Revolution of Biology and Medicine (The Secret of our Blood)
Quantum Healing/Restoring our Original Blueprint
GM Food and Codex Alimentarius (Video)
HPV Vaccine Alert (Video)
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The Genetic Engineering File "Creating an Artificial Paradise on Earth"
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Biological & Social Decline of Modern Society & Planetary Laws
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U.S. Congressional Testimony about the danger of Fluoridation (June 29, 2000)
FOR WOMEN!-How to dissolve fat deposits (taking a hipbath)
DISSOLVING FAT deposits, stagnation, rejuvenation & softening tissues with ginger compresses
The Politics of Meat and Dairy
How our Food Choices affect Ours & Mother Earth's Health
The Health effects of Meat and Dairy Products
TO ALL WOMEN! Think twice before you sacrifice your body parts to the altar of medical science!
CHEMTRAILS-Poison from the Skies
Healing our Earth
Improving our vitality selecting the correct "cookware"
Health Alert about Nutrasweet, Equal and Aspartame
A Health Alert about Dairy Food! (milk and cheese)
Milk does not protect against bone breaks! (scientific confirmation)
World Health Organization or
World Pharmaceutical Organization?