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Scientists astounded: 83-year-old man lives without food, water
Scientists with India's Defense Research and Development Organization claim they have observed 83-year-old yogi Prahlad Jani go without food or water for two weeks. Even more shockingly, Jani claims he has not eaten or drunk anything since some time during World War II.

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How many not-eating people live in on Earth? Some say that a few thousands. It is a fact, that majority of breatharians are a highly spiritual developed people, who are not interested in fame and publicity. A lot of them are barely recognizable because you can invite them for a dinner, to pub, they can participate in parties and then they eat in order to avoid sensation, however they need neither food nor liquids to keep the body in perfect condition. Below, you can find only a few of not-eating people (in alphabetic order), who have been well known by the media.
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Living on Light Research
The following research was done on Hira Ratan Manek, a Jain man who spent 411 under constant medical supervision while he 'fasted' on only water and solar energy. Below is the leading Dr's synopsis for which he received an award from his colleagues in India. Dr Shah can be contacted via email : The Hypothesis : on Prolonged Fasting. With Dr Sudhir Shah This is unique. You will agree that such a prolonged continuous Jain fasting for religious (the spreading of Ahimsa and other high mottos) and scientific purposes (to create awareness about Sun-energy) and also aimed at a solution of four-way human crisis (Physical, Mental, food and neurological) under scrupulous daily medical supervision is unheard of. Its just fantastic, and absolutely amazing, but this is not a myth. It's not happening in Himalayas or distant jungles. It is happening in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India) in the continuous presence of public and under strict medical check and supervision by expert doctor team.
Living on Light Research with an exclusice interview with India Post

Light from the Other side
An exciting novel about true love and spiritual realization. Find out how miracles can occur and make it possible to live solely on light (or 'prana', the fundamental life-force) without the need for nourishment through physical food. This autobiography is entirely based on real events in the author's life!

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From: Sue Date: 6/24/03
It is said that the atomical structure of the human body could fit on a pin head. This is supported by quantum physics which tells us an atom is 99.99999999999% 'empty space'. Of course this 'space' is actually filled with the all prevading Universal Life Force, prana, call it what you will. See the book "LOOKING GLASS UNIVERSE" for other great info on quantum physics written for the lay person and pictures from Lewis Carroll's "ALICE IN WONDERLAND". Anyway the revelance of this to Living on Light is that we can through programming, visualisation and our intent fill this 'space' with Divine Light. This is simply so that we are reminding our memory banks that carry memories of our true divinity and limitless nature of the God beings WE ARE. We become literally infused with Divine Love and Light and this is what sustains us. :-) :-) :-)

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