sai Baba had announced recently that Kali Yuga had ended, was coming now to an end. He had said that several years ago, and we published it in Share International, but we are always ahead of events!

My Master affirmed, as did Swami Premananda, that Kali Yuga was indeed ending and we published that at the same time. However, there has been a rumour, as always, coming from Puttaparti, that Sai Baba has said that Kali Yuga has now ended, and that this week, from Monday 18 to today Friday 22 July 1994, was a most important period in the life of this Earth. He did not, as far as I know, go on to explain why it was important, why it was so crucial. I have checked up, of course, with my own source of information.

Indeed, what Sai Baba appears to have been referring to is that this week is the culmination of a great period of trial and testing for the Earth, and that the Earth has come through it - that is, mainly humanity, although not only humanity - safely. For example, a great battle has been going on, on Cosmic levels, between the forces of Light, under Maitreya, and certain evil Cosmic forces. That has culminated recently in a triumph for our Spiritual Hierarchy.

Maitreya has been waiting for just such a time to emerge into the open. As you know, at other times, in particular in 1985 when Maitreya was ready to come forward to a group of journalists meeting in London, there was a great battle fought, again on Cosmic levels, between these forces and our own planetary Hierarchy.

This, too, ended in a triumph for our Hierarchy, but at the expense of the coming forward of Maitreya. It took all the combined efforts of Hierarchy to contain the assault which was launched. I know the signs. I know that during such a period when cosmic baffles are going on, about which humanity hears nothing, my Master becomes very remote indeed. I can sense His remoteness. Although He will respond and will answer questions, it is as if His answers are coming through a series of filters and barriers.

All the Masters were totally focused, meditating. The same thing happened in the two or three months before July 1977, when Maitreya came down from His retreat in the Himalayas. Having accepted the invitation to appear on a major US network. ,He has been waiting for the best possible moment in which to do it. That would be when the spiritual energies in the world were at their highest, when a reservoir had been built up which would guarantee (as far as that can ever be guaranteed) correct response from humanity. So that it would not be that the maximum response of a good kind, positive and welcoming, would come from such a broadcast.

During the Three Spiritual Festivals in April, May and powerful energies were poured into the world - the Spirit Peace, the Buddha, the Avatar of Synthesis, the energies Aquarius focused through Maitreya, and so on. All of this been building up in tremendous potency. The Avatar of Synthesis in particular, I have experienced as never before, cornirig with the Shamballa force, which is unusual; it is usually one the other. This has built up a barrier against these Cosmic which have been levelled against us, a last ditch stand, if you of these materialistic forces, trying to prevent the manifestation our Spiritual Hierarchy openly in the world. They have not succeeded, they will not succeed, and the way is now clear for the open manifestation of Maitreya and the Masters.

I believe that is what Sai Baba meant when He the period from 18-22 July will be of major import. It has the wheel. We are now in the Age of Aquarius. I know said that when the earth was slowed down in its re~ brought symbolically closer to the sun, that was the turning wheel. That was the beginning of a process which has cuind now. We are at the end of Kali Yuga, and at the end of Lii the Kalki Avatar can come.

Maitreya is, of course, the --Avatar. Even on the Day of Declaration, I doubt very Maitreya will say: "I am the Christ." He will probably say things like: "Many millions await Me as the Christ, and it fulfils their expectations that I come." Something of that nature. He will introduce to the world as a whole the fact that been living in the Himalayas, rather than in "heaven", this past 2,000 years and more; that He is the head of a large similarly, if not equally, advanced men, and that growing numbers, will be in the world. Already a large number, 14 including Maitreya, are among us.

This will be a revelation for humanity. There is one thing on which I disagree with the Master DK. I find it very difficult to agree when He says that the idea of Hierarchy has filtered right down to "the man in the street". I would have thought that probably everyone in California today has heard of the Masters. But Kansas City? Cleveland? Detroit? I doubt it. Manchester? Birmingham? Bremen? Yokohama? No, I think that there are many places in the world, most of them in fact, where the idea of Hierarchy has never entered into the consciousness of the people.

Yet they are going to hear about it for the first time on the Day of Declaration. And they are going to hear about it from the One who knows about it, who leads the whole group of Masters, and in this miraculous way by their minds being overshadowed. As the Master put it, "singly, and solemnly alone" they will hear this voice in their hearts. Can you imagine the experience this will be for the bulk of humanity, who have never before heard of Masters or a Christ who isn't up in heaven; a great teacher who is actually there on a television screen speaking for the first time to the whole of humanity in this extraordinary way?

Can you imagine what that will mean, the shock to the consciousness of the vast body of tumanty, probably most of the 572 billion people who live in the 'world I have never yet grasped the immensity of this event. I have it so many times, but never until this moment, and probably at this moment, have I been able to grasp the enormous of that, the enormity, the newness, uniqueness, of this For the first time in history, there will be a world telepathic

The whole world will be in contact with one man, hearing words enter their minds in their own language, speaking - to them, "singly, and solemnly alone". Every individual be watching the screen. They will turn to each other to ask: you hearing what I am hearing?" Because of the tone of the as it were, the tone of the thought, the solemnity of the vastness of these concepts, people will be experiencing what they have never experienced in their lives.that is phenomenal. We are standing at a unique moment in the history of the planet.

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