The first use of fluoridated drinking water was in the Nazi prison camps in Germany thanks to the Illuminati pharmaceutical giant I.G. Farben. This was the company that ran camps like Auschwitz and it still exists as its constituent parts like Bayer.
Did the Nazis do this because they were concerned about the teeth of the inmates?

This mass medication of water supplies with sodium fluoride was to sterilise the prisoners and force them into quiet submission. Charles Perkins, a chemist, wrote the following to the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on October 2nd 1954: 'in the 1930s, Hitler and the German Nazis envisioned a world to be dominated and controlled by a Nazi philosophy of pan-Germanism. The German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass control, which was submitted to, and adopted by, the German General Staff.

This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies.
By this method they could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water medication that would
induce sterility in women and so on. In this scheme of mass control sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place.'
- From David Icke's Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster

Fluoride truth on Australian TV  Fluoride retards the brain


Fluoride in Food and Drinks


Fluoride and our Pineal glands

Plans for fluoride 'in all water'

(BBC News 12 May 2003)
Ministers are planning to allow fluoride to be added to all drinking water in England and Wales it is being reported.

Belgium to Ban Fluoride tablets

BRUSSELS (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- Belgium will ban the sale of tablets and chewing gum which contain fluoride elements because of the risk that they might cause a brittle bone condition, a Health Ministry spokesman said Tuesday. The move is believed to be the first such ban in the 15-nation European Union (EU), and may spark renewed debate about the safety of fluoride, which some countries add to public drinking water supplies as a means of improving dental health.

Fluoride in drinking water increases the risk of hip fractures in women
NEW YORK, NY -- February 24, 2000 --

Fluoride in drinking water increases the risk of hip fractures in women, according to an October 1999 American Journal of Epidemiology study. This corroborates several studies revealing a positive fluoride/hip fracture association. Furthermore, other studies dismissing a fluoride/fracture link may be flawed because they weren't gender or hip-fracture specific, report authors Kurttio, et al. A recent Lancet study showing no fluoridation/hip fracture link was not gender specific between high and low fluoride areas.
The union of scientists and other professionals (NTEU Chapter 280) at U.S. EPA Headquarters opposes fluoridation, "based on the scientific literature documenting the increasingly out-of-control exposures to fluoride, the lack of benefit to dental health from ingestion of fluoride and the hazards to human health from such ingestion," says EPA scientist William Hirzy, Ph.D., NTEU Senior Vice President. Organized dentistry used a public relations scheme in the 1940s that "sold" fluoridation to America as a safe and effective method to reduce children's tooth decay.
Fluoride in drinking water increases the risk of hip fractures in women article


JUNE 29, 2000

Good morning Mr. Chairman and Members of the Subcommittee. I appreciate the opportunity to appear before this Subcommittee to present the views of the union, of which I am a Vice-President, on the subject of fluoridation of public water supplies. Our union is comprised of and represents the professional employees at the headquarters location of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington D.C. Our members include toxicologists, biologists, chemists, engineers, lawyers and others defined by law as "professionals."

The work we do includes evaluation of toxicity, exposure and economic information for managements use in formulating public health and environmental protection policy. I am not here as a representative of EPA, but rather as a representative of EPA headquarters professional employees, through their duly elected labor union. The union first got involved in this issue in 1985 as a matter of professional ethics. In 1997 we most recently voted to oppose fluoridation. Our opposition has strengthened since then.

Summary of Recommendations

1) We ask that you order an independent review of a cancer bioassay previously mandated by Congressional committee and subsequently performed by Battelle Memorial Institute with appropriate blinding and instructions that all reviewers independent determinations be reported to this Committee.

2) We ask that you order that the two waste products of the fertilizer industry that are now used in 90% of fluoridation programs, for which EPA states they are not able to identify any chronic studies, be used in any future toxicity studies, rather than a substitute chemical. Further, since federal agencies are actively advocating that each man woman and child drink, eat and bathe in these chemicals, silicofluorides should be placed at the head of the list for establishing a MCL that complies with the Safe Drinking Water Act. This means that the MCL be protective of the most sensitive of our population, including infants, with an appropriate margin of safety for ingestion over an entire lifetime.
Complete Congressional US testimony on fluoridation article

Analytical Chronology of Fluoridation: Politics vs Science
The Analytical Chronology of Fluoridation: Politics vs Science Authored by Val Valerian,189 pages, 8 1/2 by 11 Velo Bound, Leading Edge Research Group, 1997.

A 70,000 word white paper and research tool, with more than 850 entries, master index, reference bibliography.The Analytical Chronology of Fluoridation is the result of the examination of thousands of letters, monographs, scientific documents and declassified materials from the National Archives.

Through the use of these materials it goes on to prove, by definition, that the fluoridation paradigm is a civil conspiracy participated in by agencies all the way from the US Public Health Service, the World Health Organization, the AMA and ADA, and all state health departments, and that the fluoridation paradigm is based on false science, misrepresentation and deliberate falsehood in order to provide a means for dumping hazardous wastes from industry into the food and water without challenge from the population.

This 189 page, 70,000 word piece of work took hundreds of hours to compile and analyze, and is backed up by numerous references and a superb index for locating those hard-to-find statements by the AMA and ADA who, before 1945, told the scientific truth about the nature of fluorides, chemicals more toxic than lead and arsenic. Contrary to what the population is told, fluorides produce rapid aging, cause brittle bones and interfere with virtually every enzymatic process in the body. Dentists tell people that "fluorides prevent cavities", yet statistical analysis of all the major fluoridation studies upon which this premise is based demonstrates these studies to be fraudulent.

Together with legitimate studies done independently which show both greater dental decay rates, higher dentist ratios and higher dentist incomes in fluoridated areas, right from the ADA and AMA’s own publications, there can be no doubt that the public is being taken for one of the biggest "rides" of the century. According to Senior EPA Scientist Robert Carton, "fluoridation may well represent the biggest case of fraud in this century".
Analytical Chronology of Fluoridation: Politics Vs Science article


British Medical Journal Fluoridation is based on poor science, has overstated benefits, puts children at high risk of developing dental fluorosis and may increase older women's chances of wrist fractures, reports the British Medical Journal (B.M.J.), October 7, 2000.

McDonagh and colleagues conducted a systematic review of 214 selected water fluoridation safety and efficacy studies. "Given the level of interest surrounding the issue of public water fluoridation, it is surprising to find that little high quality research has been undertaken," they write. Fluoride-laced drinking water, touted as a potent cavity fighter, apparently, has little, if any, scientific support. McDonagh, et al, write that the pro-fluoridation studies lack appropriate design and analysis.

Many don't control for potentially confounding factors such as "age, sex, social class, ethnicity, country, tooth type (primary or permanent), mean daily regional temperature, use of fluoride, total fluoride consumption, method of measurement (clinical exam or radiographs, or both) and training of examiners," they write. Furthermore, they report, 48% of children who live in fluoridated communities have developed dental fluorosis (white spotted, yellow or brown permanently stained teeth) due to fluoride overdose. In another B.M.J. study, Phipps and colleagues report that older white women who lived for 20 years or more in fluoridated communities have a 32% higher rate of wrist fractures although they also report a lower rate of hip fracture. "It is reasonable to expect that concentrations of fluoride at 1 ppm (the level at which most U.S. communities fluoridate) may have discernible skeletal effects after 20 years of exposure," writes Phipps. Several studies show hip fracture increase in fluoridated areas, others a decrease, and yet some, no effect at all. "

This is clear evidence that water fluoridation is a massive and potentially dangerous failure," says chemist and professor Paul Connett, Ph.D., St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York. "When dental fluorosis occurs, it means that fluoride has poisoned an enzyme," says Connett. "What dental fluorosis is telling us is that a child has been overdosed on fluoride. It is warning us that other, even more important enzymes, may be poisoned as well, like the enzymes in the pineal gland (which produces melatonin)," says Connett. In a B.M.J. editorial, Hannu W. Hausen, professor at the University of Oulu in Finland, reveals there was no difference in decay rates between Finland's fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities according to a 1982 study, because he says "In Finland, preventive dental care is provided free to all children."

"The U.S.A. is the most fluoridated country in the world. Yet, our Surgeon General announced recently that our minority and poor populations, who mostly live in fluoridated communities, still suffer epidemic proportion of oral disease," says lawyer Paul Beeber, President and General Counsel to the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. "One of the major reasons is that Medicaid doesn't pay dentists enough money to treat the poor." "Dentists have to stop giving the illusion they are helping the poor by throwing some fluoride chemicals into their drinking water," says Beeber. These studies caused previously neutral B.M.J. staffer Douglas Carnall to write "I am now persuaded by the arguments that those who wish to take fluoride (like me) had better get it from toothpaste rather than the water supply."

New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation

Contact: Paul S. Beeber, Esq., President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, PO Box 263, Old Bethpage, New York 11804 516-433-8882
Dr. Paul Connett,, 315-379-9200


Fluoride the Aging Factor" By Dr. John Yiamouyiannis
"You could be one of the more than 100.000.000 Americans being poisoned or one of the estimated 30.000 to 50.000 who die from fluoride each year"
(Fluoride the Aging Factor ISBN 0-913571-01-6)

WHO Advocates Affordable Fluoride Toothpastes for the Developing Countries
Press Release WHO/14-15 February 1994

Fluoride toothpaste is now the most widely used method of prevention in the world, but it cost remains a deterrent for many of the world's poorer populations. This was the conclusion reached by a WHO expert Committee meeting a few month before this year's World Health Day, on 7 April, which will focus on oral health. Among measures to promote greater access to these toothpastes, the Committee proposed exemption from duties and taxation, since fluorides are added for the sake of public health and not for cosmetic purposes.

Lightnet: No thanks WHO!

According to data presented at a recent meeting in Geneva, more than 800 million people throughout the world now benefits from fluorides, the most common natural occurring fluoride chemical compounds, as a means of controlling caries and maintaining oral health. This is mostly achieved through the fluoridation of water for (210 million people), salt (50 million) or toothpaste (450 million).

Benefits from fluorides?
Are you serious?

For programs of prevention to be effective, all sources of fluoride absorbed by individuals in their environment must be taken in account, so that total intake does not succeed the optimal dose for oral health and health in general. The experts convened by WHO have stressed that in communities where water fluoridation is not possible, for technological or financial reasons, fluoridation of salt may be regarded as a suitable alternative. Switzerland is a good example of a country where this method has resulted in a large reduction in dental caries in the children and young people. Another alternative is fluoridation of milk, a process which has shown promising results in certain community projects undertaken by the WHO.

Experts and experts!
Telling this and telling that!
Wake up people!

WHO Advocates Affordable Fluoride Toothpastes for the Developing Countries


More research:

Fluoride exposures are out of control
Dr. Mullenix cites data from 18 clinical studies in her analysis.

Fluoride advocates also don't want you to know that the chemicals used for fluoridation are not pharmaceutical quality, rather they are derived from the waste byproducts of fertilizer manufacturing. Unfortunately, they also contain heavy metals, such as lead and arsenic.
Water Fluoridation has Dangerous Long Term Consequences to Health

Fluoridation-Mind Control of the Masses
From The Dickinson Statement: A Mind-Boggling Thesis

Despite damning evidence on fluoride toxicity, bureaucracies and multinationals continue to pollute our drinking water and mess with our physical and mental health. "However-and I want to make this very definite and positive-the real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit children's teeth. If this were the real reason, there are many ways in which it could be done which are much easier, cheaper and far more effective. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty"

Fluoride-based compounds in pharmaceuticals and chemicals are known to have deadly side-effects, yet vested interests in big business and government persist in poisoning the environment as well our minds and bodies. The report shows that there is a total of 21 fluorinated tranquilizing compounds plus an additional 58 brand-name major tranquilizers using a fluoride as an ingredient.

From Nexus Magazine August-September 1995 (The Dickinson Statement)
Nexus Home page

In Colombia (South America) Fluoride is added to the salt
From Luis Andres Chavez
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 06:41:07 -0500
(Information in Spanish)Aqui en colombia no se dosifica el fluor en el agua sino en la sal.
Fluor en la sal para consumo humano de los Columbianos-salud bucal Vs Fluorosis Dental

Children to Get Fluoride in School Milk
London Independent
by Sophie Goodchild 21 January 2001

Local authorities are planning to give schoolchildren "dental milk" which has been treated with fluoride. A dozen school nursery and infant schools in South Yorkshire, including those in Barnsley, Doncaster and Sheffield, are to be targeted by health officials advising headteachers and governors about the benefits of fluoridisation.

A report by York University, commissioned by the Government, revealed that 48 per cent of all children are showing signs of side effects from the chemical. The plan is to have bottles of fluoride milk specially labelled which will then be provided to children whose parents have given written consent.

Why do children have bad teeth? Government bureaucrats and medical doctors in Britain are ignorant of real science. Milk has been called liquid meat. Scientists have found that excess dietary protein increases the production of acid in the blood which is then neutralized by calcium taken from the skeleton. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1995; 61).

Those who decide to add fluoride to milk do not realize that by eating 1,400 mg of calcium daily, one can lose up to 4% of his or her bone mass each year because of excess protein. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1979; 32). The Journal of Nutrition also reported: "Increasing one's protein intake by 100% may cause calcium loss to double." The American Journal of Epidemiology (1994;139) revealed that dairy product consumption is associated with increased risk of hip fractures.

Metabolism of dietary protein causes increased excretion of calcium. Dentists promote the use of fluoride. The American Dental Association predicts that cavity rates and tooth decay will increase if flouridation ends. Let's examine whether their is any truth to their well marketed claim.

No increase in cavities was found in Kuopio, Finland 3 years after the discontinuation of water fluoridation.
(Caries Research, Nov-Dec 2000)

Seven years after fluoridation ended in LaSalud, Cuba, rates of cavity-free children increased dramatically.
(Caries Research Jan-Feb. 2000)

Following the cessation of water fluoridation in East German cities, a significant fall in caries prevalence was observed.
(Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, October 2000)

The prevalence of tooth decay decreased over time in the fluoridation-ended community while remaining unchanged in the fluoridated community.
(Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, February 2001)

Fluoride is a controversial issue. Those who are against fluoride use claim that this chemical additive causes neural, muscular, cellular and skeletal damage. The greatest irony is that milk may cause what fluoride adherents claim to be curing. By adding one poison to a second, the British do-gooders may be doing more harm than good.
Robert Cohen

Poison Disguised as Medicine (and supplements-Ed)
Fluorinated Pharmaceuticals from A-Z:

Be Alert! Stay Alert!
Fluoride in drinking water, toothpaste, pills, tranquilizers and so on, but you may find it also added to some of the vitamins supplements. Read always the ingredients before you buy!

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